101 Things I Will Teach my Daughter

This is wonderful, I’m still in the process of learning some of these things

Day dreaming in ink


  1. The most beautiful thing you can do is smile.
  2. Embrace whatever genre of music you enjoy listening to. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s “not music.”
  3. But just know there will never be a better song than “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.
  4. It’s ok to think another woman is beautiful.
  5. Don’t be catty to other women. You’ll need them when we all overthrow the world together.
  6. Don’t let any man convince you that he is powerful enough to change you.
  7. Even if he bought you dinner, you owe him nothing. 
  8. The amount of pride you feel when you look good in your bikini for 20 minutes is far less than the happiness Taco Bell can bring you. I promise.
  9. Develop a lust to see the world around you.
  10. It’s ok if you don’t want to play princess or put on makeup.
  11. But it’s ok if you do, too.

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What The F*ck? – Big Brother Week 5


It’s only week 5? Honestly I feel like I’ve bee watching this show forever, one thing is for certain… things are become boring and monotonous. Guess when all the girls are gone ( because that seems to be the trend this season) I will say that Amber will be the last girl to walk out of the house. I will probably come back and watch then… who knows at this point I go from loving and hating (not as much as I hated last season) it. At the end of Sunday’s broadcast we knew that Frankie and Zach were Heads of Household. (This might be jumbled and all over the place, I apologize for that)

Caleb has tried everything he possibly could to win over Amber this season on Big Brother 16. He has sweet talked her, defended her, went on the block to save her, and even ate a pickle! the pickle date with Amber. Caleb says that he doesn’t like pickles… but he’ll swallow his pride and a pickle if that means Amber will go on a date with him. Says yes…. thinking that he won’t do it… but he does and he plans to collect… fast forward to the most awkward faux date I’ve ever witnessed. Caleb is seriously selling himself hard and Amber looks like she’s doing he very best not to laugh in his face. And as odd as it sounds I feel bad for both of them (for totally different reasons).

Amber’s  name has  floating around the house a for possible eviction. Zach got a little bit of power and Christine told her about the conversation with Amber saying that she was tired of the boys targeting the girls… and when she had the chance she was gonna go after him. He asks Caleb to “reign his woman in” Caleb goes on about how Amber needs to get her stuff together and appreciate the fact that he’s been saving her butt this entire game.

Side Alliances – Cody and Derrick have formed s side alliance called themselves the hit man… This is the part that gets me… they actually have to go into the HOH room do have a pow-wow about what to name themselves… what happened to the days when you pulled someone to the side and

So before nominations are set to happen Zach is preparing his “speech” and two-thirds of Team American Derrick and Frankie  encourage Zach to go “over the top” in his attack on Christine…am I the only one who has visions of two Devils Frankie and Derrick sitting on Zach’s shoulder? It’s kind of scary to watch how easy it for Frankie to manipulate the house guests, I wonder how much manipulation by Team America will end up effecting Derrick and Frankie’s game. I’m not even counting Donny because it’s almost like he has the hold over the house where it’s almost like he’s untouchable. In the end Zach nominated Christine and Nicole (who was called a fruit loop dingus who didn’t see this coming, Nicole started to laugh, but it quickly turned to tears) while Frankie nominated Victoria (for the third time, and man is she pissed about it) and Jocasta (who was playing with her nails and looked like she gave zero fucks) Victoria starts to cry again, and Jocasta once again is playing mama so they can when the battle of the block… must be an exhausting job. This is the first time that I’ve seen Jocasta throw a little shade to Victoria. I love Jocasta in the Diary Room, but she’s such a snooze in the live feeds.

Battle of the Block is a wedding, and it’s an instant hard on for Caleb…. because getting married to Amber would be a dream come true…The goal was to build a giant wedding cakewedding-cake-bob and once it was built both members have to be able to stand on it for more than 3 seconds…. seems easy enough… Christine and Nicole seem to be doing well and their cake seems like it would be completely stable. Jocasta and Victoria on the other hand seem to be having an issue with communication, and they are struggling, and their cake looks like it’s gonna topple over in a matter of seconds….Nicole and Christine won, so Zach’s reign of HOH is over! Frankie is excited because he thinks that two weak players on the block, and he’s sure that the Power of Veto would be used on Jocasta..

