My Top Ten List : The Netflix Edition


Like many people Netflix has become my Kryptonite and to be honest I really watch for the TV shows, I will block out a week and binge watch TV shows; Lord help me if it’s a Korean drama. So below are the TV series that I frequently binge watch including my top 10 favorite episode along with a tiny bit of commentary … Tyra style


But before we start did anyone notice the slight case of symmetry in the season finale of Sons of Anarchy? In the finale episode there is a scene where Jax is on his motorcycle riding down the road and there is a flock of birds chillin’ on the road and he runs over them… well in the very first episode it’s the same scene except right before the motorcycle gets to the birds they fly away…. I notice stuff like that. Where the birds supposed to symbolize all the people who have died, Opie, Tara, Piney, Clay….. maybe I’m thinking too much into this… maybe I should write Kurt Sutter… maybe I have a little too much time on my hands (and you will clearly see)….. now on to my top 10 lists



When I first watched this show my mother exclaimed, “I hate this show” it was that moment I knew I had a winner, actually she said the very same thing that about all of the shows below….

Once More with Feeling (Season 6, episode 7) – Who doesn’t love a musical episode. I remember when it first aired on television I was so excited. I know every single song, I brought the album… I’m not ashamed. “I touch the fire and it freezes me. I look into and its black. Why can’t I feel? My skin should crack and peel. I want the fire back…..”

Hush (Season 4, episode 10) – The Gentlemen!!!! This episode was so great, although there is very little dialog in the episode, those creepy, well-dressed, levitating ghouls totally make up for it. For me The Gentlemen personified everything that the bogyman was. Incidentally this was the only episode that actually won an Emmy….

The Body (Season 5, Episode 16) – When Joyce died, it changed Buffy, and it left the viewers reeling since Joyce really was the only bit on normalcy that Buffy had left, and when she died buffy had to take on the idea of being a slayer without an anchor and a surrogate mother to boot. This episode really is on of my all time favorites, despite it being so sad,buffy

The Gift  (Season 5, Episode 22) – I remember sitting on the floor and watching this episode and being so glued to the TV.  There was an epic-ness to this episode that I wouldn’t see again until the series finale, Buffy sacrifices herself (again) to save the world and to keep the secret of her sister.  This was also the last episode to air on The WB Network and therefore, the network called it the series finale. The series moved to rival UPN (what ever happened to that network?)

Storyteller (Season 7, Episode 16) – Andrew (who wanted to badly be a real member of the Scooby Gang) narrates this episode. I love Andrew and his snarky commentary. We also get a chance to see Warren and Jonathan (who were really The First… but still)

Becoming (Season 2, Episode 21 & 22) – I’m aware that this is a two parter, but let me just tell you why I really loved this episode, two characters (who at the time) I couldn’t stand died… so long Angel/Angelus and Ms. Calendar (I’m sorry but I never ever found her believable as a teacher…… every time she came on the screen I would start singing “Diamonds and Peals”…that’s what happens when you’re in a Prince video) . I didn’t start to like Angel until he got his own show and his character started to develop… in other words wasn’t pinning all the time for Buffy.

Graduation Day (Season 3, episode 21 & 22) – Donna Martin Graduates!… we not really but the Scooby Gang did, and the high school exploded and the Mayor turned into a giant snake demon, there was an epic battle between good and evil, and Harmony  got turned into a vampire…

Ted (Season 2, Episode 11) – Three words… creepy John Ritter. One of the reason’s why I loved this episode was because finally Joyce got a boyfriend; apparently she had been dating him for months and she didn’t find his antiquated thinking was a tad bit odd… she must have been hard up for some sex… but Buffy accidently killed him, then we found out he was a serial killer android… poor Joyce… she didn’t date much after that… and she never really got with Giles

Chosen (Season 7, Episode 22)  – I’m not gonna lie, I cried when the show was over, but I’m glad that this show was able to finish off with a bang (unlike Angel: The Series… that crap was disappointing and upsetting…)

Doppelgangland (Season 3, Episode 17) Willow is feeling like the gang doesn’t appreciate her and Anya necklace is charmed, which leads up to an alternate universe where Willow’s doppelganger is a badass lesbian… foreshowing much?

EXTRA: The Unaired Pilot






This show gets me in trouble every single time to and be honest I watch this show A LOT. (I’m blaming TNT) I watch two episodes every single morning, then whenever a new season is added  to Netflix I marathon the series all over again, then of course there are the times when I can’t find anything to watch I’ll watch this show.  I have stuck through this show from the very beginning, even when they killed off Kevin (totally unnecessary) and changed the damn mythology like no one would even notice (can we talk about how all of the sudden a Grace is one size fit all… if that was the case what the hell was Anna searching all over for her original one for?”


Changing Channels (Season 5, Episode 8) – . First off this episode had its very own theme song, and opening theme credits….At face value this particular episode seems like a really light fun one, but you learn towards the end who the trickster is and how the basically the brothers Winchesters were set up from the very beginning to be the meat cases for the Angels Gabriel and Lucifer Town to town, two-lane roads. Family biz, two hunting bros – Living the lie, just to get by. As long as we’re movin’ forward. There’s nothing we can’t do. Together we’ll face the day. You and I won’t run away. When demons come out to play. Together we’ll face the day!” Yes I know the song… and I can guarantee I’m not the only one.

