Tyra Is In Love With Food–September 2014



As fall approaches Love With Food reminds us all that it’s time to Spice up our Lives  and our pantries with Septembers Deluxe Box

Excuse the bad acting and the extreme vocal fry…

Love With Food Cost: Tasting Box: $12/month / Deluxe Box: $19.95/month. Ships To: United States including its territories and APO/FPO/DPO Boxes.  I do have a Disclosure Policy But I do in fact pay for a Deluxe Box Every month (But if you want to send me a free box, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it)


Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips20140916_093542 . The very first thing you see on the bag is “Sprouted” (it’s on the bag in three different locations) these chips are made with Organic Sprouted seeds and grains. I’m not going to lie Sweet Chili is not the first flavor that I run to (they come is 5 different varieties) . These chips have Flax, Chia, Quinoa, Radish and Broccoli in them, so they have a very whole grain flavor to them. The Sweet Chili flavor is not overwhelming, and it hits you at the back of you mouth… but it’s not too bad. According to the website they are higher in antioxidants and other vital nutrients than ordinary chips and high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids (420mg per serving). This product is available in 1.25oz. bags and 5.5oz. bags. This product is certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher and Vegan20140916_093444

Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins  These grab and go packs are only 90 calories each Each bag roughly weigh is an a tiny 0.53oz. It comes in 5 different flavors (I bet those zesty lemon ones are great!) BUT you can purchase them in a box of 18 from the LWF website or go directly to Mandy’s site and get a box of 36. 5 Thins are included in each package…so you’re sure to get your chocolate fix. What I like the this is something that I would keep in my bag or in my car to snack on when I am craving a snack. The chocolate flavor is not overwhelming and personally I tasted the sugar more than I tasted the chocolate. I was a little confused about why this product was added in a box, after looking at the ingredient list the only thing I saw was vanilla…. so there you go.

Lemon Rosemary Seasoning With Lemon, Rosemary, smoked Black Pepper. Garlic and Salt.  When I first say this I thought that this 20140916_093432would be fantastic on baked fish…. so this will defiantly be something that I will use… and I’ll make sure to use it during a “What I Ate Wednesday” ad I will properly review this product then. This is an Organic and Gluten Free Product.




Hemp Rules Roasted Hemp Seeds These certified organic hemp seeds are Verified Non –GMO and are high in protein and an20140916_093519 excellent source if nine amino acids. I tried the Caribbean Blend and my first thought when I opened the package is , “it seems like sunflower seeds”, I guess I was waiting to have experience, but to be honest it didn’t take much like any thing, even the Caribbean flavoring was a bit underwhelming. Because the hemp seeds were roasted they are sort of hallow so you get a nice pop when you bite into them. 1 serving (and entire package) is roughly 168 calories. The website said that you can add them to soups, salads, and yogurt…this is something that I would totally pass on. It’s something different to serve but the amount of fat (14g) is a lot The package is 1.10oz. as well as a 6oz bag.


Green Super Food I always see this products (and ones like it) all the time, and I never once thought to try it, but this is one of those 20140916_093507things that I can see myself using from time to time, especially on those days when I have to be somewhere early in the morning and a quick smoothie is the best option to have on the road. The Product is Organic, Vegan, Certified Non-GMO and comes in 9 flavors. The packet I received said original on the outer wrapping, but when I opened it I realized that it was actually chocolate. You can purchase this in a variety of ways from the 15 1 serving pouches all the way to 100 serving tubs. I will use this on a What I Ate Wednesday and mix it with a bit of Almond Milk and see how I like it … I guess it’ll be fancy Super Food chocolate milk. This is just another product where it’s placement in the box confuses me.




5 Spice Caramels I get excited when candy is included in the boxes. Unfortunately this is not the case this month. I didn’t so much get the spices it was more salty that anything else, then there was the occasional crunch that complexly turned me off. The caramels have a hint of cinnamon, star anise anise seed (I guess that’s where the crunch came from), ginger, and clove. Although the websites said that the caramels they are topped with coarsely ground Himalayan Pink Sea Salt I didn’t physically see it that would account for the seriously extreme salty flavor. This limited edition flavor comes in a quarter pound box for a little bit under 10 bucks.


Maruso Ghost Soy Sauce  I love Soy Sauce, I use it all the time, I add it to my Ramen, my white rice, use it as a marinade and 20140916_093414sometimes I’ll add it to my homemade gravies…. but I am certain that I will not be using this. The one thing that I noticed right away was this sauce is a lot thicker than I used to. I guess that’s the black beans.The variety that I got was a 6.8 oz. bottle will cost you about $8 (HOLY COW!) I’m sticking with my Kikkoman (the regular version is 14.5oz. and will run you about $15. This is a Gluten free product.





Churro Kettle Corn  I’m a big fan of churros but recently I’ve had to slow down because of the calories The popcorn comes in a 1oz. bag and you can get 8 bags for about $15 directly from the LWF site. I’m not sure what more I can say about this popcorn besides the fact that it’s 140 calories per bag. I love it and I want more.



Original Pop Rings When I was growing up I used to love to eat Funyuns. This for sure would be a healthy alternative to them.not 20140916_093624quite as salty, these have a gentle sweet taste from the Maui onions. This bag comes in 1oz. and 2.5oz bags with three flavors to choose from, a serving with 1 serving (32 rings) is about 110 calories. This product is has no MSG, no Trans fat or artificial anything…. and they are yummy.





All Natural Beef Jerky I have not met a beef jerky that I didn’t enjoy… this particular brand comes in three flavors …what more can you say about jerky?$R5B3ZTT


I have to be honest, of what I able to try the best thing out of the box was the Chocolate This, I was really underwhelmed when I saw what the theme of the box was. When I first opened the box I was overwhelmed by the scent of the box, I instantly smelled all sports of spices and it really turned me off. I will say out of all of the Love With Food boxes I received this one is by far the one that I liked the least… I guess you could say I was not so in love with food this month.

This month Love With Food reminds us that September is World Hunger Month.. giving up some startling facts; 15.9 million children go hungry in American alone, for more facts and way for you to help check out the Feeding America site (And if you already subscribe to LWF you are already doing a small part, as 1 meal is donated for a regular box, and 2 meals are donated for Deluxe and Gluten Free Boxes). Did you get Love With Food this month?  What’d you think?  If you are interested in signing up click hereSubscriptions (for a regular box) are $12/month, but click here and you can get your first box for FREE!


Do you subscribe to Love With Food? What was your favorite product in the box this month?

Until Next Time…

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