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Writing Prompt: As it’s been a while since our last free-write… set a timer for ten minutes. Write without pause (and no edits!) until you’re out of time. Then, publish what you have (it’s your call whether or not to give the post a once-over).

For the past few weeks I haven’t been watching television, and I’ve missed all of my favorite shows, not sure what the reason I stopped, I’ve just be submerged in Korean Dramas and Korean Variety shows… and naturally I blame Netflix and Hulu for that. But lately I was feeling down and was in bed and I couldn’t really find anything on Netflix or Hulu so I went over to DramaFever.. and watched all season and well as the new episodes of After School: Lucky or Not, then I moved over to The Return of Superman… which I thought was beyond cute, but I was totally confused about the concept until someone spilled the beans that KBS had put all of the episodes on Youtube with English subtitles (Bless You KBS). So last night I’m watching this show and thinking about why I’m so into it, then I realized something this is a “:real” reality show that shows the real relationship with fathers and their young children, this is so beyond watching “housewives” living in McMansions faking wealth and making complete idiots of themselves for fame.And it’s on the opposite side of the world of a fame whoring family who’s only claim to fame is a sex tape..

I like the idea of watching something that EVERYONE can sit down and watch without feeling like it’s too inappropriate, but more than anything I love that the concept is universal, no matter what your language, ethnic background these are shows that you can laugh and find something enjoyable about.

I admit that these shows are a time commitment, each show is roughly 90 minutes, and with 50+ episodes I’m gonna be here for a while …. but I don’t mind it so much…



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What The F*ck? – TOWIE Ep. 11

Is this show over yet? So much unnecessary drama…another round of foolishness and f*ckery from my favorite overly tan, overly inflated Brits. So for those  two people who actually read my TOWIE posts these are for you..  Season 12 posts can be found here: 1-45-6 , 7, 8 , 9 and 10. This post photos are courtesy of Holy Moly

In the last episode Arg and  and burger nipples got their heart broken when Lydia (pretty much) told him to close his damn mouth closed….everyone doesn’t really need to know that they are having sex, and they are no longer friends with benefits, and of course there was a a wedding and love was in the air in Spain and in Essex where Gemma had a blind date with a younger man who she had previously kissed before (and totally forgot)

Here we go….

Episode 11Arg and the Wedding”

Wait Arg is finally moving out, I thought that he found a place last season…. well good for him, he sure didn’t forget to pack his “I Love Lydia” scrapbook with him. Pat inquires about how things went in Spain, Arg things overall they went well but now another girl has come out of the wood work and said that something that happened between her and Arg three years ago so now Lydia isn’t talking to him again. His mom thinks there are only so many times a person can say sorry (I tend to agree, but how about not cheating so you don’t have to say sorry all the time… just a thought)

Gemma can always rely on Bobbie for a good rub down. Gemma exclaims that she’s not desperate (wish I could insert a picture of my face) and Bobby agrees, then in the next breathe she happily mentions that she’s having lunch with Arg (cause we all know that she still has feelings for him…. and I seriously don’t understand why) apparently he’s finally cashing in on the date that he “won” at Gemma’s Bingo party…. (now we get ,more deets on Arg’s discretion) rumor has it that Arg had a threesome (once again I wish you could see my face) I agree with Gemma, if he’s so serious (or wants to be serious) with Lydia why is it so difficult for him to grow up?

Chloe, Greasy!Elliot and Ricky are at a restaurant having a chat about the wedding. I will say that it’s nice that Ricky and Elliot have out their difference aside, well enough to gossip…okay let me get this right Carole had a little too much to drink and the wedding and Leah and her ad words… which is awful, no one wants to reign in their drunk aunt at their wedding. So Elliot decides it a good idea to video chat with his sister on her honeymoon, because that’s always a good time to chat about family dysfunction. Leah tells them she hasn’t spoken to Carole or Jessica since the wedding and she feels bad about it and would have preferred to avoid the entire situation… I’m sure Carole and Jessica will be telling their side of the story… but good thing is Ricky says he’s not gonna get involved (which is good… someone of this show can finally mind their own ITV_t_TOWIEe072814business)

Lydia stops by to visit her sister Georgia who sitting in the garden reading her magazine. I will say this … I really do like Lydia’s hair, I think that she looks so much better with her hair darker and toned down makeup . apparently the sisters haven’t been talking over Lydia’s decision to get back together with Arg…the thought of them having sex makes Georgia sick to her stomach (I’m agree) . Must have made for awkward family dinners, since mom is clearly “Team Arg”  Georgia reminds Lydia that Arg is a pathological liar and you may never know how many people he has slept with.

