Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers : Week 24, 25 & 26


Week 24

I think the word for this week would be frustration… utter frustration. after the past two weeks and the weight gain that I had I decided to divorce myself from the scale. It was becoming unhealthy, I was letting the number on the scale determine my mood, determine how I proceeded in Weight Watchers, so I walked into in high spirits, I don’t have a feeling either way about whether I was gonna gain or lose. So even after giving myself a pep talk the entire week, boosting myself up on the drive to Weight Watchers, I was utterly crushed on the scale…. and more than anything else I was frustrated…. another gain! A GAIN for three weeks in a row.



I sat in my set waiting for the meeting to start just thinking, “What the hell!?” I really had to be quiet and recoup then it hit me. This is part of the process, no one ever said that weight loss was a down hill slop, it’s hills and mountains…. and even on the weeks that you do EVERYTHING right the scale may now show. And I had to seriously remind myself of where I started.over 70 pounds (as of week 24) was off of my body. I did that! And I allowed myself to get caught up with what was going on at that moment and losing sight of the “Big Picture”

The topic for the meeting was “Chain Reactions: How Smart Steps and Lead to Others” I sat around for a while and seriously though “I’m in no position to write about anything this week” (I was still bitter and my 10 pounds in 3 weeks weight gain).

But then something happened….. I wanted coffee, so I decided to walk to the Dunkin’ Donuts that’s 1/2 block from my house, but instead of turning to go towards the DD I walked to other way…I walked a mile that day before I got coffee….. I was surprised by how okay I felt, how close it got my to my 10,000 step goal, so the next morning I woke up and did it again, this time I walked a little bit over a mile, the next day it was 2 , and the day after that it was a 2.5 miles, just around the neighborhood listening to my iPod. a simple thing led to a huge chain reaction without me even realizing.


Week 25

This week, like last week I walked into the meeting, feeling good; really good actually not because of anything in particular, after thinking about what happened last week, I left the meeting deciding to have a more positive outlook, and a few days before I saw something on Tumblr that really struck a cord with me



This week I want to continue to try to be active, although I was thrown a curveball because Chicago got a Spring storm and I wasn’t able to walk to neighborhood like I wanted to, I did however shovel the snow and burn around 350 calories, so that’s a win.

Week 25

Another loss this week! it’s wasn’t quite a pound, but a loss is a loss. This week I have been super active I worked out 5 days this week and did a 5K on Saturday, so I really wanted to weigh-in and see what my weight was doing, but it was Easter and Weight Watchers was closed, so I have to go to another meeting tomorrow evening, which totally messes with my schedule. I like to weigh-in first thing in the morning and eat (usually a smoothie) during the meeting. I’m gonna have two meals and a snack in my belly by the time  I weigh-in tomorrow ….ugh!



I have really been slacking on this part of the blog, but next week I will come back with stories, lessons and hopefully another loss…..wish me luck!

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Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers: Week 22-23




Since I’ve gotten home from the hospital, my weight loss has been tough. I know what to do, but with the lack of energy on top of being on the prednisone and wanting… no I pretty much ate what I wanted, things have not been good..

I have been mindlessly eating and tracking everything
(expects the cookies the cake, the pint of ice cream, pretty much anything with sugar and fat has not been tracked.. and because of it I have not wanted to go to Weight Watchers, I have not wanted to look at the number on the scale because I know it’s gone up, and I know exactly why.  So let’s  just start off with the amazing, awesomely frustration stuff first. I gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks.. ugh!



Week 22: The topic that week was “Eating Food – or Your Feelings”. Well I think we all know what I’ve been doing I’ve been eating the hell out of my feelings. I think some where in the back of my mind I’ve been thinking I’m on Prednisone; it’s gonna make me gain weight, so what does it matter if I eat what I want?

