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Writing Prompt: Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?





So a few years ago I wrote a blog post about “10 Books That Stayed With Me” And one of the books that I chose was Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing” by  Judy Blume


  I was read this book in the 2nd grade, and I remember being really excited when it time for the teacher to read the class a chapter. I honestly believe this is what started my love affair of books. I made sure to read the ENTIRE series.

Not familiar with this book, that’s a same, let me give you a quick rundown courtesy of Wikipedia: :

The book chronicles 9-year-old Peter Hatcher’s infuriation with the horrendous behavior demonstrated by his annoying 2-year-old brother Fudge, which frequently goes unpunished. Peter becomes frustrated with Fudge because he often disturbs Dribble, Peter’s pet turtle which Peter won at his friend’s birthday party. Furthermore, his little brother throws nonstop temper tantrums, conducts an unexplained abstinence from eating, and emulates his brother’s behavior, throwing tantrums if it is prohibited. Nevertheless, their parents dote on Fudge, to Peter’s anger.

For months, Fudge’s antics continue; breaking his front teeth after catapulting himself from the jungle gym at the local playground when he decides to fly (Chapter 4), vandalizing Peter’s group homework assignment (Chapter 7), and taking off on his family at a movie theater (Chapter 9). However, one day, to Peter’s absolute misery, he returns home to discover Dribble’s disappearance from his bowl, Fudge claiming to have swallowed him. These proclamations prove to be correct, and Fudge is rushed to the hospital, where Dribble is safely extracted, to Mrs. Hatcher’s relief. However, Dribble has died in Fudge’s stomach, and no one, especially Fudge, seems to care. Peter is incredibly devastated over the loss of his beloved pet, however his parents sympathetically compensate by adopting a dog, which Peter appropriately names “Turtle” in memory of Dribble.

Okay so now that we have that covered why do I love this book, why do I frequently read this book although it’s clearly a children’s book….. First off, I have so many fond memories associated with this book and that time in my life. Can you image a 2nd  grad Tyra…. who’s last name was easy to spell and life was simple, and there was story time…… story time!!! I remember thinking that Fudge was great, and honestly at the time I couldn’t under stand why Peter was so uptight, he was a big brother to this super –cute (and sometimes annoying younger brother). I should also not that at the time I was still an only child, so my perspective was a lot different..

It wasn’t until I became a big sister to two younger brother that I realize Fudge; excuse me Farley Drexel Hatcher was an asshole (as are most younger brothers) and was really trying Peter’s patience (cause lord knows my brothers tried mine.) About 6 years ago I was taking a stroll into Barnes and Noble and I saw they not only had the book, but the entire series, so naturally I picked it up, and read them all in 2 days. They same feeling that I had the first time I read it came back, there were parts were I  laughed out loud, and there were times when I sympathized with Peter.

I feel like that book spoke to my 9 year old self, that book made it okay for me to be  utterly annoyed with my younger brothers and feel okay about it, Judy Blume, spoke to millions of kids and this book, along with many others sometimes felt like she was speaking directly to me,  As I write this post, there is a since of excitement that overcomes me, as I soon with become an aunt for the first time., and introducing my niece of nephew to the world of Judy Blume and in particular this book will take me back once again to that time in my life, where the biggest battles I faced was whether Peter and Fudge were gonna reign supreme…but it also gives me an excuse to read this book again, this time with an audience.


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Friend Makin’ Monday: Hobbies!


If you’ve taken part in FMM before then you are familiar with the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to read and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

And yes I realize that it is no longer Monday, but if I can look pass it, you should too….



1. What do you do for fun? Socializing, Reading, Games, Watching Movies, Traveling,


2. What do you do to relax? I sleep, I’m a big fan of sleeping… HUGE!


3. What do you do to waste time? Reading, Playing Games


4. What hobbies do you have that you do regularly? Blogging, Crochet and Needlepoint. This is my newest project… well I haven’t started it yet



5. Is your hobby something that could make you money? I guess I could


6. Do you make money from your hobby? Or would you like to? Not really, I don’t do it often enough to actually make enough stuff


7. Do friends or family make fun of your hobby? Not really, I’ve actually taught a lot of friends how to crochet… and I swear every one of them has made a infinity scarf.


8. Is your hobby expensive, moderate, or free to support? blogging, totally free, needle crafts are moderate… I find crochet to me the most expensive, depending on the project



9. How did you first get started with your hobby? I was in the 8th grade, and my homeroom teacher was pregnant at the time, was crocheting something for her baby, and I asked her if she could teach me, and see did. And I’ve been doing it ever since.

10. Is your hobby something that you can do with other people? If so, do you? Yes, when I was Graduate school, I was in this little club called Stitch and Bitch…  it was fun, I should totally find another group.

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Reader’s Block



Writing Prompt: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?

I got my love of reading from my mother, I love the idea of slipping into a different world, learning new things, and just having some time to yourself. Even know I am reading some sort of story every single day… it’s a requirement… I don’t feel write if I’m not reading. The last time I had “reader’s block” was the three months leading and the month after my second liver transplant. I was horrible sick as you can imagine and the ammonia levels in my blood were sky high, so I literally stopped eating, I was always sleeping, and when I was awake I was totally confused and irritable because it was like I was surrounded in cotton and it took me a long time to process the things that people said to me (and I was also losing memories). So reading was frustrating and when I was able to grasp what I was reading I was already back to sleep (then I would forget what I wrote and have to start all over again the next day)

When I started regain my health, my doctor suggested that I start reading and playing games that stimulate the mind … and at first I started off with random Harlequin romances that I found at the library… but then I found a book from one of the authors I enjoy called The Royal Treatment… it was the perfect book, not to big and it didn’t require me to do too much thinking, I quickly finished the book in about 4 days and got one Amazon before I as finished to order the other books in the series…. it was the perfect book to remind me of my love of reading… and for that reason alone it will remain one of my favorites.

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The Great Divide



Writing Prompt: When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

First of all I love books, and I love reading, I think that people should read what moves them. But I think that non-fiction forces the reader to use critical thinking, while fiction allows the user to use their creativity. Reading enables the mind to think over objects of interest, which enable a person in making informed decisions, its food for the soul, for it nourishes the human intellect in probing things deeper, analyzing things, and provide guidance to people, to instances they have not yet been exposed to life.

I spent a LOT of time in school. And I spent more time than I wanted reading in college and in grad school… so back then when I wanted to relax I gravitated towards fiction…romances in particular…. there is nothing more satisfying that getting lost in a story, and being able to read it until the story was done (as is the case when I read a Harlequin Romance).  As I’ve gotten older my tastes have changed a bit, I still love a good romance story, but I’m open to a lot more genres… I always tell people that a good makes me want to either curse out the author or give them a hug (Okay that’s not true… I read 50 Shades of Grey, and I REALLY wanted to smack E.L. James because the story was so poorly edited and her character Anastasia  was so cringe worthy I used wanted to scream, “are you seriously that damn stupid!” and that story was really not all that great). Lately I’ve been reading a lot of books about American History and Biographies on Monarchs of Europe..who knows what I’ll be reading in the net few weeks…. there are so many books, and so little time.



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