Stroke of Midnight



Writing Prompt: Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?






Last night at midnight I was turning off my lights, and tapping my Fitbit to measure my sleep, nothing special…. and pretty much the usual for me. Would I have wanted to be some place else? Sure, we are experiencing bitter cold here in Chicago (not unusual for this time of the year….) but some place warmer, some place like Hawaii would be nice….but at this moment in my life, things are good, things are stable and I’m content, so even if it is cold, and I’m going to bed a little bit later than I normally do, and I didn’t have a good food week…. I’m happy were I am.

I always tell people that you can count on my to either; go to the bathroom several times in an hours (you can thank the wonderful water pill for that) and I’ll always find something to complain about.. this year I’m working on that. Last year, I wa thrown a LOT of curve balls, and I’m not really happy with the way that I handled myself. I need to take the advice of those around me and not to sweat the small stuff. I can’t stress about things I can’t do anything about I need to learn how to let things roll off my back….but for a control free, who seems to have very little control of the things that I need to (my body, my emotions…. and those around me) it’s hard. The good days should be celebrated, and the bad ones … well we should all hope that they pass as quickly as possible and we leave unscathed.

A year from now at the stroke of midnight, I want to go to bed knowing that I have learned to be content with the now. I don’t have to be super happy every day. but finding that happy medium is what I’m striving for. I want to know that any medical hiccups that I had will only strengthen my resolve to get better and I handled it with as much grace as possible, with as little complaint as possible.

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