So when I got home I jotted down some things that I wanted to delve further into when it comes to my emotional eating. And I realized that I do the following:

  • Pre-Emptive Eating: sometimes I have a tendency to eat when I’m not hungry (this tends to happen if I’m going out) because I don’t think that I’m gonna have what I want when I’m out of the house = BAD HABIT. Why am I eating when I’m not hungry?
  • Eating Out of Boredom
  • Eating Out of Habit
  • Social Eating

I need to figure out What I’m Hungry For because it’s become apparent that 80% of the time it’s not food. And if I continue on the path that I am on; those 79 pounds are gonna come back quickly.  So these are things that I need to work on.

  • Preparing Snacks and Meals ahead of time: I was doing that up until my hospitalization, but when I came home I eat frozen, microwavable stuff that was high in fat and sodium because it was easy
  • Comfort/Comfort Food: Surgery takes a lot out of you, and I won’t deny that I needed comfort; I wanted to feel better and because I have yet to learn the difference between comfort and comfort  food I went to food again and again.
  • Bring Attention to the Situation: Realize what I’m doing in the moment and correct my actions
  • Engaging With Others
  • Support: I’m not the only person on a weight loss journey, I know quite a few people, yet I no longer use them as a resource.. I need to do that.
  • Vent
  • Balance vs. All Or Nothing: I go between the two, so make times I’ve walked into a meeting thinking if I don’t loss weight this week, the entire week is ruined.. weight loss is a balance… intellectually I know what, but logical reason goes out of the window when I step on the scale

this is a lot to work on, and I knew that it wasn’t gonna take a week to work through (which was one of the reasons why I didn’t post last week).  So I made sure to arm myself with the finest snacks Weight Watchers had to offer and went on my way…. hoping that the next week would be better.


We also got these in the meeting… just something else to get me motivated to go.



Week 23: Last weeks Topic was “Mindful Eating” (*blank stare* Who are the people who come up with these topics and why are they super relevant to me right now?)

The Saturday before the meeting I decided I was not going to weigh-in (although I was still going to attend the meeting) I felt like I couldn’t see the number on the scale, even with the revelations from last week my behavior didn’t change and I knew I gained weight, hell I could feel it. When I got on the scale I was surprised by how much a gain it was.
Earlier in the week I had gone to see several doctors and my wound was closing; according to the doctor 2 weeks, and I could resume normal activity as my body allowed. My Prednisone was reduced from 20mg to 10mg…. I felt like these were positive changed that would help me with my weight loss. I walked into the meeting and decided, “Screw This, Get on the Scale and see where you need to START from”

I decided on the way to the meeting that Sunday was gonna be a new start and even though I didn’t want to see the number I NEEDED to see it.

This week something happened, I was at my parents house and there was cake (it was a birthday) and I said to myself then out load that I wasn’t going to have any cake, then I said that I would take it home and eat it the next day (when I had enough points to actually have it) Not ten minutes later I’m looking at my mother and realizing that I’m stuffing German Chocolate cake in my mouth and I didn’t even realize it. I’m not sure why it happened, but exhibiting that type of behavior (eating without even knowing) scared the hell out of me… and I just knew. I HAD to get back on track!

This weeks meeting hit a nerve, I was not (and haven’t )been mindfully eating for a while and it’s starting to catch up with me. So after reading  the Weekly I’ve been:

  • Eating without Distraction : This is hard for me, I usually eat in front of the TV or eat while looking at my phone.
  • Eating at the Table
  • Eating Slowly and Tasting my Food : I’m learning to have a positive relationship with my food and eating slowly, tasting and enjoying it is part of the process.

So as I write this on a Wednesday (to be posted on Thursday) I can safely say that this is a better week that the best month has been. I’m eating better, I’m tracking EVERYTHING, and I’m feeling a lot more positive and myself and the food that I’m eating, I’ve gone back to making meals ahead of time, portioning them out so that I can have them for more than one day, and I have to say it takes a lot of stress off of me knowing what I’m going to have and how many points they are ahead of time.