Boo-hoo Victoria is crying …. AGAIN “People are so negative”, not once has she said, I’m a bad player and I am totally sucking at this game . Jocasta equates Victoria to a toddler and I agree. I have been reading that production has been screwing with Victoria and following her with the cameras… she’s even gone as far to say that she’s so fat, and she bets her ex is watching and making fun of her…. sorry to tell you Victoria but 90% of the big brother audience is making fun of you… and it has nothing to do with your weight.

The Bros were formed by  Zach, Frankie, Cody and Hayden (who probably isn’t even aware)…. probably the douchiest alliance name ever; Devin would have loved it… cause you know they are so full of integrity and everything. While Zach is downstairs trying to cause trouble with the Have-Nots. Cody and Frankie are in the HOH room trying to figure out what to do with the lunatic.. he’s turning into Devin 2.0 and may need to go home soon.

For the second time this season  a house guest has been notified that a family member  has passed away Derrick (like Frankie) was notified via a letter in the diary room that his grandfather has passed away . Derrick has decided to stay in the game as well. As Derrick said it “Getting news of somebody passing [with someone] you are close with, especially a grandparent, is never easy. But when you’re inside the Big Brother house, t makes it that much more difficult because although I’m in this game, real life is still taking place outside of this house. And this just reaffirms that and it really brings a sad realization” My deepest sympathies go out to Derrick and his family…

I love how the group likes to make plans before the Veto competition even happens, for me it seems like a waste of time; plus this kind of stuff ALWAYS comes back to the person and is a catalyst for drama, but anyway the players this week were Frankie who picked Donny Jocasta who picked Christine, and Victoria (who ended up getting “house guest’s choice”) picked Hayden (as expected, and to Nicole’s chagrin)

Caleb (once again) is being passive aggressive because Amber won’t talk to him (again) he sick of it and he’s sick of her and he says, “if you’re gonna ignore the king of the house; why are you even here” because naturally she came on the show to meet and marry him… I’m mean come on who wants a measly $500,000 when you can have Beast-Mode Cowboy. He goes upstairs to sulk with Jocasta and Frankie.. Frankie is totally coddling him saying things like, “you don’ need her” , “she’s totally bad for you game” while Jocasta is laying there saying “aww”, but in her mind she’s laughing her ass off. Caleb has decided that Romantic Cowboy is gone….. does that mean that you stalker tendencies end here as well?

Twice this week Caleb get’s a hard on do to a competition, this weeks Veto Competition has a Old West/Cowboy theme. And he’s totally excited to be playing… but boo-hoo he wasn’t picked. Donny on the other hand, it about to get a crick in his neck from all the jumping around he’s doing, those fake snakes are scaring the hell out of him. Everyone one has their own agenda, and poor Donny has having a hard time .. so honestly what’s gonna happen is bb16-episode-16-02-vetoanyone’s guess. Frankie has a nice stake of gold bars and seems to be ahead. Jocasta lost track of time and wasn’t;t able to get back to her horse in time so she was eliminated…. but wait you chose to go on slop for the week, and she’s back in the game (way to compete!). But the game’s not over because all of Frankie’s gold bars fell. Victoria isn’t getting anywhere, so she’s counting on Hayden to get the job done. Christine has it…. she’s in the lead she’’ finishes her gallop to hit the buzzer when she realizes that she has gold bars on the ground that aren’t stacked… while picking them up, Hayden comes and wins the game!