Another person on TOWIE has opened a store… what is it with these assholes opening stores? this time it’s Danni and she’s naming her store… Danni (how original) . Useless!Jasmin is there and so is Dumb!Dan along with Locke… and honestly I think the only thing he has done so far was laugh.. Useless!Jasmin jokes that none of the mannequinsITV_t_TOWIEp072814 looks like her, while Dan says she should just stand in the window …  God Lord, here we go another party… and another fashion show…. cause we I agree she has the personality of a mannequin I get that they come from well off backgrounds, but seriously it feels like every person on the show has a shop, yet we rarely see them working in said shop…just standing around holding clothes… well this time it’s Danni, and she get’s her friends to help her with the store opening of her new shop she unimaginatively named Danni….

Lauren stops by Lewis bachelor pad that he’s currently sprucing up with a fresh coat of paint, although she’s not helping, she is instructing him about proper painting etiquette.
Naturally things after you normal., so they have to start talking about someone. Lewis thinks that Danni was rude to Lauren, and Lauren in all her blondness just doesn’t get it.

Carole popped over to Jessica’s to gossip, when finally hear more about what happened at the wedding, Arg apparently was joking a bit too far with Carole (Arg goes a bit too far with everyone) Carole blames Arg for everything as she says, “he’s not intelligent enough to think before he speaks”…ouch! Ricky joins the conversation and the Arg blame continues… I really want to hear what Arg has to say about this, but I have to say I’m super impressed that Ricky is keeping his mouth closed.

Debbie joins her daughters to talk about Arg… seems like everyone is talking about him today.. I wonder if his ears are burning? Georgia thinks that Arg can’t ever do anything bad in his eyes.  Georgia finds it very bizarre that Debbie has such a good relationship with Arg, after all the horrible things that he ‘’s done to her daughter, honestly I have to agree…  if you cheat and humiliate my daughter, you can’t just call for a chat and pop over for some tea asking me what you need to do to get her back…I like this Georgia … she makes a lot of sense.

WAIT I’m confused! Jessica designs clothing? How did I miss that? I thought that she was a singer…Ricky and Jess are in her studio. Ricky is looking over sketches; that I’m sure she paid someone else to draw and she playing with clothing… what is it with everybody, you get on television for five  minutes and instantly you’re a designer, or a stylist… like are you for real, but I forget that all these people come from privileged backgrounds maybe their way of contributing to the world is through fashion (totally sounds like something Vas would say). The wedding continues to be topic of conversation.  Ricky convinces Jessica to call Leah in Spain while she’s still on her honeymoon… and she wants to know how Leah is feeling about the whole wedding situation. Leah sounds a bit standoffish, she doesn’t want to talk to Jessica and it’s totally clear. She has a right to b upset. people were acting an ass at her wedding, her friends and family were acting an ass.. I would be pissed off at the whole lot of them, but I think that Jessica feels like it wasn’t her fault and Leah shouldn’t be made at her…. now let me ask you this, why do they keep calling her on her honeymoon? Honestly I would have waited until the situation cooled down and contacted her when she returned home, but this is TOWIE so you gotta have a bot of drama for the cameras.

Over at the deli (man I’m hungry) Chloe and Charlie are talking about the wedding… cause that’s all people are talking about the wedding and Arg. Chloe and Elliot have only been together for 8 weeks… she calls him her soul mate (are you serious?… already?)

SKATING!!! Tom, Fran and Diags (cause you know Tom is always there) and wait Lydia is there to, so it’s not totally awkward… how long do you think it’s gonna talk for the conversation to get to Arg? As long as it took me to type that last sentence… Lydia tells the gang that she and Arg had an argument, and if I didn’t love Diags more he says what everyone who is watching this show said “what else I new” .  Naturally his boys have his back and Lydia is still feeling the pressure between her family and her feelings.

