Reverse Shot



Writing Prompt: What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

This story takes place at an amusement park called Enchanted Forest, my mother was a chaperone for our annual field trip to the amusement park…. this is one of my best (not so sure about earliest) memories

Tyra has been asking me since she got here if we can ride the Ferris wheel, I can’t keep ignoring her question forever I might as well suck it up and go on it, the faster we get on the fast I can get off and be back on solid ground. I mean seriously what’s the alternative allowing her to get on by her self and possibly falling to he death… NOPE! I’m her mother, I CAN BE BRAVE.

Tyra is so excited, why are gets so excited about doing the most dangerous things? Okay, this is not so bad, as long as I remember to look straight ahead…. I WILL NOT LOOK DOWN!! The look on Tyra’s face makes this all worth it. WAIT!!! WHY ARE WE STOPPING? OMG WE ARE STUCK!!! AND THE TOP!!! OH Dear God, for all that is good and Holy, please don’t let me lose it…. don’t freak out your daughter…. you’ve got this Sophenia…. we can do this!

“I can’t do this, Sophenia don’t cry… don’t cry… just close your eyes and breathe”. Crap, Tyra is staring at you, she knows you’re scared…. acts normal (“what the hell does normal mean when you’re stop on the top of a Ferris Wheel?”) Then my daughter says something that I will never forget, “Don’t be scared momma, it’s okay” and she holds my hand. My brave, beautiful daughter calms me down until the we are back on solid ground.

That was the first and the last time my daughter and I ever got on a Ferris Wheel,. I never wanted to imprint my fears on to my children, so when my children are brave enough to get on crazy rides at the amusement park, I’m always the one on the ground supporting them and looking out for them.

Just as I will be when Tyra turns 40, she wants to celebrate 40 years of live by flinging herself out of an airplane, and like any good mother I will be waiting for her feet to hit the ground and astonish in her bravery.

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