Tyra Takes on Weight Watchers : Week 2


Week 1

This week was my third weigh-in but my 2nd week (it’s a little confusing, but we start at week 0). I walked into the meeting really confident because I knew that I tracked all my food, made good food choices and worked out. I knew something was up with one of the leaders didn’t respond to what she saw on the computer. I gained 0.8 pounds, and without sounding overly dramatic I was devastated. I sat through the entire meeting on the verge of tears and trying to figure out what I did wrong. The leader of the meeting noticed that I was down and asked me how I was, then the water works came. I sobbed, boo-hooed and snotted for about 3 minutes before I was able to get myself together….she was really sweet, she sat down we talked about everything that I was doing (there were a few minor point issues 1. I was miscalculating sweet peas as zero points and for some reason I was given 1 extra point than I needed…. but like I said minor).

Then I apologized for crying because I was premenstrual… then she looked at me and said , “duh, well that it’s”…. we talked about how much I normally gain during this time (2 pounds) so .8 is a win. Looking back now I feel really silly for crying.

One of the reason that I think I started gaining weight was because the group that I was apart of drastically changed, weigh-in’s stopped and there was no more accountability, and I know that was a major reason for my success… so these weekly meetings are really important because they set the tone for the week and allow me to set weekly goals.

So after this meeting I am giving myself 6 weeks to make a change, but instead of setting my goals week to week, I need to start doing it day by day, some days will be good and some will be bad, and after today I can’t let the number on the scale ruin my day (I put my new weight in the WW app that this popped out). I’m better than what the number shows, now it’s time for me to believe it.

So, you gained a little bit this week.
Gaining is a normal part of the process and can happen for a lot of reasons.

Look back at this week and see what you might be able to change; then let go of what you can’t. The best thing to do is focus on is making this coming week a success. And feel free to ask your Leader for advice if you need it..

Good luck in the coming week.

So that’s what I need to do reflect, continue doing what works, and continue working on the things that don’t…hopefully I’ll see a positive change this week”



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