Reflections on Life Lessons

I always say, “When you know better, you do better” I firmly believe that. And because the new year is upon us I like to reflect on the past year and look at some of the life lessons that I learned.

  1. Family comes in many forms, blood relation has absolutely nothing to with it. I am eternally grateful for my family who ALWAYS stand besides me no matter what.
  2. It took me years to gain weight, it may very well take me years to take it off… and I’m okay with that!
  3. Never make New Years Resolutions….
  4. There is a difference between friendships and acquaintanceship….you learn very quickly when things get rough which one you’re in.
  5. No matter how much I weigh, I can confidently say that I love myself no matter what
  6. Bullshit has no place in my life, if you like to spread it… go some where else…this is a bullshit free zone
  7. I need to take more risks… as far as I’m concerned the worst has already happened
  8. The hugs of a mom is the most magical thing, they can cure all ills
  9. I don’t have the life that I wanted, but that doesn’t make it any less important
  10. I’m still a work in progress

What life lessons have you learned this year?

See ya next year !

Are you a Sabatour?

I ain’t talking about the Alfred Hitchcock classic either….

Before I begin let me just say that this is MY diary, and how I see things, my weight loss and my journey, you don’t like it you can stuff it! That being said… let’s continue

I am grateful for all the support and encouragement that I get while on this journey, but when does it become sabotage?

I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve become extremely sensitive of people telling what I should eat, how I should eat. For example if I tell you I have a tuna sandwich from subway, a your response should not be “WOW, that’s the worst sandwich on the menu”…. and so what if it is… I ate the sandwich and other stuff, and stayed with in my caloric, carb, sugar and fat range… so why should you feel concerned about what I put in my mouth.

I have found that people LOVE a fat person, they are cute, and cuddly and for the most part amenable, we are the comic relief. So when a fat person wants to become better, do better, it becomes EVERYONE’s concern. And yes, SABOTEURS will emerge, they mask themselves as friends, family and coworkers, but the one we should all be concerned about is the one that we see when we look in the mirror. Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing small things the sabotage myself, namely drinking things (outside of water) and not accounting for them in my daily dairy.. and I know what more than anything those sugary drinks will add up, and show up when you least expect it.

This whole, “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU” mantra is more than just something ad companies are using to help get people in the gym, it’s actually something I’m taking to heart. I’m on this whole new spiritual, physical, emotional journey. I am getting rid of the bad, (relationships, feelings, you name it) and surrounding myself with pure positive energy. I can’t stop others from trying to be the saboteur, but I know ones things for sure. I will no longer be sabotaging myself.

As always when you know better, you do better…. until next time!

Being Content

I have been missing from this blog for several months. The main reason for that was because I really had nothing to say, not because I had given up, or changed my mind about getting healthy. I had spent the time trying
to figure out what I wanted to do with this space. While I was on hiatus I realized a few things.This is no longer about the scale, yes losing weight is a goal, but it’s not the only goal. I started this journey for to become healthier and educate myself about why I eat and how I’m eating. Every week has presented a different challenge for me, and not every week there is a change on the scale. I accept that. I didn’t get this way over night, and I realize that change take time…. or as the new title suggests “CHANGE IN PROGRESS”. If getting to my goal weight takes two years.. I’ll take it.  Everyday I’m learning something about myself, everyday that I’m seeing changes in myself… from feeling better about myself to pants that are becoming looser and looser.

My NSV are outweighing my scale victories. And for now, I’m content with that