Writing Prompt: What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?




I went in for what was considered by my medical team as a “minor procedure”. It took more time to prep than it did to do the actual procedure In January I was going to get my Suture Granuloma repaired, After 3 years I was sick and tired of my stomach swelling, then when I least expected blood and puss gushing out of my  side and basically ruining all my shirts. Wait I totally forgot this was the second time that they were doing it… apparently the first time the doctor didn’t get all the sutures that were irritating me ….. and the process started over again.

So anyway I have the procedure, no biggie…. I’m in a little pain, but nothing I can’t handle….. fast forward two days later when my stomach started to swell, and just the idea of moving hurt like hell, the plain was to medicate myself, and stay in bed, but my aunt and uncle were going on a trip and I had promised them before the surgery that I would take them to the airport. My uncle asked me if I was feeling okay, and l simply replied, II;’m in a lot of pain from the procedure that I had, when I drop you guys off I’m going home and going to bed”. What I didn’t know is that he pulled my aunt to the side and told her that he thought I didn’t look good and shouldn’t be driving.  Whatever the case, they got to the airport safely, I got home, popped some pain pills and went to bed.

Around 2am I got up to use the bathroom, the first thing that I noticed my stomach no longer felt “tight” and swollen and the pain was minimal, the other thing that I noticed that my night gown was covered in blood, and so was the pillow that I was holding against my stomach.

I ran to the bathroom, lifted my shirt up and noticed that the bandage was soaked and blood was dripping from it,  so while having a minor freak out I change the bandage and secure it thinking that this would be okay… as I walked back to my bedroom I realized that blood was still coming out of the wound, it was now dripping down my leg and on the floor… it was in that moment that something wasn’t right. I started to really freak-out…. because I was bleeding it wasn’t stopping (and I was on a blood thinner) and I felt a panic attack coming on.

Things happened really fast after that: I called my mother, I called 911, I work my brother up and told him to get dressed (I was scared, wasn’t sure if I was gonna pass out and I needed SOMEONE there ). Because it was considered an emergency I had to go to the nearest hospital and not MY hospital. (SIDENOTE: Because I seriously thought I was going to die, me in my infinite wisdom wanted to “document” the entire thing as “proof”….. Blood loss is a bitch…. I wasn’t thinking clearly)

energI’m not going to diss the hospital, but it was a mess (I found some of the staff to be totally unprofessional …see photo)the doctor basically had to lie and tell the radiologist that I was pregnant so that they could scan me right away, the entire time I was in the hospital I didn’t stop bleeding…. I was in the ER for at least 8 hours. MY hospital was under the impression that they had moved me to ICU while they were waiting to transport my there; needless to say they were shocked to find out I in the ER the entire time






Finally the Calvary arrived that took me to MY hospital, where they whisked me straight to the Critical ICU Unit, My doctor meet me there was shocked by what happened, based on the scans that he saw he couldn’t visualize where the blood was coming from, and he didn’t understand why this was happening, because they didn’t go near any vessels….. but here’s what they did know… the swelling, tightness and pain I was feeling, was actually my stomach filling up with blood and it came safe sexout of a whole that was no bigger than an eraser (on the top of a pencil).





Lots of tests, lots of blood, lots of platelets, lots of oxygen, lots of doctors poking and prodding me, and I was headed back to surgery ….. to find the vessel and close it. Because I’m me, and my body loves to play cruel jokes on everyone. the surgical team could not find the vessel that was bleed (One again my body has stumped a team of medical professionals… I’m pretty sure this is the 3, 467 times that’s happened…. life as a spoonie; what can you do)..So they just went again and cauterized anything they felt look suspicious.



After a short stay in the hospital I was sent home to recuperate, but because I lost more than half of my blood volume, my recovery was not smooth sailing, I was plagued with fainting, dizziness and an erratic heart rate…. and naturally, because I just love accessories I was given a heart monitor to wear for a month….. needless to say the found nothing wrong with my heart, just reacting to blood loss and severe anemia…..



After this happened I vowed not to have anymore elective procedures……EVER!!

So I guess I should ask you, which was more surreal, having a minor procedure turn into a major emergency? Losing more than half of my blood volume and documenting it on social media? Or trying not to pass out while medical professional tells another person about their one night stand/BJ? Or as I write this I am preparing myself for yet another procedure this time it’s an AV Fistula in my kidney (and once again I have stumped my medical team)….    You decide!


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