Gemma and Arg on having their date at  Burger Bar and naturally they are talking about him and his threesome and how it’s affecting his relationship with Lydia.. Trust issues….blah, blah, blah. Gemma thinks that it karma biting him back in the ass. Gemma is giving him some hard core advice to go and finally get his woman. Lay it on the line ITV_t_TOWIEa072814and if she rejects you, it’s time to walk away and finally move on. While they are enjoying their meal Georgia (Lydia’s sister) walks in and from the look on Gemma’s face I know that a conversation is gonna be had…Georgia really want  Arg to take a step back before he really hurts Lydia (hasn’t he already done that… many times?) Arg seems remorseful and really confused about why Lydia is upset about old news… the issue remains trust. (I can’t get over the eye rolling coming from Gemma) Arg needs to learn to stand up for his self, all he keeps saying is “I’m sorry”. Georgia doesn’t seem all that convinced, and honestly I’m not either if he loves Lydia like he’s telling everyone he should have spoken up a little bit more

I never knew how long and lanky Vas was until I saw him on skates. Lauren and Vas discuss Danni’s opening and both of the are confused about why she has drama with Lauren..

Danni is modeling her clothing and I had a serious flashback of Amy ad her modeling days. That party is gonna be glamorous and all about fashion. we finally learn why Danni is so pissy with Lauren, apparently Lauren has been “muggy” towards her… well yeah, you made her gay best friend cry… I would  muggy with you to.  Danni doesn’t appreciate that Lauren was making fun of her behind her back

It’s party time… or should I say drama time (whenever there’s a party you know drama is right behind it). Danni is wear this chocker that is huge, at first glance I thought that it was a harness… geez. Lockie (newly bald ass and all) is happy that’s able to share this with Danni (cause you know she’s forgiven him and he signed the relationship contract and everything). Lewis seems woefully underdressed and since he’s totally in love with Lauren he feels the need to go and defend Lauren, which hasn’t he learned that she should stay out of it when it concerns the girls. Arg tells Greasy!Elliot and Ricky that Lydia has trust issues when it comes to him and thinks that he’s a compulsive liar… I do too honestly, Arg lies about EVERYTHING! Lydia is outside having second thoughts about seeing Arg, so she decides to go home, she doesn’t want to deal with him; which means Arg is gonna have to go to her place and beg.

Chloe is in the bathroom applying her makeup and Ferne walks in… I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I’m super excited to see the two of them on the screen together..  I will say that Ferne looks really pretty in her dress… both are standing in the mirror and they both exchange awkward complements with one another… boo-hoo I was hoping ITV_t_TOWIEj072814for one final show down with the two of them… yay for maturity (sarcasm!) While Danni is dismissing the extras her models.. Lauren walk up ready to join the party, but it’s over… she says that she’s just coming to pick up Lewis, and Danni thinks it’s a good time to have conversation…. honestly they are talking so fast I can’t even follow… Danni tells Lauren there’s a reason she doesn’t have friends and she’s totally irreverent.

Jessica is on a war path … and it leads right to Arg. Arg says that he had a few drinks and they  (Carole) always go back and forth, apparently him calling Carole a pushy mom was a bit to much… let’s be honest Carole is a bit pushy… have we forgotten how she was during the whole Wrights vs. Ricky situation…this family loves to gang up on people. All of this bull shit over a microphone and letting someone sing.. it’s ridiculous. Elliot being a stand up guy tells Jessica that Arg can’t be blamed for the entire situation (EXACTLY!!) . Carole was drunk and started talking crap to’s a word of advice… don’t drink so much. Maybe someone should ask Leah who she thinks is to blame??


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Human Resources …Coming to Pivot


What is this show about?

Documenting the non-stop and deadline-driven world of an innovative New Jersey-based company once touted as the “coolest little start-up in America,” “Human Resources” is a half-hour, comedy about an eccentric entrepreneur, Tom Szaky, and his team of employees at TerraCycle, a company whose mission is to eliminate waste on a global scale.  A 32-year-old businessman and Princeton University dropout, Tom’s multimillion-dollar company (which operates in 24 countries) takes anything and everything that is landfill bound – from potato chip bags to dirty diapers to cigarette butts – and recycles, up-cycles and transforms these objects into cool and functional new products. The Office is a crazy mix of hippies who enjoy kale chips and morning yoga… and older and more skeptical employees who find the younger staff to be a “bit naïve.” The one thing that the team has in common is a passion for their work and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get The Job done.


