Eating on the Run

It’s been a long time but I’m back… and when I say I’ve missed you dear blog, I mean it! . So let’s get to it….

One of the reason’s why I was unable to blog was because I was out of town (then when I got back I had a major personal crises that stressed me out to the point where blogging would have become more ranting than helpful) First off let me say that I have been tracking both food and exercise to remain accountable and I’m learning about my strengthens and weakness when it comes to both

I have found that eating while traveling is not difficult but finding healthy options when you literally on the road. Not to long ago I was driving to Milwaukee, in the grand scheme of things it’s not a long ride. I ate a small meal before thinking I would get there before lunch time but about 3/4 of the way there my stomach had other plans, so I had to stop figuring any place I stopped would have a “lighter” menu option… so I went to Hardees. And got a fish sandwich and a strawberry shake…. I already know…so you don’t have to say anything. I put it into the myfitnesspal app and it came out to a a whooping 1200 calories! I’m only allowed 1400 a day.My day was blown and I was pissed, cause it was really good and I enjoyed every single tasty morsel of that darn sandwich.

You think I would have learned my lesson….NO!!! On the way home I stopped at McDonalds for breakfast which consisted of a Sausage Mcmuffin with Egg and cheese, Hash Brown and a Smoothie (I thought I was being smart by getting the smoothie) – 810 calories! Still better than my previous experience but it still pissed me off.

So the next time I need to travel long distance I’m bring healthy snacks with me… I know, I know you’re probably like “DUH!! nobrainer Tyra”.

Had I planned ahead this mistake wouldn’t have been made, but you live and learn, and these little lessons make it easier for next time. So tell me, what’s your favorite  traveling snack? Leave comments below.

And as always, when you know better …. you do better!!

Sometimes it’s not about the scale

Because it’s Wednesday, or Hump Day as I like to call it, because I’m halfway through the week. (And because Donnie Walhberg has a serious love for Humps..not to mention he’s really nice to look at. So let’s just take a moment to look at Mr. Donald Edmond Wahlberg)  *sigh*Hump Day is also what I like to all my reflection day, I get to look back on thing that went badly the first half of the week and try to end the week on a high note, although it doesn’t happen this way…. sometimes it happened on Thursday… or if it’s a really bad week it’s on Friday….

Now, that I’ve wiped my mouth from all the drooling let’s get back to business  Non Scale Victories or NSV as most people like to call them. Let’s be honest losing weight is about the numbers… how many pounds did you lose? , What number does the scale show? What size clothes are you wearing now? How many calories are you eating? See what I mean…. all about the numbers.

But there is a down side to that, a lot of dieters are all about the numbers, just like life, dieters should take pleasure in the small things… or in this case the Non Scale Victories. Many of who read this blog have celebrated the fact that you….

  • Can walk a flight of stair without being winded
  • Do squats without your knees hurting
  • Wear a pair of jeans that used to be a little bit more snug
  • Having more energy to play with your children

To the average person these may not seem like much, but to those of us who are losing weight it means a great deal. it’s gives you a sense of pride to know that your hard work has improved the quality of your life, or the quality of your body. More often than not it’s the NSV that are our greatest victories in weight loss.

Numbers are important, but they aren’t everything. You may not lose one pound this week, but notice that you have more muscle tone in your legs… as far as I’m concerned that’s a victory. You might not have lost a pound this week, but you passed on a slice of cheesecake when you went out to dinner with your girlfriends… that’s a HUGE Victory. See what I mean, they’re everywhere.But you might have missed yours cause you were looking at the scale.

I have been dancing more often, which for me is a huge deal, my friends know that I don’t dance, I don’t do clubs and I don’t shake my groove thing, but when I’m home alone watch out… cause I’m like Beyonce.(okay, so in my mind I’m like Beyonce, when I’m probably more like someone’s 90 year old grandmother …that’s neither here no there but it get’s the heart rate up and it’s so fun

And as always, because I say, “If I BITE it, I WRITE it” (okay so I stole that from someone on TEAM BLUE) but it’s still true, here are my values from the last two days.


Totals 1118 143 39 45
Your Daily Goal 1713 235 57 64
Remaining 595 92 18 19
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

*Earned 303 calories from exercise.


Totals 1893 153 67 74
Your Daily Goal 2255 310 75 84
Remaining 362 157 8 10
  Calories Carbs Fat Protein

*Earned 845 calories from exercise.

As always, when you know better, you do better ……

Tummy Tales

This week Sunshine’s Journey to 199  Team Blue came in at an awesome  26.2 pounds lost!!! Team Gold beat us by only .6lb this week! And to add on to the amazing news the groups collectively have lost an amazing HALF A TON in 7 weeks. Lives are changing  and waists are getting smaller every single day. It’s an amazing group of people I have aligned myself with and I couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of them.