Poor delusional Caleb, he fell right into Frankie and Zach hands… he goes up stairs and  suggests that the put Amber up to “scare her” and naturally who’s she gonna run to? Caleb… because as he says, he has all the power and he runs this house. Frankie is so excited by the turn of events he can hardly contain his glee. Jocasta fell ill again  after the competition; poor Jocasta she can’t a break lately.. The plan was for Hayden to use the POV on Victoria so that Frankie can either backdoor Amber of Caleb, he would only backdoor Amber if Caleb gave his blessing (what the f*ck?) and if he didn’t he would (unknowingly) be the one who got backdoor’d….. In the end Hayden saved Victoria (yay…. please note the sarcasm) and put Amber became the replacement nominee.

Since this was the last chance from Team America to complete their mission, the unleashed Zach.  Amber showed that she was bigger person that all those morons and did take the bait in the end Team America failed!! … maybe because they keep convincing Zach (despite his lunacy) to do their dirty work… and at this point everyone things he’s nuts I feel like he’s doing a Dan Ghesling. I wonder how long Big Brother is gonna continue with Team America.. maybe production wants to see how far they are willing to go to screw up their games.

Here’s a little fun note…all five women have been nominated this week. Everything came together just as Frankie and Zach planned. Brittany spoke to GlobalTV about how she felt that BB16’s women were a disappointment…honestly I agree with her. She says:

It is disappointing especially with Christine and Nicole because they are supposed to be “super fans”. You would think they would be more aggressive with how they are playing the game. It is almost like all the girls are floating and not even playing. I think I even said to Christine and Nicole…”This is your game. Play your game. Don’t let everyone else play it for you.” Really, they are just going to end up being picked apart and picked off. Maybe they will make it a bit further being pawns but they are basically holding Derrick’s hand and they are walking him to the $500,000. They are helping him get there and pretty much just getting picked off.
It is disappointing the girls not sticking up for them and aren’t playing more aggressively. It is almost like it is very predictable with how they are going to play their game. I dunno. I just didn’t want to play like that. A lot of people have asked me why I didn’t form an alliance with Jocasta, Donny and Victoria but to me I didn’t feel they were strong players other than Donny. I loved Jocasta but I felt like I was going to have to hold her hand and play the game for myself and her

She also made a couple of jabs about Caleb which I totally agree with… check out the entire article here.

After the Veto ceremony Caleb goes into the ice room to sulk, totally convinced that Amber is getting her just deserts. Frankie spills that Amber didn’t get put up for personal reason’s and it has to do with Caleb (which in my opinion makes Frankie look like a weak player) Amber goes to confront Caleb and he totally admits it. Caleb decides that he wants to read a passage from Bible, apparently it Caleb is super upset because she’s been hanging out and trusting with everyone but him  (psycho!) After sulking some more Caleb thinks that he might have made to wrong decision… and he proceeds to spill the beans and tell her that everyone in their alliance that they want to send her home…prime example that you have to play the game for yourself.

Caleb feels like a sleaze-ball (he totally is … but not for putting amber on the block… because he had nothing to do with that… it was all Frankie) Cue Beast Mode Cowboy tears…. boo-hoo. Caleb tells Frankie if she goes home, he’s no longer in an alliance he will play for himself.

Amber starts to cry when she’s asked if she like Caleb… she goes into the Hive room to get some privacy, and Christine comes in… Amber finally realizes that Caleb has totally f*cked her game, and she wants Caleb home… Christine thinks that this is the perfect time to tell the alliance that if Amber stays Caleb is out. Naturally Frankie used this information to get Caleb to confront Amber… I swear this just is like high school.. this back and forth and talking behind each other’s back is ridiculous.  Naturally when Caleb here’s what Amber said he gets upset that he runs throws his shoes around … I’m unimpressed.

There is no doubt about it that Amber is going home this week. and Amber is scrambling to stay in the house. Amber only needs 4 votes when you count Caleb’s guaranteed vote.