In episode one we find CEO Tom Szaky and TerraCycle are close to finalizing a deal for a coffee table book of DIY upcycling ideas but the team first needs to create a sample chapter. In preparation for a meeting with the publisher, Albe asks Dean to work on being more professional.

Episode 1 – Talkin’ Trash

Honestly I find this show hilarious… I’m not sue how I would feel working in that particular environment (for some reason I think it would smell just a little bit funny) but the employees make it what it is… and let’s me honest no matter where we’ve worked we all have dance when we need to a a rain dance. The show will premier Friday, August 8th at 10PM on Pivot TV

Stop by the TerraCycle website


Pivot (, which launched nationally August 1, 2013, is a television network from Participant Media serving passionate Millennials (18-34) with a diverse slate of talent and a mix of original series, acquired programming, films and documentaries. Pivot focuses on entertainment that sparks conversation, inspires change and illuminates issues through engaging content and, through its website, connects audiences to a wealth of content and customizable actions. Pivot is available nationally via major cable providers and offers subscribers a live and on-demand streaming option via its interactive, downloadable Pivot app. Follow Pivot on Twitter at @pivot_tv and on Facebook at

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What The F*ck ?–TOWIE Ep. 10

Is this show over yet? So much unnecessary drama…another round of foolishness and f*ckery from my favorite overly tan, overly inflated Brits. So for those  two people who actually read my TOWIE posts these are for you..  Season 12 posts can be found here: 1-45-6 , 7, 8 and 9. This post photos are courtesy of Holy Moly

Last episode Arg and Lydia had sex and Arg told everyone with the ability to hear. Billie introduced her baby to the world and Gemma broke down in tears… everyone else has drama (what else is new?)  At this point I’m exhausted, I’m so sick of all these recycled storylines…. but here we go to episode 8 10(See I don’t even know at this point)…. Leah’s Wedding…

Episode 10 “White Wedding”

Shopping makes everything okay… according to Vas and Lauren, honestly having a conversation like adults and saying, “I’m sorry” might work a little better, but then again, I have a tiny thread of common sense.

While most of the crew is in Spain, Bobby, Gemma and Ferne are having a sit down  and having tea… probably correctly assuming that there will be drama in Spain. At Eduardo’s the Wrights with Lydia and Chloe  are discussing the wedding and Leah has a bit of pre-wedding Jitters…. she doesn’t want people to look at her… here’s a tip, when you walk I have everyone to close ITV_t_TOWIEa072414their eyes until you get to the alter. I might be a little cynical here, but usually a woman’s wedding is one of the few times when a woman wants all eyes on here… I’m not saying that she doesn’t have pre-wedding jitters… but honestly… get the f*ck outta here… what was the point…While Leah is crying it’s literally too much for Elliot to take so he excuses himself to hang out with the guys. Chloe decides it’s a good time to get in good with the family and starts to gush about Elliot.(now don’t get me wrong I genuinely like Chloe and Elliot together) then the conversation goes to Lydia and Arg… Jess makes the assumption because there will be alcohol that sex will be happening ; although Lydia find the conversation a bit uncomfortable I frankly find the assumption valid.

Back in Essex Gemma admits that she had a bit of a break down, she says that it’s not about Arg.. she feels like she’s never gonna have a happy ending, and she feels like it’s game-over for her. So Gemma and Bobby decide to set Gemma up on a blind date. Gemma perks up immediately and proclaims, “I want Danny Dyer, I want Danny Dyer, he’s a geezer!” (I had to look him up, had no clue who he was… apparently he’s an actor on East Enders… I’m excited about this.

Vas wants to know the appropriate way to ask someone to be their boyfriend or girlfriend after the age of 14…. this is a very good question and I would seriously like to know… Lauren has a problem with Lewis telling people that they’ve slept together… I think that she might have a bit amnesia, isn’t that they way things happen on this show… seriously, What The F*ck Lauren? …

Obstacle course with a bit of army flair is on tap for Georgia, Tom, Diags and Fern (are Tom and Georgia dating? I think they would b cute together… and I honestly like to see when friends become more… )They seem to be having a good time. As they take a break and taking a break from the drama, they do the only sensible thing bring up the people who is the crux of the drama… Grace.  Apparently Fern called her ex and he said that he’s never ever heard of Grace before…even though the entire accusation about Fran cheating is ridiculous, I find the fact that she called her  hilarious… Tom feels that Grace is a shit starting, while I feel most of the people on this show could fall into that category. Grace has become the black hole of Essex.