I will be going to my regular meeting on Sunday morning, and I’m not expecting anything. my weight my stay the same, it might change, but I need to learn that my actions won’t always reflect on the scale… I need to learn to be okay with that.

Through it all I have to remember that this is important, and I’m important enough to succeed at this



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Fitspirational Friday


Body weight is often used as an indicator of fitness progress. When people attempt to change their physique and don’t see pounds coming off of the scale each week, they tend to get a little discouraged, even if they see progress during workouts or in the mirror.



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Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers–Week 5


Last week I said that I was going  determined to lose 2 pounds this week, well I didn’t make that goal… actually I was no place near that goal, this week I lost 0.2 pounds. I’m not shocked my the lack of weight loss this week, in all honest I was sure that I had gained weight. After my biopsy I was on restriction not to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds and no exercise, so naturally I stuck to that and I was not eating all my points, most days I averaged between 18-20 points a day. This made me realize how integral exercise is to my weight loss… I can eat well and lose 0.2 pounds, or eat well AND work out and lose 4.4 pounds (I think that was number I lost last week)

So this week I’m going to aim for 2 pounds  this week. I would like to hit my 5% goal by the end of November. Also this Saturday (I think I mentioned this last week) but I will be participating in a 5K, and I’ve already set a goal to do the Pretty Muddy run next summer (third time is sure to be the charm).2014-10-19 18.16.58


This week’s topic was “Fake It Till You Make It” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been using that mantra in all aspects of my life.  One of this things that we talked about is self-talk. I am all too familiar with negative self talk. I will talk my self into not going to the gym. because it’s “too early”, or it’s “too cold”. Or justifying eating foods that I know aren’t good for me , then stepping on the scale and saying, “How did that happen?!”. So I’m starting to see how my behaviors good and bad correlate with what the scale shows.

So I’m gonna celebrate the small victories in my life, every single time I go to a meeting, every time I make a healthy chose that will benefit me is a small victory. Hopefully those small victories will translate to bigger ones in the future.

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Ready, Set, Done


Writing Prompt: Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

Before we begin who thought that this was a good idea to do this again…..this was hard the first time… ugh!!

Ten Minutes is on the clock…

This week I started working out again, I am seriously determined to lose the remaining weight that I need to, but after working out for 3 days in a row and burning over 1000 calories I totally need to take a break today. I work up this morning tired and I got out of my beds and my legs felt like complete jelly, so I will be chilling out (while eating correctly and staying in my points range) while watching this fantastic Korean reality show called Roommate.

So since I’ll ne doing nothing to strenuous I’m sure that Tsuki will take the opportunity to cuddle and soak up all the love and affection she may may feel like she missed out since Saturday. Although this has nothing to do with anything I am seriously craving deep-dish pizza…. I swear cravings are the pits, but since I’ve already done my meal plans I will allow myself to have Pizza, French Fries and Sherbet on Saturday (they fall into my points range) Saturday can’t come here soon enough.

Now that I think about it I probably should have scheduled to have the pizza another day because my weigh-in day is on Sunday…. I’m hoping… REALLY hoping that the scale shows some movement. last week I was terrified that I gained some weight, I mentioned this in my Weigh Watchers post, but I never said why I felt that way…. I got on the scale at home and it showed that I had gained 4 pounds. Naturally I was seriously crushed and despite eating within my points range I had literally given up and prepared to see the WW scale reflect that so when the scale actually showed no movement. I WAS SHOCKED… and after my meetings I deiced that I was gonna make a real effort this week and I am NOT getting on scale unless it an official weigh –in.

Scales (when losing weight) are seriously the most soul crushing things every invented. I am in the process of relearning that I am more than just a number, the scale doesn’t always effect the work that I’m putting in… I have to repeat this each and every time I get on the scale otherwise I think I might go crazy…

If anyone missed my first free write here it is

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