According the Big Brother Network, must of the readers feel like Amber will be going home this week (FYI: there were on the money last week)


Christine, Victoria, and Donny have the potential to realize they’re likely going home unless they band together, so we’ll see if Amber can make that happen. To be honestly this week has been super boring, I’m seriously need Amber to leave so that I? can see Caleb lose his shit. (that will be entertaining for a few days).. who is he gonna practice his stalk tendencies. FYI Caleb has a entry in the urban dictionary

I’ve always said that Frankie is a shit starter, but this week he get the award from f*cktard ass hole of the week. Shame on you Frankie…. Shame! Here’s why, you can pick apart someone’s looks, you can pick apart their life but that doesn’t sting as much as someone saying you shouldn’t even be alive anymore.

Tonight Team America got their next mission to vote against the majority of the house guests… this should be a dozy with potentially messy outcomes that could out their game play into jeopardy…. and they have to do it during the live eviction… Donny really like the idea and wants to forfeit this one… this will seriously affect his game, and would totally be seen as out of character for Donny Thompson. The funny thing is that Team America is hurting Frankie and Zach’s game…not Donny’s. In the end Donny was able to convince them that it simply wasn’t worth it and they voted with the group

Even towards the end shade was thrown .. Victoria voted for Amber saying , she was the “fakeist of them all”…I was shocked that Caleb voted for his lady love. In the end Amber was sent home with a vote of 9-0. Jocasta is ecstatic that she’s staying for another week…. but the way that things are going who knows… I will say that even now Caleb is still really bitter… he said loud and clear, “that’s what happens when you bite the hands that feed you”

bb16-20140730-1616-hgs-watching-03As predicted this weeks Head of Household Competition is a memory wall competition… on Wednesday the photos popped up and the house guests spent the day looking over photos from past competitions and penalties.  “Getting Loppy” a series of statements where read and the house guests had to answer true or false.  Jocasta was the first to be eliminated (on the second question). Next was Victoria, Christine and Derrick, then Cody was eliminated…since there was a five-way tie and out of time the competition went on after the live broadcast. In the end Donny and Nicole are Heads of Household.

Highlights This Week

  • Cody and Nicole decided that their ship name is Nicody
  • Frankie got a Justin Bieber CD… he has been playing it so loud people are signing along
  • Since Nicole wasn’t able be in a regular bed due to have not status Hayden went into the have not room to snuggle
  • Nicole got a little jealous because she felt like Hayden was flirting and kissing Victoria; when is actually using he to secure a vote.
  • Frankie is in love with Zach (duh!) Frankie: I’m like kinda in love with you. Zach: Are you? I’m in love with you! Without a doubt
  • Will the old Jocasta come out and play the game?
  • Caleb is totally in plagiarism. he claimed he wrote a song written by J.R. Aquino and this dude is steaming made… he’s tweeting about copyright infringement… I’ve never heard of him… maybe this help your album sales.
  • During the live vote Jocasta wore red (so did Julie Chen) , maybe she was trying to blend in so that the houseguests would forget that she was there.

So over at RHaP Rob Cesternino and AJ Mass from ESPN talked about the 12 archetypes of reality television…thought that it was interesting , some of these are dead on:

  • Fresh Meat – Jocasta
  • The Ninja – Victoria
  • The Cheerleader (or sometimes in Big Brother, the “house mom”) – Frankie
  • The Narcissist – Caleb
  • “Old” Reliable – Hayden
  • Idiot Savant – Nicole
  • Part 2 or “Beta” of the Marriage of Convenience – Cody
  • The Loose Cannon – Zach
  • The Diplomat – Donny
  • The X-Factor – Christine
  • The Mad Scientist – Derrick
  • Part 1 or “Alpha” of the Marriage of Convenience – Amber

What did you think about this weeks shenanigans? And who do you think is going home? It should be interesting since it’s a double eviction week!