ITV_t_TOWIEw072414At Café Essex what an originally name. Vas literally runs into Danni, and I honestly feel bad to Vas, it was like as soon as he saw Danni he looked like he was on the verge of tears. Vas apologized about the scum comment, Danni admitted that she was very angry and a but humiliated and she said some things that she probably shouldn’t have said. I think I said this in my last post that Vas was projecting a little bit, I’m glad that he was able to talk to Danni, and be able to set this matter at rest. I’m incredibly sad that Vas had to go through what he did, but I think that this is a start to a better relationship with Danni and Vas and maybe this incident will b the catalyst for Vas to get some help for things that have happened in the past…that was deep.

Back in Spain (man does this cast love Spain) Ricky, Eliot and Arg are drinking. Arg being the complete idiot that he is he admits that he left his suit back home and that caused Arg and Lydia to have an argument, but then the next day they fooled around. This seems par for the course for these two. Lydia says she’’ doesn’t want a relationship with him but sleep with him then they have this back and forth…

It’s time for the wedding and in the background they are playing one of my favorite songs (Christina Perri –  A Thousand Years) and instantly I’m like aww…the wedding was very pretty. Arg didn’t even attempt to buy a new suit. During the reception Elliot and Chloe are still on a wedding high, discussing the wedding. And I’m wondering if Elliot has always been that greasy, because he’s the only one sweating like a pig. Despite not having a suit Arg and Lydia are color coordinated very nicely. Arg wants a Essex wedding while Lydia would enjoy a hippie wedding with no makeup… as soon as Lydia said it… Arg instantly changed his mind and decided that’s the wedding he wants to. Lydia ITV_t_TOWIEm072414(while talking to Ricky and Jess) tells them that her and Arg aren’t gonna be together like they are now. Ricky thinks that she’s in love with him and she’s messing with his head, and in the end Arg is gonna end up deeply hurt…. for once I agree with Ricky. It’s time for the wedding toss…and naturally Chloe catches the bouquet… cause that wasn’t planned at all. Chloe and Elliot dance to Adele (the music is fantastic!) apparently they get to have a dance to themselves… man that family is really pushing to marry Elliot off. Elliot admits that he’s completely and totally in love with Chloe and Maddie ; it’s a sweet moment. But of course that feeling is gonna go to shit because Arg and Lydia is having a conversation. Arg is calling Lydia to task. apparently she’s a lot different in private than she is in public, she’s really upset that everyone knows every single aspect of their relationship because of Arg’s big fat mouth… things begin to escalate quickly. Arg apologizes but Lydia feels like they need to just be friends with no benefits… and I totally didn’t see that happening (said no one EVER!)

Back in Essex it looks like Ferne is cold calling for a blind date for Gemma, I’m not sure if this is sad or completely hilarious

I finally understand what a back, sack and crack is… Lockie is getting his hairy ass waxed…. no ITV_t_TOWIEn072414wonder he didn’t look to thrilled when he won a date with bobby… let’s be honest Lockie really needed it. Lauren goes to visit Lewis house and decides that his place isn’t as bachelor pad-ish as she thought that it was. Lauren wants to make sure that Lewis isn’t gonna go off and blab every time they have sex…  Doesn’t she know guys gossip just as bad as girls do.

Harry is helping Gemma get ready for her date. She doesn’t want to wear a jeweled caftan… and I don’t understand why… she wears them all the time. I wish that Gemma would realized that she should go into this with very little expectations and just to have a good time…

I swear I can spot Debbie’s hair from a mile away, and if she’s on the screen that can only mean one thing. Lydia is calling her… and I was wrong… cause it’s Arg. Didn’t Lydia ask her mother not to discuss her relationship with Arg… but naturally she doesn’t listen and starts talking… Gemma is at the restaurant  with the instructions to look out for a geezer in a white shirt… so naturally a parade of men with white shirts walk in… one’s too buff, one’s too short , one’s really cute, but he’s not it… finally Mr. Blind Date comes in with a flower in his hand. Gemma ITV_t_TOWIEs072414smiles… so far this is going well. He introduced himself as Gino. Gino met Ferne back in Vegas….uhmm . Gemma and Gino have met before, they kissed at the Sugar Hut. Things were going well, but she thinks he should be older… I’m not understanding this… she’s never cared in the past.

