Nail Polish Lottery Club–Week 53, 54 and 55



Alternate number  3 +5 + 4 = 12

Essie’s Decedent Dish


I know this is a week late, but I was busy mourning the loss of  4 nails… who breaks 4 nails in  2 days?…. This chick does. In all fairness I think it hard something to do with the nail hardener I was wear and the polar vortex I was out in *sad face* And this is gonna be several weeks in once, things have been busy with having to prepare for births, sitting in on classes and dealing with the uber cold weather.


One thing that really bothered me about this polish is that the iridescence found in the bottle was nowhere to be found on my fingers.  No matter how I tried to photograph it, it simply wouldn’t work. Overall it was a good solid color… Despite that I really loved the way this color looked on my nails, and when has anyone really had major issues with Essie… this get’s an 8 out of 10.


Alternate number  35 + 4 = 39

Julep’s Zelda


For any one taking notice, this is the exact same number as last week. I love the look of the polish, but it didn’t really look that great on me. I think it had to do with the pink undertones. Julep seems to be really consistent with their polishes and there is nothing that I can say any different about this polish that I haven’t written before about other Julep polishes.  This polish did have a consistent shine throughout the week. This polish get’s a 6 out of 10.20140117_223230



Alternate number  2+8 + 3 = 13


Nicka K New York’s Ripe Apple

This is as another goodie that I got from Ipsy, and this polish was issue right from the start. Although I was quite taken with the lovely shape of the bottle, the shape makes it really difficult to open the bottle sue to the really narrow handle… said narrow handle also makes it uber tricky to get a good grip to apply the polish. Ever since I got the polish I was really excited to try it on my nails… but before I put the color on my nails 20140121_205813I had to do a little repair on the brush since it as a little wonky….eek!!! I put a coat on my nails and the next day when I went to add a second layer the brush was exactly like it was the first time, so I had to cut the brush a second time.

The color was fantastic! A deep red that had a lot of shine. And with a good topcoat this polish lasted all week with minimal wear on some of my tips, and I was pretty upset about taking it off, but it as a new week, which means a new polish…. This one despite the issues that I had get’s a 8 out of 10, it would have gotten a solid 10 if there weren’t any brush issues…. 20140122_123852


Next week we will get back to our normal nail polish schedule… the next few weeks should be interesting considering I am starting to run out of polishes….. I might have to make some creative decisions…






Until next time,