This weeks photos are courtesy of Big Brother Network and spunkybean. Videos are courtesy of J-Bird

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What I Ate Wednesday–Who Knows At This Point



So clearly this is not an original thought WIAW was originated from Peas and Crayons  and a lot of other bloggers have started doing it as well; and since I can’t be original and I really like the idea of doing this… I decided to give it whirl as well. This will pretty much be a mish-mash of stuff,  some days I will try a new technique or perhaps I’ll be eating something for the first time … and someday it might be leftover chili…who knows, and I guess that’s part of the fun. When I first started blogging it was to remain accountable with my exercise and food intake, so this is kind of takes me back… Very little of this is planned… but it’s 100% honest…


WIAW Breakfast

Breakfast for me today started around 11am…. about 10 minutes after I rolled out of bed… so naturally cereal was on the menu.

 20140730_130338WIAW Lunch

I have times when I am seriously craving a certain food…. what I mean is I go to bed thinking like it and wake up thinking lie it…for some reason I was craving green beans, so like any “normal” person craving a particular food I sought it out and I popped opened a can… and enjoyed them…. now that I think of it I probably should have ad something else with it.. but  I didn’t.

20140730_114954WIAW Dinner This dinner was fun and nostalgic. When I was a little girl New Years Eve was always a fun time for my family. Mom would make pigs in a blanket and frappes make from sherbet with Sprite. (which made me feel like a grownup). So I on a whim I decided to make pigs in a blanket… but instead of making a appetizer sized one I made big fat dinner size ones… I added a little mustard and yummy!!!. It was fabulous.



WIAW Snack

There is something super satisfying as looking in the freezer for something sweet and finding a brownie… YES!!!



Not terrible exciting, but for someone who was determined to stay in bed all day. I think I did a pretty good job! So based on MyFitnessPal I did pretty good…


I didn’t did not  workout at all today… I barely had the energy to get out of bed.

waterI think I’m in a phase where drinking water is really difficult. I swear, but I used by large cup 24oz cup and just sucked it down while I was watching television

And that my friends is What I Ate this Wednesday….. and it didn’t include chicken…oh and before I forget if you want to follow me on MyFitnessPal

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Human Resources …Coming to Pivot


What is this show about?

Documenting the non-stop and deadline-driven world of an innovative New Jersey-based company once touted as the “coolest little start-up in America,” “Human Resources” is a half-hour, comedy about an eccentric entrepreneur, Tom Szaky, and his team of employees at TerraCycle, a company whose mission is to eliminate waste on a global scale.  A 32-year-old businessman and Princeton University dropout, Tom’s multimillion-dollar company (which operates in 24 countries) takes anything and everything that is landfill bound – from potato chip bags to dirty diapers to cigarette butts – and recycles, up-cycles and transforms these objects into cool and functional new products. The Office is a crazy mix of hippies who enjoy kale chips and morning yoga… and older and more skeptical employees who find the younger staff to be a “bit naïve.” The one thing that the team has in common is a passion for their work and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get The Job done.


In episode one we find CEO Tom Szaky and TerraCycle are close to finalizing a deal for a coffee table book of DIY upcycling ideas but the team first needs to create a sample chapter. In preparation for a meeting with the publisher, Albe asks Dean to work on being more professional.

Episode 1 – Talkin’ Trash

Honestly I find this show hilarious… I’m not sue how I would feel working in that particular environment (for some reason I think it would smell just a little bit funny) but the employees make it what it is… and let’s me honest no matter where we’ve worked we all have dance when we need to a a rain dance. The show will premier Friday, August 8th at 10PM on Pivot TV

Stop by the TerraCycle website


Pivot (Pivot.tv), which launched nationally August 1, 2013, is a television network from Participant Media serving passionate Millennials (18-34) with a diverse slate of talent and a mix of original series, acquired programming, films and documentaries. Pivot focuses on entertainment that sparks conversation, inspires change and illuminates issues through engaging content and, through its website TakePart.com, connects audiences to a wealth of content and customizable actions. Pivot is available nationally via major cable providers and offers subscribers a live and on-demand streaming option via its interactive, downloadable Pivot app. Follow Pivot on Twitter at @pivot_tv and on Facebook at facebook.com/pivottelevision.

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