Dumb!Dan makes his required appearance in the episode… and those far he’s talked about three complete sentence. And because they don’t have lives of their own, they talk about Lydia and Arg… and as dumb as Dan is he actually says something intelligent. He also thinks that Arg is gonna end up hurt.

Dannie walks up to the bar, and like a villain in an old classic movie turns to greet Danni slowly… seriously I watch this show for moments like this. Danni is not in the mood to talk and walks away.  Vas mentions he world girlfriend… and the look on Lewis’s face is hilarious, it’s almost like the idea never occurred to him.



Can you believe that we still have more episodes to watch…. geez

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What The F*ck? Big Brother : Week 4

Big Brother Live Feeds - (49)

What the F*ck? Why am I just noticing this now? I know I’m not the only one who sees this. But you know what else is funny; there is a uncanny resemblance between Brittany and Rachel Lee Cook… okay now all that  fun is out of the way, lets get down to business…



(I apologize in advance, this might be jumbled or the events might be out of order…. I didn’t write any notes this week)



The houseguests are on a  high  after Devin was evicted from the house.

The fourth Head of Household competition  consisted of an endurance competition which was a strange combination of a chicken coup and hell (although I don’t understand the hell theme again… what does chicken coop and eggs have to do with hell?)… this is not the first time this game has made an appearance on Big Brother before. The victors this weeks were Frankie  and Big-Brother-16-July-17-2014-38-580x320Cody . Zach is proving to be a big douche (and I’ll be honest I may actually change my mind about that next week…. and in all fairness we all knew that he was gonna come in and be an asshole) by celebrating with Frankie because  as he says, “you won and I’m safe for the week” I’m glad that he feels safe because, no one else seems safe this week…. everyone feels like they can go up on the block. Brittany has a sixth sense that she’s gonna be put on the block this week. Meanwhile Frankie is doing a little freak-out himself because he thinks that people are gonna figure out who his sister is, I had it all played in my mind that he went up to his HOH room and everyone was oohing and aahing over the pictures and most people know who Ariana is and Donny just looks there confused because he has no clue who she is…but instead there is an other picture with young Frankie and baby Ari (along with mom)…. so the secret that no one really cares about is still a secret.

It’s time for a new alliance name since the Bomb Squad is no more… so it’s gone from Bomb Squad —-> Jiggley Jokers —->  Detonators… so now the groups name is Detonators is the new name… honestly I give this new alliance three weeks tops before this blows up in there faces…. see what I did there? Smile

Apparently all the guys have a man crush on Zach Effron (honestly I was shocked my call the Z.E. talk… does he have something going on with CBS… seems like a lot of free advertising to me) With Cody the leader of his fan-club. Hayden seem to love Leonardo Decaprio more than Zach… I don’t remember how this conversation started but I loved the entire thing.

Team America’s mission of the week was to put a physical threat up for eviction. Frankie and Derrick agree to put up Amber; because as they say she’s the biggest female threat  in the house…this one was easy-peasy, so that’s another $5,000 in their pockets. (I thought that these were supposed to be difficult)

Brittany tells Frankie something in confidence and naturally he runs and tells Cody everything (since it was about him). I’ve said it before Frankie loves to stir the pot. The more drama around him the better he looks, the easier it is for him to progress in the game.

Amber and Cody are talking about the game and Caleb, so Amber get’s up and closes the door … and obviously Caleb get’s upset… you can’t close the door and have a private conversation with HIS woman…. I mean come on who does Cody think he is?

