Big Brother Australia Brings Excessive Humiliation to First Evictee

apology seg 3 Housemates Travis and Katie talk it out. Source: Provided

Wasn’t last night’s Big Brother Australia’s eviction of Gemma one of the most awkward and rage ensuring events to be ever be seen on a reality program?  The first housemate eviction for 2014 drew anger from viewers on social media after her ousting with the way it was handled compared to schoolyard bullying as Gemma found herself in a situation that is nothing short of humiliating.

After the announcement of the public vote which saw Jake and Gemma receiving the least amount of votes to stay, we were forced to endure watching the housemates, one by one and face to face, choose between the two, of whom they’d like to stay over the other.  The resulting effort was utterly painful for viewers and more so for Gemma with only Priya opting to stand behind Gemma – for which we can only…

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The Complete Taxonomy of Engagement Photo Poses

This is hilarious.

The Marrying Kind

Engagement Photo (From Carl Lacey’s Flickr.)

I used to wonder why people do engagement photo shoots. What are they… for? Do you not have enough pictures of the two of you together from your relationship, so you feel like you need to reach some sort of quota? Do you think that all the other photos of you that you’ve accumulated over the years look too natural? Too un-staged? Too comfortable? You suddenly realized you forgot to do a prom pose under a gentle cascade of cherry blossoms – and once you’re married it will simply be too late?

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Handle With Care

Writing Prompt: How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?


I can handle criticism if it given to me in a respectful way, in a way that set for improvements and not as a way to downgrade me. I think honesty is the best way, if you are gonna learn how to properly do something.

It’s odd that this came up because a few weeks ago we were talking about this very thing. I am the type of employee that works better independently I feel like I do my best work that way, so if you see me doing something wrong, or you think that it can be done in a better; more efficient way please let me know, but don’t watch over my shoulder to make sure that I’m doing it. You hired me to do a job, now get the hell out of my way and allow me to do it.  And in return I will do the same for you.

I have worked under some great managers and supervisors and I’m had some that were uber micromanagers….. and those were the jobs that I hated the most, and the ones that I didn’t stay at. Sometimes criticism can be taken the wrong way, but I don’t think that “kid gloves” or “brutal honesty”  is the best way to go, as long as the delivery is respectful and given in a manner that you would want to receive it is the best way to go.

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