Being Fierce in my *new* Blue Sports Bra

What’s the saying? Every wrinkle has a story… well I don’t have any wrinkles right now (know on wood) but I think my stomach has a story…my stomach is the story of my survival.  After two liver transplants and other abdominal surgeries my stomach looks like a war torn country. After I had my first liver transplant in 1999 I would show my scar to anyone who asked. An inverted Y slightly darker than my normal complexion. It was a thing of beauty it was my badge of honor, “I survived a liver transplant and I’m awesome” For 9 years I carried that scar with pride, When I was told that I would need a second transplant my beautiful scar was the last thing on my mind was trying not to die in front of my mother. My team was amazing and my surgeon who did my previous surgery told me that he was going to use my previous scar as a guide so that it would appear that I only had one scar. Needless to say things didn’t turn out that way…when I was released from the hospital my incision began to open and I developed a serious infection and had to have my entire incision reopened and after my debridement was placed on a wound pump while my stomach closed naturally . Because of this my stomach now looks like a frown (okay to be honest I don’t know what the hell my stomach looks like…how about it has “sections”) 

I no longer show my stomach in pride, my beautiful scar is no more, and 3 years after my transplant I still look at my stomach in horror and disgust. I will never wear a bikini no matter how much weight I loss, I always wear loose shirts, I don’t want to bring any attention to my stomach. The one day I was watching Dr. Oz and the audience was filled with women of all shapes and sizes in sports bras talking about their hate relationships with thier stomach and it struck a cord with me, and in that moment I realized that I was not brave enough to sit in that audience I don’t like showing my boyfriend my stomach how in the hell could I get on national television and show America my “elephant man” stomach. 

I had to seriously think about what it was that bothered me, was it the fact that I was fat? Nope! Was it the scar? Maybe! But I realized it was about being vulnerable, I don’t know many people who like being vulnerable  in front of anyone . I got brave and went to Longevity, Inc and posted this

So I’m sitting here watching Dr. Oz and they are talking about bellies and belly fat. All these women are sitting in the audience with sports bra bearing their bellies. All shapes and sizes of women. And it occurred to me… bearing you belly is like bearing your soul! You don’t want to feel exposed and open, so like our bellies we cover it up. I find it interesting that just a few days ago we were talking about it, and I made the off handed comment that my stomach looks like a science experiment gone wrong. After two transplants (especially the last one) my stomach has been sliced and diced more than I would like and because my surgical wounds opened I had to allow my stomach to naturally close on it own… so the scar is huge and ugly. So me more than anyone else has reason to hide their belly.Many people have said that they feel a certain amount of freedom on this group, no judgement and acceptance is here. So why would it be difficult for me to show my belly. My belly is shows my battle scars of a person who’s gone to war and won the fit… so I should be proud of that.
So I propose movement…. SHOW YOUR BELLIES!! Take a picture of yourselves in your sports bra as your “BEFORE” so you can slowly see the changes in your body…
Not pretty, but it’s mine!

As of October 3, 2011 No one has posted a picture, so since I was the one who opened my mouth. I guess I gotta put out or shut up…. me and my grand ideas? What the hell was I thinking? And where was my common sense when I proposed this grand idea? So with great trepidation I am posting my picture

My stomach is not pretty, but it tells my story… And I’m okay with that!

(After looking at the picture I just realize I have stomach boobs….lol)

Thanks goes to my brother for braving the chunky butt and taking my pictures

I’m also wanna share my progression pics. Everything is the same. Shirt… Pants… even the Cat..
For those of you wondering Elmo has decided that he doesn’t want to lose weight… and holding steady  at 14 pounds!

So today was not the best day food wise, once again I went over my protein  which I’m thinking is the salmon that I’ve been having for dinner two nights in a row (it was sooo yummy). I also went over my fat and calories (by 237). But stayed in the zone when it came to carbs. I can do better tomorrow.
Totals 2340 109 89 115
Your Daily Goal 2103 289 70 79
Remaining -237 180 -19 -36
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

As always, when you know better you do better


Pretty Girl(‘s Do Indeed) Rock

Yesterday I posted something on Longevity , I realize something today (Has an AHA! moment) I realized that I’m pretty. This is a big deal for me because I have never considered myself pretty …EVER!”