Victoria is apparently the worst bed buddy ever, I’m sorry but this just tickles me… Victoria get’s so pissed off and it took someone to say that they didn’t want her to share a bed with her for her to go off and remind us that she is on the show. Victoria finally decides that camera time is a good thing and tells us that she trusts no one, guess that’s why she’s been acting like Casper the Friendly Ghost for most of her time in the house.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the new Head oh Household process. I really liked the idea of people lifting the key, saying “you’re safe”, then passing it on to the next person… it built tension, and more than anything I loved seeing the on people’s faces when there was only one key left in the box. Well this week Frankie nominated Amber and Jocosta and Cody nominated Victoria and Brittany for eviction…Jocasta is the only one crying  and whining about it (because we all know that she has a alliance with God)

For this week’s Battle of the Block competition, the four nominees were treated to a competition reminiscent of season 6. They had to maneuver around a massive chess board. Jocasta and Amber won the competition, leaving Brittany and Victoria on the block. Cody remained Head of Household and Frankie was dethroned.

Cody wanted Brittany out of the house over the comment that she made, he briefly thought about putting Caleb up for eviction. For Brittany  this POV is critical if she wants to stay in the house. Cody, Victoria, Nicole, Zach and Caleb were chosen…..

  • Big Brother Live Feeds - (30)In a knock-out style POV competition, Victoria got the POV.
  • Zach won a trip to Germany.
  • Nicole has to wear a “germ-a-tard”
  • Caleb won the POV, but traded it to Victoria for $5,000
  • Brittany has to kick a ball 2,400 in the next 24 hours and will be confined to the backyard. If she doesn’t complete the goal, she won’t be able to plan in next week’s Battle of the Block or Power of Veto. After only 21 hours, Brittany completed her task of kicking 2,400 goals into the soccer net.  Brittany is a beast
  • Cody has to kick himself in the ass every time the whistle blows.
  • What the hell is was Frankie was wearing? That shirt looked 3 sizes to small… so small it it wouldn’t even close.

In an outcome that no one expected Victoria ended up getting the Power of Veto Brittany is upset that Caleb knowing gave up the POV and possibly saving her. Donny thinks Caleb is a dumbass and should be put on the block due to sheer stupidity. Caleb needed to put up a replacement nominee and ended up putting Donny (as a pawn) on the block again, I’m starting to feel really bad for the guy, he should really should set up permanent residence in that orange chair.

Big-Brother-16-Spoilers-Hayden-and-NicoleWhile all of this is happening show-mances are heating up in the house. We all remember when Hayden was this close to getting a smooch from Nicole; but Victoria came in an ruined the mood because she wanted to go to bed and ended up ruining the mood in the process. Finally it happened … they had a little cuddle and the first kiss of the season happened (even if it was from an emotionally distressed Nicole… which he shouldBtJc0yfIAAAwprn.jpg large totally thank Zach for that). And let’s not forget that Stalker!Caleb is continuing his stalk-tastic behavior… where should I start first…. he watched her sleep…because if she didn’t she might go off and talk to another male houseguest (Cody) because we all know she’s HIS. Or the fact that he’s always telling Amber how she feels about him, or the fact that he lurks around military-style whenever Cody and Amber are near each other. And we can’t forget that he’s a complete misogynistic pic. And when Amber doesn’t comply with Caleb he becomes super passive- aggressive for example he starts talking about smashing the banana in Amber’s face, hits her with a pillow and refers to her hair as nappy.

This week Frankie’s grandfather passed way at 90 years old after battling health problems for numerous months…Frankie’s family told him via a letter it was very sweet and very emotional, but I disagree with CBS sharing that with the world…

Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derrick will be have-nots this week based on how active they were via their Fitbit.


According to Big Brother Access most people are in favor of Brittany going home


In the end Brittany was sent home  (10-0) . And after her short exit interview with Julie she was meet by her three children.. 

Country Hits is the name of the Head of Household Competition. Interesting thing to note that Derrick didn’t even play, he wanted Frankie to get Head of Household  so that he could see pictures of his grandfather, I thought that it was a sweet gesture considering that  they are in an alliance and he has noting to worry about. Zach is his the other Head of Household. 

We have voted… Team America  has to play the role of puppet master and get the houseguests to argue… should be interesting to see.

Now it’s officially a new week and new people are in jeopardy of going home. Who do you think will be going home next Thursday? Honestly I think it might be time for a floater….Victoria I’m looking at you. (I said this last week…I still think it’s time for you to go)

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