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So remember when I said that Frankie was the house favorite and production was really helping him out this season.. and most people just poo-poo’d me away…. well I wonder why this little tidbit wasn’t aired… and I can guarantee that CBS won’t even try to answer why this happened… I’m shocked that they didn’t go to fishes.

At 4:10 Frankie confirms you are not supposed to tell a house guest that they are going on the block… all he got was a slap on the wrist. Plus Frankie let’s America know he gives NO FUCKS what we think about him or the TA mission… guess he’s still a bit bitter about the $5, 000 Frankie thinks the reason the mission failed was not because the play was dumb, not because it was unfunny, not because it was kind of mean — it’s because America is too backward to appreciate a man in drag.

Frankie says, “I thought it was the best idea for the situation. … A man in drag is not a popular concept to the rest of the world. Now that I’m thinking about it, a lot of America is not ready to see a man in drag and this is an American family show. There are a lot of American families that do not understand that.”


The house has gotten so boring this week that the houseguest were given more alcohol, play-doh and face paint, because it’s like a nursery school for over-grown toddlers. I wonder if they get coloring books too. I would ask for UNO or Monopoly  to keep me occupied during my waking hours, because at those point I would stop talking to the idiot house guests. I wonder if there is somewhere on the CBS site where I can make suggestions….


Naturally after the Head of Household competition everyone goes to congratulate Caleb. Frankie is the first to jump on Caleb and says, “I love you, I love you” what I think happened is Frankie being the media savvy mogul that he is ran up to Derrick, because he knew the camera was on him…. we know how much Frankie loves the camera…. but this is what Frankie does… he tries to whore himself with whoever is the HOH so that he can remain safe .

Everyone seems completely beat up by the end of the competition, I don’t think there’s not one person in the house that’s limping. But no matter how much you’re hurting you always have the pain tolerance the the energy to go into the storage room and gloat and quickly talk game. Frankie and Cody are congratulating themselves…cause one couldn’t play and the other on didn’t win, but whatever let’s give ourselves a round of applause. Derrick joins them in Frankie with his creepy eyes, apparently sending him telepathic messages says, “I’m right, I’m right” . It seems like everyone in the house is afraid to call Frankie on his shit… no Frankie you’re not right…. you dead ass wrong. Frankie is the type of person that get’s a little bit of power and it goes to his head… he;s gone totally nuts. Caleb finally comes out of the dairy room banged up with ice packs on his knees, he looks like he’s in bad shape… but pain can’t distract you from the game, he has already decided to put

Nicole up on the block.

Frankie starts to interrogate Christine about Nicole getting special treatment. Frankie is beyond paranoid, just because Nicole is going up on the block he wants people to ostracize her and not speak to her (like he did Donnie, just like he did Zach), I wonder if he has to go see the Big Brother psychologist just like Gina-Marie did. Frankie gets upset when BB tells Nicole to put her microphone on and says she’s talking game. Christine says maybe she’s not talking game. So Frankie then goes on on Christine for defending Nicole when that’s not what she was doing at all

It’s time for everyone to see Caleb’s HOH Room! Everyone genuinely seems excited about the stuff he received from home. He shares to story of the flag that he received and his infantry cord… honestly I wouldn’t let them touch my stuff…it’s strange how I tend to like him more when he’s telling a truthful story about his life … and not about now he wrote a song he didn’t really write or how he could have been a porn star… or how he won a competition for the best flutist in the state… #specialistreynolds


This week Victoria has become my favorite person in the house,she is finally saying what most live feeders have been complaining about for weeks. Victoria is annoyed with Christine… EVERYTHING is funny… doesn’t matter who says it, it doesn’t matter what it’s pertaining to but apparently it’s hilarious I will spare you the montage of her laughter that we all got on Monday’s broadcast.

Nicole talks to Caleb while in the HoH room. At this point she is doing whatever she can to stay in the game,; she wants to team up with Caleb and he tells her that she’s a  fierce competitor and she has won a lot of competitions. Caleb tells her that everyone knows she gave Christine a “helpful hint” during the HoH competitions and it only makes her more of a target. She pleads with him again as “country folk”

HOLLA! Derrick starts to receive his hollas, and every single time I crack up… but for $5,000  I would endure it


Caleb wants to put up Christine but he’s afraid of her retaliation if she wins the Veto. Cody mentions Frankie as a possible eviction… due to him walking around telling lies and try to cover his ass… why has it taken so long for his alliance to even stop and take notice of how awful Frankie is.