Maybe I should start at the beginning…. being the only girl from a woman who is also the only girl, my mother instilled in me the art of being girly, now this coming from a sassy woman was quite a lessonhair was always done to perfection, ribbons and hair barrettes ALWAYS matched my outfit and earrings were a must.As I got older girdles were added to the mix. Because in the tradition of southern black women, “a lady ALWAYS wears a girdle” so I should especially proud because I was 12 years old and wearing a girdle. 

By the time high school came around, I had the girly thing down pact, although the pig tails and the hair barrettes were gone  I was still wearing the girdle and would roll my hair every night before school so that my hair would be curled perfection… no one could tell you that I wasn’t girly.  But with high school came the cruel reality that I could be girly but could I be pretty.? There were a lot of pretty girls at my high school and I was friends with a lot of them, but I never felt like anything other than the fat, funny sidekick… this feeling stayed with me for years.
3 college degrees, 2 liver transplants, boyfriends I dare not count, and friends near and far, and lesson’s that have served me well through life, I still have yet to learned how to be pretty. My mother on the other had always had the motto that she was “As Fine As Wine” and no one could tell her different, my motto was, “Fake It Till You Make It” Over the years, I’ve allowed myself to be cute, maybe even attractive, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I looked in the mirror and really looked at myself. I looked at my freckles, my eyes, even my pointy ears, and the rest of my imperfections and thought to myself, “Tyra you’re pretty“. Why did it take me so long to find my pretty?
I don’t think the answer has anything to do with looks. I think more than anything it’s about acceptance.  At the age of 34 I learned a lesson my mother has spent her entire life teaching her children, “Love yourself first, and others will follow”, all this time I was trying to be pretty… when I was beautiful all along. 
Now for those of you who were wondering. I stopped wearing a girdle when I graduated high school… as I got older it felt like my girly bits were being strangled and I longed to be free… I do wear Spankx on special occasions…my mother, well she still wears a griddle daily. And she swears if I wore one daily this would have been a lesson I would have learned years ago.
Thanks to everyone at  Longevity, Inc.  who shared this AHA! moment with me and to Stacey, Michelle and Davette for the encouraging words 
Now on to the fun part…. This weekend I have been good!
Totals 1324 165 55 52
Your Daily Goal 1626 223 54 61
Remaining 302 58 -1 9
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

I finally got a chance to do some walking….and shopping! 

Totals 1656 193 61 90
Your Daily Goal 1833 252 61 68
Remaining 177 59 0 -22
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
 I actually had more protien that I am allowed….this is a first!!
Did you know that DO is the first part of  DONE?? As always, when you know better you do better!


My "Secret" Shame

Frequently I talk to Donnie Wahlberg, okay my imaginary version of Donnie Wahlberg (I’m not crazy….okay I’m not THAT crazy) Usually he doesn’t get me into trouble but today he did… take a look at the excerpt of our conversation below

IDW: Stay and watch Blue Bloods with me
T: But I need to do my 30/40/50 today..
IDW: Tomorrow, you can do them tomorrow
T: I guess, you’re right Donnie, I did dance like a stripper today
IDW: A stripper…do tell…… 

****Which leads me to secret shame… POLE DANCING!*****

This is what I think I’m doing

I find the exercise to be fun, and funny (I laugh through most of the moves), and my cat Elmo seems to wonder what the hell I’m doing dancing against the shiny scratching pole. But it’s movement and it get’s my heart rate up, and one day I’m gonna get some courage and take a proper class so that I can dance for my boyfriend… but for now, I’m just trying not to break my arm, foot , or pride…lol

This is probably what I’m doing

Thanks to ThaPriSSyViXXXen and TheWhiteTrashNetwork for the use of their wonderful videos. To check out more of their videos  follow the links


So yesterday I didn’t blog, I was being lazy and Vampire Dairies was on. But in ordiance with being accountable I am posting my values for yesterday.

Totals 1080 88 55 63
Your Daily Goal 1410 194 47 53
Remaining 330 106 -8 -10
Calories Carbs Fat Protein
  • So I went a little over on the fat and the protein .. can you believe it… I actually met my protein requirement for the day!
  • Still under my recommended caloric intake for the day

Today I did better…..

Totals 1284 117 42 48
Your Daily Goal 2013 276 67 75
Remaining 729 159 25 27
Calories Carbs Fat Protein

Oh and I forgot the BEST part, I got on the scale today which I do every Friday without fail… and I was down 12.8 pounds!!! Okay, Okay 10 of those pounds I gained during the time I was sick (and on my blogging hiatus) but the number is different (and lower than it was the week before and that’s all that counts.  So Tyra now weighs 254.6!! And that makes me happy. I got some snazzy fall pants I want to rock once there weather gets a little colder…


As always when you know better, you do better ….until next time!