What I Ate Wednesday


So clearly this is not an original thought WIAW was originated from Peas and Crayons  and a lot of other bloggers have started doing it as well; and since I can’t be original and I really like the idea of doing this… I decided to give it whirl as well. This will pretty much be a mish-mash of stuff,  some days I will try a new technique or perhaps I’ll be eating something for the first time as is the case today… and someday it might be leftover chili…who knows, and I guess that’s part of the fun. When I first started blogging it was to remain accountable with my exercise and food intake, so this is kind of takes me back… Very little of this is planned… but it’s 100% honest…

WIAW Breakfast

This morning I was craving cold cereal, which is odd because it’s very rare that I eat cold cereal … thank goodness for fruit loops And now that I’ve eaten them, I probably won’t eat them 20140428_120208again for another 3 months. I know it’s probably not the healthiest… but the tummy wants what the tummy wants, but I wills ay this I really, really like the Trop50 I’m not a huge orange juice fan, and this doesn’t irritate me around the mouth like others do.



WIAW Snack

Cascadian Farms Granola Bar  20140428_141637

I found this by accident at my local Costco  and the box I found have 60 in them! Seriously 60… who can eat all of that?? So it was nice that mom was with me to share. I wonder if their sales increase when they are giving a product as sample? They certainly got us … I had this right before I went to workout


WIAW LunchLunch was a simple fare for me today…just some simple tater tots.. nothing fancy



WIAW Dinner

Bear Creek Tortilla Soup

I have to be honest that I didn’t make this soup from scratch, it’s actually Bear Creek soup and20140428_183244 I added my own chicken to it (I actually used to the rotisserie chicken that was at Costco… so no looking, and the bag that I had was able to serve 8 – 1 cup servings, and I paired that with some Rosemary and Olive oil bread… I gotta be honest I spent a good amount of time just sniffing the bread…. it smelled soooo good.



WIAW Snack


I really do love these things… (and to be honest I love them even more, because they are helping  get some nail polish from Special K) The perfect little combination of salty and sweet)



My general caloric intake is 1200 calories per day, and I didn’t get a chance to work out but I was still able to come under my calorie goal today…. I gotta start adding some color in my diet, I’m looking at the pictures and I realize how bland my meals are starting to look.


And that my friends is What I Ate this Wednesday; oh and before I forget if you want to follow me on MyFitnessPal

Until Next Time…

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