Nicole tried campaigning to him, but as Caleb later told Frankie, it fell on deaf ears. There’s nothing that Nicole can say or do to change Caleb’s mind. And Frankie has been stroking Caleb’s ego ever since winning the HoH competition, talking about how he wants to get a “Beastmode Cowboy” tattoo on his chest and how his sister Ariana will perform a song with Caleb and he eats that up like pie. Caleb, the idiots and he knows no better… while Frankie sitting in the corner twirling his villain mustache

THE HAVE-NOTS The Have-not supplement, which turned out to be slop roast which was “meat products” including liver, mushrooms, and garlic.. Derrick volunteered, as he said he would after taking the snot$5,000, awkward silence for what seemed forever, and Frankie didn’t bother to step up even though Caleb said “everyone’s done it twice, right?” Nobody else stepped up either, so Caleb assigned Nicole to a second week running.

Nicole is visibly upset and Derrick gives her a prep talk. Nicole has figured out since she is a Have-Not this week she’s going up on the block. She feels alone in the house, but Derrick tells her to buck-up she can save herself so she has to stay positive.



Frankie is furious with Christine for pointing out that he’s only been a Have-Not once because his circulatory system issues and can’t be in the cold room. He’s  acting like a spoiled, entitled brat. Frankie uses his illness who it furthers his game… he knew what Big Brother was about it didn’t stop him from applying , and it didn’t stop him from applying to Survivor either… thinks he’s better than everyone else…. should be interesting to see how many pegs he get’s knocked down when he leaves the house

Incidentally people on the live feed were going crazy over what Frankie said, they are calling for Frankie to be expelled…. a few said they have e-mailed and tweeted BB, CBS and Julie Chen…. but nothing will happen this is Big Brother and they like to protect their favorites… even if the rest of America is completely repulsed by them,

NOMINATIONS  While Nicole knows her fate is sealed Christine is completely blind-sided by the nominations, since she was positive that Victoria would be sitting beside Nicole this week  At this point the ONLY thing that is keeping me around is the fact here is a double eviction, and I want to see how goes down.

While Nicole knows her fate . Christine seems genuinely upset she feels like she was blind-sided by the nomination, she was positive that Victoria would be sitting next to Nicole. Christine has gotten so mad that she’s talking to herself, she’s in the nomshive room and she curses the Bomb Squad/Detonators she realizes that she has to play for herself, because it’s clear that they don’t have her back.

Caleb and Cody are strategizing about what will happen after the Power of Veto competition. The plan is if Nicole wins POV Victoria goes up…. and goes off to Jury. But Derrick doesn’t like that option and wants to plant a seed for Christine to be the next one to leave the house (if she’s not playing for him, then she needs to go). Victoria and Nicole have bonded, which is nice considering they weren’t that close the first go round, they rally around their mutual annoyance of Christine (I can get behind that). They make a plan (okay Nicole makes a plan Victoria isn’t really saying anything) that if Victoria plays Veto and wins she will come off the block.

Derrick takes some time to make a final 4 deal . Derrick is about to “steal” Caleb from Frankie. This was honestly hilarious to watch because the more Derrick talked the more Caleb’s chest and ego inflated… after hashing out the possibilities they agree they will be the final 2.


The TV edit makes it look like Derrick squashed the plan to backdoor Frankie, but that’s not how it went down on the Live Feeds. Derrick was actually on board to backdoor Frankie and Caleb changed his mind after a conversation with Frankie. Good editing, CBS. .. guess they didn’t want all of that ..

POWER OF VETO Caleb, Christine.Nicole,Victoria,Derrick and Cody will played in the veto competition. Frankie is pissed that Caleb picked Cody as “houseguest choice” to play in veto; he’ll get over it. . Frankie continues with his little sob story saying, “If you would have picked my name out, I would’ve been playing in the second fucking veto of the summer! Well, it’s official! This is the last veto I won’t be able to participate in” Nope but Frankie doesn’t stop there (we all know what an annoying little ass he is ) “This is unbelievable. Only been drawn once (for veto).” Frankie said he hopes to get a hosting gig after BB and he could make $veto500,000 from it. (good luck with that… you’d have a better time working for your sister)


Cody is the first to go out of the game, this getting the punishment of wearing the Dino costume . Christine says that she loves it because she can’t wait for him to look like a fool… I hate to break it to you, but he already looks like a fool thanks to you. Caleb was eliminated in the third round which I’m sure was a shock to him system. Victoria remains super confinement… too bad she was the next out. Nicole, Christine and Derrick remain in and in round six Derrick (who totally threw the competition) and Nicole were eliminated leaving Nicole the victor. Frankie runs right up to Christine to offer his congrats and whisper something in her ear Caleb sees this and is instantly on alert… cause no one can whisper on “Beast-Mode’s watch” . I’m confused about why he’s annoyed by this.. Frankie did it to him earlier in the week, and he does it every single time someone wins a competition… that’s how he operates.


