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So clearly this is not an original thought WIAW was originated from Peas and Crayons  and a lot of other bloggers have started doing it as well; and since I can’t be original and I really like the idea of doing this… I decided to give it whirl as well. This will pretty much be a mish-mash of stuff,  some days I will try a new technique or perhaps I’ll be eating something for the first time as is the case today… and someday it might be leftover chili…who knows, and I guess that’s part of the fun. When I first started blogging it was to remain accountable with my exercise and food intake, so this is kind of takes me back… Very little of this is planned… but it’s 100% honest…I always want WIAW to be an accurate account of what I am eating. Not everyday I eat completely healthy, but more often than not I make healthy choices.

As always my Weight Watchers Points into the fold.


. Simple breakfast and currently my new favorite, Frosted Mini wheat’s with 1/2 cup of light Almond milk with unsweetened apple sauce! My breakfast was 6 points



Not fancy at all but totally packed with protein; a hard boiled egg and a two cheese sticks (after I had one, and photographed it I went back for another)… my cheese addiction is really showing. Lunch was 6 pointslunch


So my new thing is making meals ahead of time; it’s really turning out to be a time savers and it helps me from the “what am I gonna have for dinner tonight…upping the change that I pick something quick and unhealthy., and lately I have been seriously craving Mac and Cheese, you know the kind with the atomic orange powder… so I decided to add some broccoli to it and grill up some chicken breasts. My dinner was 13 points





My general caloric intake is 1200 calories per day, and today I didn’t do squat, so didn’t earn additional points . Today I didn’t hit my goal of eating 1200 calories, but today I was really satisfied with the meals that I had despite the fact only eating 935 calories (400 of those came from the mac and cheese…. HOLY COW!) I used a total of 25 Weight Watcher Points Plus  with 9 left over…




The rule of thumb is that you are supposed to drink at least 8 and today I was able to get 8 cups in (and only because my doctor told me that I need to start limiting the amount of water I drink…*eye roll*)


And that my friends is What I Ate this Wednesday; be sure to follow me MyFitnessPal or of you are doing Weight Watchers friend me there as well I’m TRJENKINS77

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Custom Zodiac



Writing Prompt: You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?

Generally I’m pretty half and half when it comes to the Zodiac and my belief in it , but I will admit that I do have a lot of traits that are associated with my particular sign.

Castor and Polydeces show the duality (which should never been seen as “split personality”). For me there is always a struggle between how I would like to be seen versus how I really am. If you askes me to describe myself in less than five words I would say that I’m complex and inconsistent (something that I’m really trying to work on).

Now to be more specific for people born around my birthday I would say that their Zodiac characteristics would be:

  • Natural Born Leaders
  • Strong Family Values
  • Creative
  • “Feelers”

So to encompass this, these exceptional people would fall under the new Astrological sign will be called Julians

Have you figured out what my sign is yet?

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