Being Content

I have been missing from this blog for several months. The main reason for that was because I really had nothing to say, not because I had given up, or changed my mind about getting healthy. I had spent the time trying
to figure out what I wanted to do with this space. While I was on hiatus I realized a few things.This is no longer about the scale, yes losing weight is a goal, but it’s not the only goal. I started this journey for to become healthier and educate myself about why I eat and how I’m eating. Every week has presented a different challenge for me, and not every week there is a change on the scale. I accept that. I didn’t get this way over night, and I realize that change take time…. or as the new title suggests “CHANGE IN PROGRESS”. If getting to my goal weight takes two years.. I’ll take it.  Everyday I’m learning something about myself, everyday that I’m seeing changes in myself… from feeling better about myself to pants that are becoming looser and looser.

My NSV are outweighing my scale victories. And for now, I’m content with that


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