Caleb tells Derrick and Cody about what he saw Frankie doing . Derrick concurs because he saw it as well . Caleb wants to confront Christine  but Cody was the one  that actually did it . Christine shares that Frankie was pretty much bragging, telling her that if he had played he would have been right up there with Christine (because, in the end everything comes back to Frankie) Cody wants to bring up the idea of putting Frankie up as a replacement nominee.

It’s time for lunch and Nicole is pissed off because, no one made a “big move” and they are all talking about lunch. Frankie suggests fish, because he loves fish (In a recent AfterBuzz podcast Brittney said that Frankie loves fish, and he cooks it everyday… which is one of the reasons why the house stinks so badly because Frankie is to lazy to clean up behind him self and he leaves the dishes lying around).. other people suggest chicken. I get why Nicole is upset, but can’t you be pissed off and eat too?

Caleb has been thinking about making a big move for a long time and things now might be the right time, he no longer trusts Frankie completely  (In the DR) Derrick is saying how they are still part of Team America (and he;s loyal to that….[can I call bullshit on that… Donny left last week… Derrick is only loyal to whoever he thinks can further his game]).

  Christine saved herself, and Victoria was put up as a replacement. But we all knew at the beginning of the week that Nicole is going home, Victoria has it good, she’s completely useless in competitions she’s no threat, Caleb tells her the only reason that she;s sitting next on the block is because they needed a pawn… so she can stay in the house for a little while longer (could be minutes…) Unlike everyone else in the house Caleb still sees the good in Frankie  and thinks that he still has his back…. and if he doesn’t well he’ll suffer the consequences… because it just a game.

Now let’s talk once again about people swearing up and down that they are gonna make big moves… but none are ever made, once again there was talk about backdooring Frankie, and I’m not sure if they are stupid  and not thinking about their game in the long run or simply blinded by the tacky glitter that he wears on his face.

Frankie is STILL talking about Team America’s failure last week, he’s still blaming Donny because there is no way that he’s to blame because he didn’t do what America wanted and on a play…. that wasn’t even a play, He hopes that the next one they get is achievable (Team America is over Frankie… you’ve won enough money). Frankie goes on to say “ Honestly I feel like if Donny wasn’t part of Team America we would have been able to design a better mission… us hanging out is fine. Derrick thinks that  if Donny was in their alliance they could have completed that one mission where they had to cause a scene after the Nomination. Frankie still won’t let it go, “[we] didn’t get the money because Donny had proposed a mission to them [America] at first. Derrick says it doesn’t make sense because all the fans cost Donny $5000 dollars .. “out of principal… why cost him $5000 dollars to prove a point.. maybe they just didn’t like it”(FINALLY YOU GET IT!)

Derrick suggested maybe it was edited to make it look boring. (nope it wasn’t the editing… y’all are boring as hell) Frankie agrees that they failed edited poorly by production (Frankie, you know you’re productions favorite… don’t bite the hand that feeds you) ., “Caleb was not into it” he goes on to say “ [It] Was like a jab a punch in the face” (When Julie Chen said, “An overwhelming NO!)

Caleb admits to Frankie he considered backdooring him but says that Cody and Derrick were on board before he chose not to. Derrick and Cody want to make sure Frankie knows how close he came to eviction (and how they kept Caleb from doing it). Nicole is upset and tells Derrick that her feelings are hurt. She says in past seasons people worked with others to get votes. She says that there is no way unless there is a super tight group that won’t help others. Derrick tells her that she is wrong. He just doesn’t have anyone gunning for him so there is no reason for him to do anything different. Derrick tells Nicole that she has had a chance every week to save herself and that is huge. He tells her that he expects an apology from her after the show that everything she believes is wrong. She doesn’t feel Derrick actually talked to Cody about saving Nicole. Derrick says that he did not campaign for her but he did tell the guys the pros of keeping Nicole. He tells Nicole that Victoria will make it to the end of the game because they all feel they can beat her. Derrick tells Nicole that he wants his daughter to grow up to be like Nicole. He said he isn’t going to lie to her about anything. He wants to win the game but he won’t hurt her just to win the game.


In the HoH room, all four guys are talking about an endurance competition. Frankie says, “What do we do if it is a double eviction tomorrow, do we go to a room real quick and decide what to do?” They all agree that Victoria and Christine go up (NO ONE IN THE WORLD IS SURPPRISED) We get Christine out and keep Victoria she loves us and she is a vote for us ’cause she has voted how we wanted her to all season and I don’t think we need to be mean to Christine but she needs to go simple.” Frankie and Caleb agree. Frankie says, “Us three need to win every competition now.” Caleb agrees with him. (I wish y’all could feel the overwhelming boredom that I’m feeling right now….) Let’s just talk about this now… Christine will be the next to go home….so maybe I’ll miss this week (let’s hope that Christine wins (I was gonna say Victoria … but we all know that’s not gonna happen)


EVICTION According to Big Brother Network the majority of the readers feel that Nicole is going home …


In a vote of 4-0 Nicole was evicted from the house for a second time.predictable

HOH This competition I s a quiz show called “What The Bleep”. The object of the game to to watch the video and complete the house guests sentences, by answering true or false. In the first round Derrick was able to win the competition by being the only one to answer correctly.

