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Bedtime… such a simply and foreign word. These days bedtime can happen anytime of the day, and doesn’t necessary require a bed, I have found in the past that couches and floors work just as well.

There used to be a time, (high school) when I had a very strict bedtime… that I enforced. I would be in bed by 10 up by 6am 5 days a week, and that was my schedule… and it worked well for me….until I went to grad school. Maybe it was the 2 part time jobs the internship and a full course load (not to mention my AI brewing…unbeknownst to me). But I sleep when my eyes were closed for more that 2 minutes, in my T.A office, in class, at work, everywhere. I would come home at around 9pm every night, eat, so a little work then go to bed, probably before midnight,  wake up around 3 or 4 am and wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep (I later found this time invaluable, because this is when I was able to do most of my research for my thesis) go back to bed around 6am, then wake up again around 8am and start my day.

These days are much like when I was in grad school, my sleep is very broken, except instead of research I’m wither watching YouTube videos, scrolling through Tumblr or knitting. It got so bad that I talked to my doctor about it and she  gave me a long list of ways to improve my sleep hygiene. I tried them all, I no longer turn on the computer (but I guess looking on my phone doesn’t help). I have been practicing (I’m going to use that term loosely) Qigong there is this breathing and swaying technique that I use and I swear it works I get very relaxed and am sleep in minutes.

But most days the problem isn’t going to sleep, it’s staying asleep and those 8 hours of sleep that everyone talks about seems like a mere memory, I’m doing good if I can get 4 hours of sleep.


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A Storybook Day


Writing Prompt: You have to spend one day as or with your favorite fictional character. Which one would it be and what would you do?





Not exactly my favorite, fictional character, but she’s certainly the one that I identify with the most at the moment. I’m tired and more than anything I want to get comfortable, make my room cool and dark and sleep for what feels like 100 years.. Sleep without interruption, Sleep without Tsuki tapping me on the face “reminding” me to feed her  Sleep without feeling guilty that I could or should be doing something productive.

But one thing that adulthood has taught me (besides the fact that it sucks ass most of the time) we do things we don’t always want to do. So the day that I am able to sleep without interruption will truly be a storybook day.

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Tyra Takes on Weight Watchers–Week 14


There is something that I’ve noticed during the meetings during the Marathon of Food; you know that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas (and this is no judgment at all but as we creep towards Christmas the number of people coming to meetings gets smaller and smaller, and I get it. Lots of things tend to happen this time of the year and priorities shift, and let’s be honest there have been a few weeks when I DID NOT want to go to a meetings, (and I think this shows a lot of growth on my part) but I go anyway, I go because those might be the times when I’m getting discouraged and need to attend a meeting, just to reaffirm that I am doing exactly what I’m doing.

Last week I didn’t make any goals, but I did say that I wanted to show a loss after the Christmas holiday’s and honestly this week I didn’t think that I was gonna lose anything considering I haven’t been active at all and doing nothing much else but sleeping, but the scale showed a loss of 2.4 pounds. I’m thankful… and with that loss came the added bonus of hitting my 5% goal!!! YIPEE!!! And naturally I got swag… this sticker was a lot bigger than the regular Bravo! stickers we get in the meetings, but I love it!!


Also finally we got the charms in from the “Share Your Success” promotion. (Apparently my WW store’s was sent late). If you’re not familiar with the promotion  you had to attend six or more meetings between Nov 2 and Dec 27 (The Marathon of Food!!) and you get a cute little snow flake charm! It’s cute a lot smaller than they showed on the picture… but cute.


So this weeks Topic was another timely one,  we talked about the link between sleep and weight loss. Let’s be clear, when you get more sleep you’re better at everything, and I think it has to do with the fact that you are more rational and able to make clearer decisions, this includes what you put in your month. My sleep has always been weird, there are times when I have suffered from severe insomnia, there are times when all I do is sleep, and like now there are times when I sleep for 6-7 hours and it’s not restful, and I wake up tired and groggy or my sleep is broken, (I sleep for 3 hours, wake up for an hour then go back to sleep for another 4 hours). So how well I sleep at any given moment is never a given.

One of my goals on terms of weight loss for the upcoming year is to improve my sleep hygiene, on the days when I don’t sleep well (which I’m currently going on a two month streak) I don’t go to the gym, because seriously I think getting on a treadmill might be dangerous… did I ever share the story how (I think it was 2 years ago) was suffering from insomnia and was desperate for some sleep, so around 5 in the morning I went to the gym, I figured working out would tire me out, got on the treadmill and ran for about 30 seconds and the next thing I knew I was looking at the ceiling…. not an experience I want to do again, so I stay home)

I guess when you think about it there are a lot of reasons why we aren’t getting the sleep that we need, we’re busy raising families, working and basically surviving… and if you’re anything like me, sometimes your brain is too busy to simply fall asleep, and the longer I’m awake the it’s more likely that I’m gonna reach for snacks and eat until my heart is content.

So this week I’m gonna work on giving myself on bed time of 10:30… everything is turned off, and I’ll see if that works any with my sleep situation. This week I would like to continue on the trend and see a post Christmas weight loss.

What’s your advice of getting restful sleep??


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