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So clearly this is not an original thought WIAW was originated from Peas and Crayons  and a lot of other bloggers have started doing it as well; and since I can’t be original and I really like the idea of doing this… I decided to give it whirl as well. This will pretty much be a mish-mash of stuff,  some days I will try a new technique or perhaps I’ll be eating something for the first time as is the case today… and someday it might be leftover chili…who knows, and I guess that’s part of the fun. When I first started blogging it was to remain accountable with my exercise and food intake, so this is kind of takes me back… Very little of this is planned… but it’s 100% honest…I always want WIAW to be an accurate account of what I am eating. Not everyday I eat completely healthy, but more often than not I make healthy choices.

This week I’m going to incorporate my Weight Watchers Points into the fold


Holy crap I was hungry this morning, and I’m doing my best to sort of mi it up every morning, I tend to have oatmeal in the morning, but I don’t want to get bored with it so I decided to have turkey bacon (doesn’t taste like real yummy pork bacon…. but it’ll do)  My breakfast was 7 points (sorry that the picture is blurry, I was seriously shaky before breakfast)



Since I was super hungry after I worked out I made sure to have a protein packed snack… I had the same thing yesterday and I was surprised by how full it left me,  I ended up eating lunch and dinner later than I normally would. My snack was 9 points



I decided to have left over from dinner which were black beans and rice with cornbread with some fruit and yogurt. My lunch was 10 points



Pasta is what’s for dinner, second Wednesday in a row that I didn’t have chicken… this time it’s cheese tortellini with peas (I’m doing my very best to incorporate fruits or vegetables with every meals (plus they are 0 points so why not) My dinner was  8 points




My general caloric intake is 1200 calories per day, and today I was able to “earn” additional 855 calories from working out. (y’all would be proud I was a beast today… seriously the scale better so my effort on Sunday!) . ! .  Although I was “allowed” 2055 (Holy Cow! That’s a lot) calories I did excellent job today considering I’ve has two snacks I was still able to come in less than 1200 calories. Weight Watchers I used a total of 34 points with 1 left over….and I earned 7 additional points from working out. Overall I so proud of the activity that I’ve been putting out this week… making good food choices hasn’t been easy, but I’m doing my best, but overall I think that I’m doing okay.WIAW



The rule of thumb is that you are supposed to drink at least 8 and today I was able to get 7 cups in (and only because my doctor told me that I need to start limiting the amount of water I drink…*eye roll*)


And that my friends is What I Ate this Wednesday; be sure to follow me MyFitnessPal or of you are doing Weight Watchers friend me there as well I’m TRJENKINS77

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Truth Serum


Writing Prompt:  You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

So in order for the person to take the serum I need the person’s consent… okay, here’s another reason why I don’t think it’s needed. I think that people are allowed to keep secrets; it’s okay if they want to keep something that someone has said to their in confidence secret. and if there are certain aspects about themselves that they are simply not ready to share., I’m okay with that as well , but if I specifically tell them that I was gonna ask them, questions only about me and they refused, that’s all I need to know to be suspicious of them.

So to answer the question, if I ever came into possession of a vial of truth serum, I would simply keep it in a safe place, right now there is no reason to use it…..now if I started dating someone… then I might consider using it.

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