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Strangely enough I was struggling about what to write about.. then my cat jumped in my face….. and demanded I give her attention.. so this weeks challenge is all about Tsuki and Hyde Park Cats.

It’s clear that I am a certified cat lady who loves my cat, hell she’s is even in the header of my blog AND SHE even has her own section of the blog (that has been woefully neglected). And her story doesn’t begin with Hyde Park cat.. that part I will never know, but her path to her forever home begins with a woman named Lupe who stopped when she saw a pregnant stray cat on the side of the road, another woman named who became her fosterer and Leslie who gave her a stable and caring environment until she found her human, and to the many unnamed volunteers who donated food and care will Tsuki was with HPC.


Founded in 2008,They are a confederation of volunteers working to improve the lives of feral, stray, and needy cats and kittens in and around Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. We received our 501©(3) non-profit organization status in 2014, and have had over 600 adoptions since our founding.

I frequently see a message in Facebook asking for help either transporting cats to the veterinarian, is there anyone in a certain area who recognizes a lost cat, and unfortunately a suspected stray or in and injured cat in need of immediate attention… Volunteers jump to the cause, no matter the time or the weather.




I think the corps of volunteers does amazing work, and I truly admire them, that’s why I’m so happy to be apart of a great organization.


Check out their Facebook, Instagram and Website, for more information and volunteer opportunities



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Tsuki’s World : I Haz Nu Food (Influenster Review)

Tsuki's World

Disclosure: This product was received for review purposes From influenster. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. This website Disclosure policy is here


There are five things that I love more than anything else in the world. Food, Snacks, Napping, Rubs and my human. So when the human announced that Influenster had sent me cat food to try I was all one it. Now I gotta be honest I’ve been on a diet since I found my forever home (and like my human who’s also losing weight…. the pounds are a little slow to disappear). So when some new yummies enter the house I’m on them like cat on catnip.




I’m pretty sure this is some magical cat food, I smelt it through the bag and it smelt like heaven, I quickly announced my pleasure and required my human to feed it to me now. I ate every single morsel, and that’s a big deal for someone like me because I’m a lady and I like to leave a little something on my plate. Like I said this cat food is magic because the next thing I know what brand new, larger bag suddenly appeared….. how did that happen?!




My human’s take – I was a little newvous about introducing Tsuki to new food, since’s she’s only eaten a certain brand since I adopted her; but she LOVED it! I’ve given it to her alone and I’ve also mixed it with her current dry food (although I’m not sure she even noticed) and she eats it all (she never empties her bowl). I received a coupon for a free bag od Purina One Smart Blend and since Tsuki loved it so much I redeemed it and got the Salmon and Tuna 7lb bag. As long has her weight stays on target this is will defiantly become her “got to” food


For more information check out Influenter and PurinaONECats

And before I leave, check out my instagram… I require that my human posts at least once a day! (but we’ve both been really busy the past few months) Well I have to go, it’s time for my human to adore me.



Final Trio



Writing Prompt: For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.


4 days before Christmas and all threw the house not a creature was stirring, except for Tsuki, everyone was sleeping and she wanted a treat..but apparently the human hid them, which according to her was cruel and unusual punishment…

So she started looking in all the places that she thought her human would hide treats,, she looked on and inside the bookcase, but then got tired and took a rest in the shelves, as she stretched she silently thought to herself, “this would be an excellent napping spot if there wasn’t so many useless items on the shelves…. so she went about cleaning up the area and making a proper cubby spot fit for a princess, and Tsuki was using her paws to removes the useless items she cam across a bottle of nail polish and she simply pushed that off the shelf as well. When she looked down she realized that the bottle looked cracked, but she was positive that (since her eyes weren’t good as Tuski’s) she wouldn’t notice the crack.

The human ran into her room to see what all the commotion was about when she saw her things strewn across the floor, then all of the sudden a look of horror came on her face and she screamed, “My Seche Vite!!” apparently not only was the bottle cracked, it was completely broken and her beloved top coat was no more.

All I kept hearing was “Tsuki!!” and “Bad Girl” was she taking about me? Was I the bad girl?? How was that possible when I was trying to find the snacks that SHE HID then got distracted when I decided to make myself a new nap spot. She was so upset she turned on some music and started to listen to the song A.D.T.O.Y it’s one of her favorite songs. I think she might have been dedication the song to her top coat… who knows my human is a little weird. Maybe later I’ll make it up to her and allow her to rub me… but for now she’s still made at me, but at the end of the day I got what I wanted… my snacks…. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


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