Big Day Ahead



Writing Prompt: It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

So I previously said that I am a thinker, I ted to live inside of my head sometimes, and during particularly stressful times I can’t sleep because I’m busy thinking about the things that I should e doing…. this is what happens when the day before a big event.

I will say that it doesn’t happen before a big exam only because when in school I tried to have good study habits and if I don’t know the information the night before, I’m not gonna know it… no matter how long I cram for it. Now a presentation….. that’s something that is high on my stress list, because I absolutely hate public speaking…I don’t like it and try to avoid it at all costs.

the most part simply a sleepless night and get back to normal the next day. But there are things that you can do….. a lot of people say ex exercising really helps ease the stress and you a more restful nights sleep. Hell maybe I should try this method, with the amount of stress that I have I’ll hit my target weight in no time.

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