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Writing Prompt: Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.




My top 3 posts are:

1. Dear Daddy…Lessons My Absent Father Taught Me This was I had written in my head, but NEVER wanted anyone else to read. But one day I realized that. I had been progressively letting go of him and this was part of the process, and I shouldn’t be ashamed to share my feelings, I’m not the only one in the world with an absent father and it’s not my burden he was a shit father…. and maybe my words could start the process of someone else letting go.




2. Tyra Cooks?…Mexican Crockpot Chicken This one has received over 1500 views, are you serious? The girl who can barley cooks when out on a limb and made something with he crock pot and BAM! RAOS Success!! (Maybe I should attempt to cook more..)




3. What Did Ryan Lochte Do?…Get a TV Show  Many moons ago there was a show on E! Called, “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” It was supposed to chronicle him training and elevating the sport of swimming as he was coming off his Olympic victory, that’s what the E! Press release said, the sow was much different and didn’t really paint him (In my opinion a positive light) A girl can only take so much of the sweet, but dumb as a brick, wanna be a player and never grow up type.


I think the reason these posts were so successful were because they were real, raw and spur of the moment, there was no thought there was no editing, it just came out. I don’t have an exceptionally large readership but the people who do read and comment, have told me things that I wouldn’t expect, I’m always so pleasantly surprised when someone says how much they enjoy what I write, or when they decide to follow me, EVERY SINGLE TIME I wonder why? Why are these people willing to read what I write, it’s nothing’s just Tyra.


Until Next Time,

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What Did Ryan Lochte Do?…Get a TV Show


I’ve been wanting to do a write up about this show since it  I premiered on the E! Network a few years ago, but I really wanted to get a feel for the show. A lot of things have; and continue to be said about Ryan Lochte: “he’s dumber than a rock”, “he’s America’s favorite douche bag”… but here’s the thing, I don’t buy it. This man has never once said he was something he was not, he never claimed to be a nuclear physicist. He’s a swimmer, and  a young man who likes to have fun. Because the others celebrities are idolized and have finely crafted images and fake personalities made and put out there specifically to market and sell movies and music and the like from the very beginning. I think Ryan  just seemed to be in the media too much so it annoyed people. People aren’t shy about why they hate him. People are quick to call him stupid and vilify him and you hear the same things over and over. Ryan doesn’t seem to hide behind the smoke and mirrors as much as other celebrities or public figures. People and fans think they want someone who is real but in reality they are always more comfortable with a façade, and at the end of the day Ryan really doesn’t care.

Now let’s be honest with ourselves. Nobody wants to watch some boring reality show…we watch the shows because of the “characters” and Ryan Lochte is certainly a character

The show itself is okay, I’ve seen better shows and boy have I seen some that are a lot worst….(*cough* Teen Mom ). This show is staged, but hell what show isn’t … I take that back I don’t think Married To Jonas is all that staged, but man is that show dead (and how it get’s better ratings that WWRLD is beyond me) but back to what I was saying…I’ll just say it in one word…. JAIME…

Some of the things that I love about the show, is the relationship that Ryan has with his family, they seem loving and close-knit and not all that different from any other family that I know. His sisters are a hoot, and they don’t hold their tongue, but they do seem super invested in his love life; and normally I would say that’s not a good thing, but if you’ve seen the show you know he desperately needs their help. Seriously E! needs to work out a deal with the two of them for their own reality show, cause Kristen grills his dates like their cheese sandwiches. His relationship with his brother was super cute, I wish they would have had the youngest Lochte, Brandon on the show, but I think that had more to do with him still being a minor at the time than anything else.


Some shows I liked better than others, but the last 3 were defiantly the best in my opinion, most of the time I wanted to tell Ryan, “slow down and think about what you say before you say it” but hey E! knew what they were doing.. they showed all his “dumb” moments cause he need to live up to that stereotype. (Which he uses to his advantage and is laughing his way to the bank thanks to his millions and millions of dollars in endorsement money) if I had a camera around me all the time catching everything I do without really good editing you would wonder how the hell I graduated kindergarten… seriously.. The thing that I didn’t like about the show is (although Ryan Lochte continnued to say it throughout his promotional tours that, “he wanted to bring the sport of swimming to the forefront”) And I don’t think it did that at all, although I am a self confessed swimming fan girl; and Ryan has been on my radar since Athens, it really didn’t bring anything new to my perspective of swimming, although it might have for others. I also was looking forward to seeing the Golden Goggles, I REALLY wanted to know about the chick that he took with him, and why the hell she wore that fugly dress

I get that this show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but hell it’s Sunday and there was really nothing else on during that time slot, why not look at an amazing good looking man, with a hot body in a Speedo with a lazy tuck (evil grin)                                          

lazy tuck ——>tumblr_mddzdaoHtT1qliludo1_500

If E! decides to renew WWRLD for a second seasons will I be watching??? jeah

And while I’m here, I might as well tell you all I will be watching “The Wanted Life”….and I feel no shame about it!!


FMM: Movies and Me


If you’re new to FMM here’s the lowdown, answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Then invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts.

1. If you could be a recurring star on a show that is currently on TV, which show would you choose?  I would be on Scandal. I would be Olivia Pope’s therapist. I KNOW EVERYTHING! Although her relationship with Fitz is hot. It’s gonna fizzle out eventually and my character would be the one who fixes the “fixer” (Can you tell I haven’t really thought about this…lol)


2. Name the movie that you are most embarrassed to admit that you love. *Looks around the room* Cool As Ice… SERIOUSLY Naomi Campbell and Vanilla Ice, I don’t care who you are, you want to see that hot mess in action, Alas the movie is difficult to find..

3. Name one show that you’ve never seen and would love to watch. I would love to see Wicked on Broadway…

4. Do you ever go to movies alone?  Yes, all the time, I like to go midday when there is no one in the theater  I went one time to see a horror movie and there was me and a suspicious looking man in the back, I wasn’t sure what freaked me out… the movie or the guy.

5. If you could only watch one TV show for the next year, which show would you choose and why?  I would rewatch Lost… that show was a total mind F*uck. And I swear every time I see it I notice something different about it

6. If you could star in one reality show, which one would it be and why?  It would be a cross between a weigh-loss, travel and challenge show, every time I hit a major weight loss mile stone, I would travel to some exotic locale and do something that I’ve never done (that scares the poop) out of me,  like sky diving, swimming with sharks, learning how to walk a tight rope… I would call the show               (I completely borrowed that logo from Ryan Lochte’s new reality show…which I will be watching… JEAH!)

whatwouldtyrajenkins whatwouldryanlochtedo

7. If someone rented a billboard for you, what would it say?  (My photo editing skills are fantastic….lol) billboard

8. Who is the most famous person with whom you have been in the same room?  Does President Obama count? I went to graduate school in Las Vegas, so there were always celebrities around and I always played it cool…cause I’m a total fan girl

9. If you were chosen to be a contestant on a TV game show, which show would you want to be on?  The Family Fued!! I would kick butt!!

10. If there was a movie being made about you, which actor would you choose to play you? Kim Coles…. I think she would fantastic in the role of me KIMCOLES_PROMOTIONAL_reddress

This was really a fun one… not sure what my answers say about me though….

Until Next Monday!