What Did Ryan Lochte Do?…Get a TV Show


I’ve been wanting to do a write up about this show since it  I premiered on the E! Network a few years ago, but I really wanted to get a feel for the show. A lot of things have; and continue to be said about Ryan Lochte: “he’s dumber than a rock”, “he’s America’s favorite douche bag”… but here’s the thing, I don’t buy it. This man has never once said he was something he was not, he never claimed to be a nuclear physicist. He’s a swimmer, and  a young man who likes to have fun. Because the others celebrities are idolized and have finely crafted images and fake personalities made and put out there specifically to market and sell movies and music and the like from the very beginning. I think Ryan  just seemed to be in the media too much so it annoyed people. People aren’t shy about why they hate him. People are quick to call him stupid and vilify him and you hear the same things over and over. Ryan doesn’t seem to hide behind the smoke and mirrors as much as other celebrities or public figures. People and fans think they want someone who is real but in reality they are always more comfortable with a façade, and at the end of the day Ryan really doesn’t care.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves. Nobody wants to watch some boring reality show…we watch the shows because of the “characters” and Ryan Lochte is certainly a character

The show itself is okay, I’ve seen better shows and boy have I seen some that are a lot worst….(*cough* Teen Mom ). This show is staged, but hell what show isn’t … I take that back I don’t think Married To Jonas is all that staged, but man is that show dead (and how it get’s better ratings that WWRLD is beyond me) but back to what I was saying…I’ll just say it in one word…. JAIME…

Some of the things that I love about the show, is the relationship that Ryan has with his family, they seem loving and close-knit and not all that different from any other family that I know. His sisters are a hoot, and they don’t hold their tongue, but they do seem super invested in his love life; and normally I would say that’s not a good thing, but if you’ve seen the show you know he desperately needs their help. Seriously E! needs to work out a deal with the two of them for their own reality show, cause Kristen grills his dates like their cheese sandwiches. His relationship with his brother was super cute, I wish they would have had the youngest Lochte, Brandon on the show, but I think that had more to do with him still being a minor at the time than anything else.


Some shows I liked better than others, but the last 3 were defiantly the best in my opinion, most of the time I wanted to tell Ryan, “slow down and think about what you say before you say it” but hey E! knew what they were doing.. they showed all his “dumb” moments cause he need to live up to that stereotype. (Which he uses to his advantage and is laughing his way to the bank thanks to his millions and millions of dollars in endorsement money) if I had a camera around me all the time catching everything I do without really good editing you would wonder how the hell I graduated kindergarten… seriously.. The thing that I didn’t like about the show is (although Ryan Lochte continnued to say it throughout his promotional tours that, “he wanted to bring the sport of swimming to the forefront”) And I don’t think it did that at all, although I am a self confessed swimming fan girl; and Ryan has been on my radar since Athens, it really didn’t bring anything new to my perspective of swimming, although it might have for others. I also was looking forward to seeing the Golden Goggles, I REALLY wanted to know about the chick that he took with him, and why the hell she wore that fugly dress

I get that this show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but hell it’s Sunday and there was really nothing else on during that time slot, why not look at an amazing good looking man, with a hot body in a Speedo with a lazy tuck (evil grin)                                          

lazy tuck ——>tumblr_mddzdaoHtT1qliludo1_500

If E! decides to renew WWRLD for a second seasons will I be watching??? jeah

And while I’m here, I might as well tell you all I will be watching “The Wanted Life”….and I feel no shame about it!!