Never Again



Writing Prompt: Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.




My  new experience is dating an ex….

Let’s start off with the obvious, there was a reason why he’s was an ex to being with. But honestly I was really in a bad place, I was coming off of my second liver transplant,  there were a lot of things medically wrong with my, my family was scattered about and I think that I was looking to … honestly I don’t know what I was doing, he was there, I was lonely .. it was convenient.. and then it wasn’t

It wasn’t a new experience, but I made myself believe that it was, and in the end things worked out the way that they did before, he’s my ex…again, except this time I can clearly say NEVER AGAIN. Sometimes being older and wiser and having more life experience doesn’t always mean that things will work out for the better; in our case things fizzled and came to a nasty head…. to the point where we don’t even speak to each other (at least the first time around we were cordial when we were around our mutual friends, and we would occasionally talk on the phone).

And like all lesson’s, you learn and you move on. At the end of the day I’m grateful to have had that experience, I learned that just because you care about someone doesn’t mean that a relationship doesn’t always work out, and sometimes leaving the past in the past is best for all parties involved. But most importantly I left that relationship with a better understanding about myself, and what I DESERVE in my next relationship.

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Night and Day





Writing Prompt: Have you ever had an experience that was amazing the first time, but terrible the second time around? Or vice versa? What made it different the second time?


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Being in a relationship is amazing, you can never recreate the feeling of falling in love with someone. The world feels like a better place, you feel like a better person, the sun shines brighter everything is better when your together. And maybe that’s why breakups are so hard, you just want to kill your ex, you want to kill anyone who mentions there names then you want to cry and listen to sad music, breakups suck.

I have always been the type of person that refuses to think with their heart, I have in the past…. but the head rules. I always find it odd when people jump into a new relationship every few months, I always want to ask them… how is it possible for you to be totally in love with one person and be in love with someone else in a matter of months…. maybe if I let my heart led I would understand.

I tend to take relationships too seriously…. listen I’m at the age where let’s me honest what’s the point of fucking around…. we should be talking marriage and if thats not what you want ….we don’t need to be together.

But I have been in a relationship with the same person at different points in my life, once a teenager and once as a slightly more mature adult. And to be honest my teenage relationship was so much better…. maybe it was the fact that we grew up, lived life and expected different things. What I expected was a relationship that would possibly led to marriage or a long term commitment was he was looking for was … hell to be honest I don’t know, whenever I tried to have that conversation he would say something like, “Tyra, you know how I feel” *insert dumb look* if i knew how he felt, I would never have asked. After a long time of hurt feelings and frustration I felt like it was better to end things and move on, strangely enough he felt like everything was great….and always felt like my concerns about the relationship were blown out of proportion.

In the end I realized that 1. Not everyone is good at communication, and if you’re with me, doing more than grunting is a major requirement. 2. We should have never gotten back together, I’m blaming all that on nostalgia and 3.  Lesson learned  I grew up, I don’t think he did.

I am in no position to give people relationship advice, but I give it anyway…. and i have known people who have gone back with ex after an extended period of time and I always tell them to run the other way, it’s not a good idea….. Just because it was nice the first time doesn’t mean it will be nice the second….. so far I’ve been right to every person I’ve given that advice to.


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Writing Prompt: Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one



Recently I was talking to a family member about her wanted to reestablish a friendship with someone who she hadn’t been in contact with for 20 years. Talk with her about this brought of some things that I wasn’t sure (at the time) that I was ready to explore. But like she says, “when the Lord is working on you, he might be working on someone else too”. For a while now I had been thinking about past relationships and past friendships and how they ended and how they ended. For the most part I’m not happy with the way some of the friendships ended, the two that I’m thinking of basically ended in arguments and steamed from miscommunication, One I regret and realize now that I handled with very badly, the other (I might have handled it badly) but the demise of that friendship was a long time coming and something that had to be done for my mental well being.

My mom always says, “there’s a reason and a season” I’ve always felt that people come into your life for a reason. I honestly believe that we all are on a personal journey (we go on many of them through out of lifetimes) and we meet people who enhance those journeys, people who teach of us lessons through friendship, and even through betrayal and heartbreak.  And we grow from those lessons and they make us become better people and we continue on our journey and sometimes the cycle repeats.

I’m grateful for the people that I’ve met along the way, and at this point in my life I’m grateful to know that I have the ability to recognize and remove toxic people and relationships from my life. I’ve had a lot of people call my a bitch; that may be true, but I’m happy being a bitch if that means, that I refuse tolerate bullshit from anyone and only allow people who are being positivity to my life.

Everyone’s journey is different, I’m happy that mine is making me a stronger, happier person.

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