The French Mistake (Season 6, Episode 15) – I’m not sure where to start with this Meta episode. There are so many snippets of perfection….

05d6fde3ce659eb3ebc3b1272e66f55c Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!(Season 7, Episode 8) – The ultimate fan girl finally get’s her man.. Becky marries Dean…. never mind the whole pesky magical potion or the fact that she sold her soul to a cross-roads demon (details…details)

Swan Song (Season 5, Episode 22) – This episode simply broke my heart, the epic battle between Gabriel and Lucifer is here. Had the powers that be decided to end the show at the moment I think the fans would have been satisfied… but nope apparently there was much more planned for us (and to be quiet honest…there was lots that I didn’t enjoy)

The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo (Season 7, Episode 20) – Charlie Bradbury makes her first appearance. Who doesn’t love the brilliance of Felicia Day? Who doesn’t love this episode?

The End (Season 5, Episode 4) – This is probably one of my top 3 Supernatural episodes… this one has so much going for it’’; toilet paper obsessed Chuck , orgy planning Human!Cas and Lucifer!Sam. Sam’s portrayal of Lucifer is chilling (plus JarPad in all white!!!!!), and I think this episode really sets the tone for the final episodes on the season…

The Rapture (Season 4, Episode 20) – Jimmy Novak! … we finally get to meet and actually like Castiel’s meat suit, and in the end we feel for him, because he made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep his family safe.

Lazarus Rising (Season 4. Episode 1) – Dean claws his way out of a grave, and what’s one of the first things he does….. grabs a copy of Busty Asian Beauties…we also see the gnarly handprint burn on Dean’s shoulder and let’s not forget the feisty Pamela Barnes, who can clearly take both Winchesters at the same time….

Devils Trap (Season 1, Episode 22)  This was the very first finale episode, I distinctly remember screaming at the television, the boys finally recuse there father, they’ve been in a bad fight and they are not doing well…..then BAM! (because after all the crap they went through) they get wiped out by a damn 16 wheeler …driven by a demon…plus I wasn’t sure if the show was gonna make it to a second season . I was a mess…

It’s a Terrible Life (Season 4, Episode 17) The Winchesters turn into Sam Wesson and Dean Smith and despite the absurdity of their AU realities they get it together the fight the ghost of old man Sandoval…. wait did I mention there was a teeny tiny smidgen of Ghostfacers?

EXTRA: Okay I know that I said ten, but it would be remiss for me not to mention the episode. Mystery Spot (Season 3, Episode 11)  – The episode of never ending Tuesdays.. think Groundhog’s Day  Supernatural style, there are so many classic one-liners and memes from this one episode. This episode was hilarious, until it wasn’t then stuff got real…thank goodness for Wednesdays




I didn’t jump on this bandwagon until the second season, and it was totally by accident. I specifically remember there not being anything on TV and I just so happened to turn on NBC and I thought that it was an episode because there were a lot of people standing around in a  hospital. I didn’t know anything about the characters, and I didn’t figure out until several episodes later that Josh and Donna weren’t actually married… see I was shipping that couple from day 1…..okay so it wasn’t exactly Day 1, but you get what I’m saying.


 Isaac and Ishmael (Season 3, special episode)This episode was not apart of the storyline and quickly put together after  September 11th tragedies , this was one of the very first things that I watched after. I just remember NBC and the West Wing staff doing a fantastic job at paying homage to those who lost their lives, but really looking at the situation while trying to answer  the question the children have about how it all began and they refer to the biblical story of Isaac and Ishmael – Isaac, the father of the Jews, and Ishmael, the father of the Arabs.

Two Cathedrals (Season 2, Episode 22)  – First Mrs. Landingham dies, and the entire staff is preparing to say their final goodbye… then the president has to announce to the public that he has MS . It’s a super emotional episode and the monologue that Sheen gives in the church. Through this entire time everyone in the West Wing wants to know if JB is gonna run for another term…

Noel ( Season 2, Episode 10)  – A lovely performance by Yo-Yo Ma Josh is dealing with his PTSD and Josh and Donna have a deep meaningful connection… and I still haven’t figured out that Josh and Donna aren’t sleeping together….. wait, I’m gonna let you in on a secret I didn’t really figure it out until the episode BEFORE they actually slept together.s02e01shot

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen  (Season 2, Episode 1 & 2)  – This was the very first episode that I saw of The West Wing, that’s partly one of the reason’s why this is one of my favorite episodes, but I also love the fact that it’s a flashback episode and you get to find out of the key members ended of as West Wing staff; plus I still totally thought that Josh and Donna were a couple.

