Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I have to write when the mood strikes me… and yes (a month later) it’s hit me again (I’m such a bad blogger)

Fist of all let me say this to all my weight loss/ healthy livers… I hate, hate, hate those weight loss commercials, now I’m not saying that those programs don’t work, (I used to do Weight Watchers… it works), but this dueling divas nonsense is getting on my nerves. Between Jennifer, Mariah and Janet I’m not sure who annoys me more …okay…let me take Janet out of the equation, cause honestly she just  walking in an incredibly ornate show outfit with a semi- bored sounding voice over…

Now I have to chose between Mariah Carey and her 7 octive yet highly annoying voice mixed in with a dance beat that I haven’t heard since the 90’s…. the only plus size to this commerical is she is gernally wearing more clothes that she usually does… and that’s not saying much OR we can go with Jennifer Hudson who sings a mirad of songs (non of which she wrote) which are supposed to be inspiring but really just annoy me further all while looking like a human bobble head wearing black and white…. lest not forget the expectional commercial where she is singing with her younger, heavier self… non of these are inspiraring me to do anything other than turn the channel, who did they test market this crap with….skinny bitches?!

For the longest time I’ve struggled with the “big picture” while losing weight..so far I’ve lost over 25 pounds and while that may seem like a lot, I’m still at the point where I can’t really see a difference, yeah my clothes fit differently and some items are way too big for me now, but to me my body looks exactly the same… that was until  yesterday when I looked at my self…I mean really looked at myself. … in a mirror…. NAKED ..

I normally don’t look at myself naked, honestly I try not to, I figure I know what’s there and what it looks like…no need to look and inspect…until I noticed that my boobs were smaller, then I turned to the side and noticed that my “roll” had deflated…then I looked at my thighs and realized they weren’t as firm as the used to be… same with my stomach… then I noticed I had a mole right below my belly button… WHAT THE HELL!!!  Who knew that was there!! Clearly this means that I have to stand nakes in front of a mirror more often… maybe in six months.

As always CHANGE IS IN PROGRESS so I have to share my non-scale victory. I brought a new shirt a few weeks ago, it was on super clearance (it’s was 4 bucks) and it’s still not the season to wear it (flimsy spring/summer shirt) I didn’t try it on… I pulled it out of the closet the other day and freaked out becuase it suddlenly looked smaller than what the tag said..before trying it on I was already thinking about posting it to the  Clothing Exchange but I tired it on… and it fit… Spring be damned!! I’m wearing the shirt tommorrow (it’s gonna be in the 60’s) with a sweater and look cute when I go on TV!

Numbers wise, I’m, doing ok.. I would like to do better and I’m working on that. I’ve logged into My Fitness Pal tracking my food and excersise for 155 days! and so far lost 20.4 pounds (not counting the 10-15 I lost before that)…. I’m getting there, but I got a long way to go… Will I ever be a skinny minne… Nope! but I’m okay with that.

As always, when I know better I do better! Until next time,