Is Washing Your Bra A Thing of the Past?



Is Washing Your Bra A Thing of the Past?

You ever want to  know something but you don’t really want to ask the question. Seriously when was the last time that you asked mother, sister, best friend, girl friend… random woman on the street, “how often do you change your bra?” Maybe you don’t have the urge…. but I certainly do.

And since I’m the one asking the question I might as  well be the first one to share my TMI territory, my sports bra get washed after being worn once, because I sweat like a pig and nothing is worst than boob sweat..ugh! now if it is a special occasion bra, those gets washed after they are worn as week, only because I don’t wear them that often and if I put the away I wouldn’t remember when the last time it was washed…now my normal regular everyday bras get “replaced” every 1-4 days. It all depends on what’s going on, the temperature, how long I wear it and really how I feel….

So that was me, how do I measure up to other women??

Here’s what a few random women had to say:

  • “I only wash my bras every other month or so, if that. I also have several that I rotate between and typically do not wear the same bra back to back, and I almost never wear one at home. If they’re gross or I got pretty nasty I will wash them more frequently, but I generally don’t get super sweaty so it’s not an issue. Part of this is due to laziness, part is because I don’t want to destroy my bras with too frequent washings.”
  • “3 weeks? 4? dare I say 5?”
  • “‘Til it smells like boob sweat.”
  • “I don’t wash mine very often, but they smell pretty good anyway, like perfume and the lotion I use. I don’t sweat much.”
  • “It depends on my day. If I get sweaty at a some point during the wear, it needs to be washed. If I’m not sweaty, I’d wear it three times before I wash it.”
  • “I think I have one bra that I bought like 1.5 years ago that I still haven’t washed EVER. I don’t exercise in it and it doesn’t smell bad, and putting bras in the washing machine is bad for them and I’m too lazy to hand wash. So there ya go, if you’re asking because you don’t wash yours often, you probably can’t be much worse than me.”
  • Until Next Time… Remember, it’s your bra wash it when you want to

According to a British survey, women wash their bras an average of six times a year, which is not even once a month! Women have no excuse for their bad habits as they have a bra for every day of the week – with the average woman owning around 15. The survey, which was carried out on 2,025 women, also discovered that the most common stains found on dirty brassieres are stale perfume, body lotion, fake tan and sweat.

So there you have it…. there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this one…

Until Next Time… Wash your bras as often or as little as you want

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2 thoughts on “Is Washing Your Bra A Thing of the Past?

    • I don’t think men would wash them at all.. They would probably be dirty and stretched out and still wear them. I base this on my younger brother/roommate and I’ve seen his stuff. But I do agree that men get nasty

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