The Crackpots and These Women (Season 1, Episode 5)  – Also known as Big Block of Cheese Day.Fringe special interest groups finally get to have their say. I think my favorite one from this episode was the wildlife crossing/corridor (which apparently is actually happening)  Seriously anyone who was a regular viewer of this show would tell you that this title would have been a great alternative title to this show

The Black Vera Wang (Season 2 Episode 20) – The staff is steal dealing with the a potential terrorist attack and the repercussions of the president finally disclosing that he has MS… it’s a mess, there’s a intern who sold moose meat that Josh gave to Donna, CJ goes shopping and mistakenly  calls Finland a Scandinavian country… not sure if that was on purpose or not

17 People (Season 2, Episode 18) – Sam and Ainsley are fighting over the 14th Amendment, and the President finally tell Toby although he already knows.. 17 people… 17 people in the staff know that the president has MS.   I’m noticing that most of the episodes thus far have come from the second season..

The Cold (Season 7, Episode 13) –  The final appearance of John Spencer who played Leo McGarry

The Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1) – Man these people do a lot of walking ; well walking and talking….and more walking, no wonder these people are so thin AND these people have a dry sarcastic wit… no wonder I love them!

Tomorrow (Season 7, Episode 22) – It’s the final day of the Bartlett administration, Toby get’s pardoned, Tyra cries!

I know like with a real presidency the final  year in presidents term is full of transition and the show really did that with the whole Santos campaigning, I like Jimmy Smits as much as the next man, but I never really fell in love with Santos like I did with Bartlett so the last season I really just kind of gave up… Plus why didn’t they back Sam… I would have totally been behind “Seaborn for President”




There was so much hype surrounding this show and I jumped right on that… I mean I jumped into the Lost fandom like no one’s business… I listened to at least 12 different podcasts, I was on the message boards, I played the AU games during the off season… that was my show. Never in my life have I bee so immersed in a television show. There were episodes that I hated, there were some that made me angry, there were many that left my mouth wide open and in the end I cried…. now I know that not everyone was happy with the way that the show ended, but I think it was perfect, this show took me on a rollercoaster, so I knew that when it ended it was gonna leave me wanting more.

Pilot (Season 1, Episode  1 & 2) – First you survive a horrific plan crash (I can’t even imagine) then there is something sort of creature in the jungle…. oh hell naw!  You take yo dumb ass in the jungle to investigate, I’ll will keep my ass on the beach (My honest to goodness reaction to the first episode)

The End (Season 6, Episodes 17 & 18) –   I remember after the episode went off (and for days after) people bitched and moaned about the series finale; how they were lied to…blah… blah…. blah. My feeling was this I loved the ending, like much of the show it’s left to interpretation, yes a lot of things were left unanswered, but what would have been the fun of that if they answered every single thing? This show was about each individual experience, mine isn’t going to be the same as yours, and I loved that about the show

The Constant (Season 4, Episode 5) – Faraday and Hume… man I’m telling you…. that episode was epic, For some reason this was one of my favorite flashbacks, and I loved how it effects the their current timeline as well as the flash forwards.

The Other 48 Days (Season 2, Episode 5) – So the fact that I saw this episode and stopped watching the show for an entire season because I didn’t like any of the tail-section characters and I was like if I doghave to deal with these interlopers every week… I’m out… I came back the next season re-watched the season I missed and realized that was a bit hasty.. but in the end I got what I wanted most of the were killed off anyway

Greatest Hits (  Let me honest, one of the reasons that I started watching this show was because my beloved Merry, that role really endeared me to Dominic Monaghan and his portrayal of Charlie was  just .. wow! What I loved the most about this episode is that it really showed how Charlie touched so many lives and he didn’t realize it… his death was heartbreaking (and so unnecessary in my opinion)

Not in Portland (Season 3, Episode 7) – It took me a long time to like Juliette, but this episode really changed my mind; I really started to sympathize with her and her quest to get the hell off the island. The Dharma Imitative really did her dirty… well who didn’t they do dirty?

LA X (Season 6, Episodes 1 & 2) – I just remember being so excited when the finale season came on… I was live tweeting and was trying to watch the episodes at the same time. At the first viewing I was so confused because I knew it was a flash forward but I didn’t understand how they didn’t know each other… little did I know that it was the very first snippet of the crew in the after-life.

The Incident (Season 5, Episode 16 & 17) –  We finally get to see how Jacob intercepts at pivotal moments of each of the Losties lives… and the whole time I was like “whoa!” plus you get that whole scene with Jacob and MIB discussing more people to the island while being passive aggressive and telling each other how much they hate each other. Hand they hugged it out like brothers are supposed to, this tale would have had a different ending. My question is how come no one recognized him… nobody was like, “hey, weren’t you that strange dude at my wedding?”….

What They Died For (Season 6, Episode 16) – MIB Ultimate plan is reveled, Jack becomes the protector of the island… and I’m still confused about how they are gonna wrap this up in two episodes.


And naturally I have a wish list, so by this time next year I hope to have watched the following 10 series:


Dr. Who (in full disclosure, while completing this entry I have watched a total of 5 episodes from Series 1… and I’m in love with it already….I’m in trouble)


Mad Men

Wilfred netflix


Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones

White Collar

Battlestar Galatica


So what do you think? Is my 2014 To-do list complete? Let me know if you think I should add something else to the list, and most importantly which show should I watch first?