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Music Monday



This week is somewhat an unexpected surprise. I am not a fan of f(x). Have never heard an f(x) song, and couldn’t tell you who the members were outside of Amber. Just yesterday I got the album Red Light (still haven’t listened to it though but I watch a lot of Korean variety shows (Due to her promotions for her new album Amber is all over the place.) plus she’s currently on Real Men; seriously I absolutely adore her.

She’s the kind of girl that I would want to invite to a party, because she’s fun to have around and she knows EVERYONE.. Seriously she seems to know every single K-POP idol!

One of the many reason that I like Amber so much is because she has (certainly not on purpose) brought up a discussion about what gender and sexuality is in the K-Pop industry. She doesn’t fall into your average female idol mold. She wants to be unique and dress comfortably (which I totally get.. who wants to traps around in high heels all the time?) She’d rather go with her own style and stay true to herself. She has admitted several times that she’s hurt when people mistake her for a man. And some idiot on Facebook  had the nerve to say, “If you dress like a cop, people will mistake you for a cop” well anonymous Facebook user.. F*CK YOU!  Are you serious? But we are here to talk about the music.

Shake That Brass

The first full day that I had home from the hospital I played this song, thinking I was okay enough to attempt to dance (I think I was trying to twerk, I’m not sure I wasn’t it the best frame of mind.. who the hell try’s to twerk after an abdominal surgery?), 30 seconds and I was flat on my ass.. BUT (as much as a person can) I danced lying down in the bed while catching my breath.

I love a catchy song, the video…. I don’t know I’m not that fond of it… but I watch it cause all her friend are in it. Sometimes you just need to listen to a song that’s fun and upbeat. something you don’t have to take to seriously….this song is totally it. I actually like the entire album… Check it out!

Wasabi KitKats anyone?

As If You Couldn’t Love Her More



Shake That Brass can be found on Amber’s album Beautiful

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