Who Am I?

One whose snarkiness regularly manifests itself so naturally and fluidly that snarky comments could be delivered even from the depths of beta sleep.


Simply put I’m a daughter, friend, sister, 2 time transplant recipient,  pain in the butt, professional bad ass, TV junkie, potty mouth, bibliophile, avid YouTube viewer, Blogger, loser of unwanted weight, know-it-all, computer geek, doula & master of napping, and a girl 


who says it like she means it! Discussing my weight loss, my TV viewing, my nail polish obsession and Olympic swimmers and pretty much anything and everything my heart fancies all with my unique brand of bitchiness and snark. This is me; and this is how I see it……. 20140303_192050 This website began as a way for me to to chronicle my weight loss and stay accountable with my journey, this blog has turned into so much more…. I’m enjoying the ride and hope that you continue enjoy this blog and my journey….Thank you for reading!

Contact information is now under the drop down (Home) menu


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