What I Ate Wednesday : I Think I Might Be Getting Sick


So clearly this is not an original thought WIAW was originated from Peas and Crayons  and a lot of other bloggers have started doing it as well; and since I can’t be original and I really like the idea of doing this… I decided to give it whirl as well. This will pretty much be a mish-mash of stuff,  some days I will try a new technique or perhaps I’ll be eating something for the first time as is the case today… and someday it might be leftover chili…who knows, and I guess that’s part of the fun. When I first started blogging it was to remain accountable with my exercise and food intake, so this is kind of takes me back… Very little of this is planned… but it’s 100% honest…I always want WIAW to be an accurate account of what I am eating. Not everyday I eat completely healthy, but more often than not I make healthy choices.

As always my Weight Watchers Points into the fold.


So there’s a story….. there’s ALWAYS a story… I’ve been getting up at 7:30 and I’m usually out of the house 20 minutes later, so I’ve been preparing my breakfasts the night before, to save some time before I hit the gym. I decided to have a Slim Fast shake for breakfast and since I still had some frozen cherries I added a few in there to give it a little color and flavor….  and I was really excited to drink my cherry flavored shake. Well when I woke up the next morning my yummy looking pink shake turned a funky gray color. I don’t have a clue as to why it happened, I’m chalking it up some odd chemical reaction… but gray is generally not a color I associate with the food that I enjoy eating… I took it to the gym with me and was only able to get down about half of it before I started to feel really sick. My breakfast was 6 points 20141008_08064620141008_080705



Around dinner time I was finally feeling hungry…when something works I stick with it…. I had subway again this week; and it was chocked full of veggies…;and it was still yummy My dinner was 7 points



For me caramel apples are the quintessential fall treat… I LOVE them, and honestly considering that my stomach was super funky and I was still really queasy I ate it anyway… was I hungry….nope, this is a prime example of my being greedy. My snack was 3 points!



My general caloric intake is 1200 calories per day, and today I was able to “earn” additional 604 calories from working out.! .  Although I was “allowed” 1804  calories I was only about to got down 500 Weight Watchers I used a total of 16 points with 18 left over….and I earned 5 additional points from working out (Now I know what your saying…. girl you need to be eating more… I know I know, but when your stomach is super funky what can you do?).




The rule of thumb is that you are supposed to drink at least 8 and today I was able to get 7 cups in (and only because my doctor told me that I need to start limiting the amount of water I drink…*eye roll*)


And that my friends is What I Ate this Wednesday; be sure to follow me MyFitnessPal or of you are doing Weight Watchers friend me there as well I’m TRJENKINS77

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Ready, Set, Done



Writing Prompt: 10 minutes. You and your keyboard (or smartphone. Or tablet. Or pen and paper). No pauses, no edits, no looking back: it’s free-write time!

Ten Minutes on the Clock…..


So I’m sitting here watching (like a lot of people) are watching the Watch What Happens Live One on One with Teresa and Joe Guidice, by now everyone knows that they are going to jail and why. I did my very best to watch the interview with an open mind, and no matter what I think about Teresa or Joe the real victims of this are their children… so I’m watching the interview.

My very first thought while watching there interview and said to myself.”This is one of the most cringe worthy interviews I’ve ever seen… I thought these people had an image consultant…. they sound like idiots “ in all fairness I understand that’s a mean thing to say. But despite the fact that they had a crisis management team (which I’m sure had a lessons in speaking )seemed to be a fail. I found the couple to be (obviously nervous but still in shock) ignorant of the entire process and they didn’t seem like they were ready to take full accountability for what they’ve done.

There were certain parts of the interview that stood out for me, is their behavior during the interview. Andy asked, “what did you think would happen after you pled guilty?” Teresa’s response was, “ I dunno, I thought my lawyer would fight for me” girl please, lawyers aren’t miracle workers they can only work with what you give them, then she goes on to say, after the judge ruled she did not talk with her attorneys. She left court. It was done. This is the exact reason you’re in the situation that you’re in… you don’t ask questions and you didn’t take a proactive part in your life, I can give two craps abut her being “old school” you screwed your self to the tune of 14 months in a Federal prison.

Now Joe on the other had… he kept saying, “Watcha gonna do”, “You know” and the every popular, “I don’t know”… it was a hot mess… clearly they fired their crisis management team… otherwise they would have advised the couple not to do that interview…. just my thoughts


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