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Writing Prompt: “Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber

By now most people have heard that Sting isn’t leaving his fortune to his children when he dies, because he wants his children to earn their way and not have to depend on the money their father earned to get them through life. (source). Although most of the media went agog about his statement, I agreed whole hardily when what he said (could be the way that I was raised, could be the fact that I don’t have a fortune… who knows).

When I was growing up I would always hear people how hard work and perseverance always made you a stronger person; if you always have people throwing things at you (instead of working hard for it) you’re never gonna learn the value of hard work (or money). I think teaching your children the value of hard work is just as important of teaching your children to bathe or brush their teeth.

I always think about the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, they have luxury cares and wear super expensive brands, but then seem so out of touch with reality… I’m sure they lived charmed lives, but honestly I don’t think they would be able to survive if mommy and daddy stopped supporting them and they moved out of Beverly Hills.


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