NOMINATION, VETO AND EVITION In Deliberation with his alliance Derrick wants to put up Victoria as a pawn and Christine, if Christine wins PoV then Frankie will go up as the replacement nominee and he would go home…. otherwise Christine is heading to Jury right behind Nicole.

The Veto Competition was a puzzle compettion, called “Mazed  and Confused” three different puzzles the ball need to make it’s way through, who ever wins… wins the Veto..; blah, blah, blah… Frankie wins…. which is good for him, because once again he narrowly escaped eviction from the house. I’m surprised the Grande Army hasn’t been telepathically sending messages his way. So it looks like Christine is on her way out. I bet Tim is happy that she’ll no longer be in the house with Dino-Cody. I’m surprised with this outcome… even thought it was totally predictable.

Derrick instructs Frankie on how to use the Veto. Derrick as the puppet master is a thing to see.. clearly Frankie forgets that he has a time limit because he only has a change to hug Cody and Caleb…. while I’m talking about Frankie, What The Fuck!? was up with his look?? He looked like a gym teacher half dressed to a formal…but he made sure to wear his stupid pink glitter… ugh!

So we get to speeches, like they are gonna sway the vote and Christine starts talking him this baby voice and I completely turn her off. She’s leaving… finally. And in a vote of 3-0 Christine is evicted from the house. Christine left the house, without a word, no hugging, just walked straight to the door… too bad as soon as she stepped out she was met with boos. I understand why the audience was booing her but still that’s gotta hurt…. but I can’t wait till Frankie leaves… /I bet the boos with be 20 times louder…unless CBS only let’s the Grande Army sit in the audience

TEAM AMERICA Apparently its still a thing…and they have another set of idiotic missions that we need to vote for… at this point I think America is over this TA nonsense.




Julie reveals more about a new twist called “Big Brother Rewind.” If any HGs push the button next week then the entire week is wiped out & they do it over… at this point it doesn’t matter if it’s used.

I’m done with these assholes, someone wake up when Frankie is out of the house, until then I’ll be watching Utopia.


  • According to CBS.com, next week will be the last time we have the regular Wednesday-Thursday schedule for the Veto & Live Eviction shows. Starting the week of September 7th, Big Brother 16 will shift its nights to Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday to free things up for Thursday Night Football (BOO!) The first live eviction show on the new schedule will be Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 8PM ET/PT. The Power of Veto episodes will slide to one day earlier on Tuesdays, also at 8PM ET/PT. This cycle will repeat until the September 24th Big Brother 16 season finale
  • It’s not enough that Tim Brecht has weighed in on the situation Julie Chen wanted everyone how she felt about the Christine/Cody flirtmance
  • God Bless this person, they took the time collect all of Caleb’s achievements….there are many… now if someone could find me a counter of Derrick saying, “that being said’ I would be a happy girl
  • The houseguest got In-N-Out burgers .., Frankie went into the diary room to make a special request for Starbucks…
  • I’m not digging Julie’s look this evening she looks like she’s going to a showgirl’s funeral… but I like her shoes
  • After mentioning that a fan started a GoFundMe Campaign called Dollars 4 Donny. Donny Thompson’s family has requested that you do not donate to that fund
  • Why is Derrick continuing to get the hero edit?
  • Has anyone else noticed that Victoria is now saying, “with that being said”… she’s clearly spending too much time with Derrick
  • I have mention on social media that I think Frankie Grander is a repulsive human being… I stand by that… here’s another example (and of TM is not credible enough… check this out)  Now in all fairness, Cody, Caleb, Christine, Derrick and Frankie were all talking about. I find it a little upsetting that a police officer (Derrick) didn’t shut it down, or the woman (Christine) who was sitting there laughing didn’t shut that down…. Even if it was said in a joking manner, it wasn’t funny and I’m glad that people got to see Frankie for the fake, repulsive  fame whore he is…. it will be interesting to see how Ariana’s fan’s are gonna sugar coat this.
  • More people are ta;king time out of their day to yell over the Big Brother Wall this times it was @J_Clark who yelled, “Derrick is a cop”
  • I found this on All Things BB16, I found this very funny. deusional
  • It really touched be when Caleb was chanting his cadences during the endurance competition

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