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While I’m taking an exotic journey to the wilds of Milwaukee, I thought that today would be an excellent opportunity to begin my new series. I should probably be honest that this was going to be “Ramen Fest” where I ate a different type of Ramen everyday for a week or so, but then I started to look up the sodium content (NOPE, not good, especially with a girl who is already on a water pill because I have a tendency to swell up like a hot air balloon) and the Weight Watchers Smart points on them make me cry and I honestly couldn’t justify  eating all those points in a day.vEoSG77

So every Saturday until my Ramen supply is gone I will be reviewing them… all these Brands and types or Ramen are new to me and were supplied in my monthly Snack Fever Box (referral link) and I just never got to them, then one day I realized I had all this ramen and wasn’t eating it.

Now let me give you a little history on my Ramen experience, I ate it a lot of college and grad school… hell I practically survived on it… it was cheap and easy to make, and during grad school there were always a few brick in my desk for those times when money was a little lean (usually right before payday) or when I had students in my office that were missing lunch I could offer it to them. I will say that I felt like I had grown up a little bit moving past the bricks on to the cup o soups (they had veggies in them…. clearly that’s a sign of maturing adulthood). And even today I have 2 bricks of Marchan in my pantry…



Now every one had their own way of eating and preparing Ramen, but I was told recently by  Korean friend that I was eating it wrong…so like the dork I am I did a little research and went looking into Ramen, Goodness! who knew there were so many…

Which brings us to our first Ramen that Tyra Takes On …Samyang U-dong20160331_130615_resized


Samyang make an Udon flavored instant noodle called Pojangmacha. The packaging of these noodles closely resembles the Pojangmacha packaging and these appear to be a rebranded version of those noodles. I suspect that the Pojangmacha brand is sold within Korea where the customers would be familiar with the term meaning a street vendor. Outside of Korea, most people would be unfamiliar with the term and it would simply be sold as U-Dong Flavor Noodle.” – Journey into the World of Ramen

SNSD and Ramen… WIN!!



I was instantly confused because isn’t it supposed to be Udon not U-dong… but whatever… I’m bout to eat this !! Just as soon as I take pictures and eat it.

So here we have a close up of the soup base, the Ramen it’s self…. sorry Udon noodles and the extra bits (are those dehydrated veggies, herbs? I couldn’t tell. Seems harmless enough, I mean really what can go wrong? It’s Ramen…. well Udon.


cooking the Ramen was no problem , seems to be pretty standard. The one thing that I did notice was that the broth was very light…. and no it wasn’t user error I actually measured the water correctly…. so I should first say that not only do these noodles expand they seems to double in size….and when I was plating my very first thought was, “crap. I’m not gonna be able to finish this all)

But as you know I’m not a quitter and I fixed up my bowl of soup. and this is where I would chow down, then I remember my friend telling me how I eat Ramen wrong…. apparetnyl I don’t add nifty stuff like eggs or paste or whatever…. I consider myself a ramen purist. I eat the Ramen and I eat the brother and that it..

But for the purpose of this taste test and overall ramen beatification I added a hard boiled egg, some leftover ham (from Easter) and some Seaweed (which tanks to Costco is always present in my home)


Maybe the ham wasn’t a good idea…but it looks pretty

The noodles were thick and chewy, and honestly I would have eaten them without the broth.  They are kinda plain, but I think that’s why I like Udon noodles so much, there’’s so much you ca do with them flavor wiseSo the broth was supposed to be seafood flavor and now thinking back on it…adding the ham night have been  not the best idea… but apparently while cooking I totally missed the seafood flavor on the packaging…. And to be honest I found myself wondering if this is what seafood taste like, because I didn’t instantly “feel” seafood…. and overall the seafood taste was “meh” But I ate it, and finished it…. FOR SCIENCE!!



Paired with Chilsung Cider


Peep me with my horrible chopstick skills

Now reading up on this product I found that they have removed the dried Laver that was originally included in the package (like that matters, I totally added my own) and this product no longer contains MSG


This song is a gem…..


Honestly his one was hard to rate because it was the first one. but if I compared it to what I’m used to eating I would give it a solid 3 stars only because I didn’t find the broth flavor that appealing or strong. In my opinion the noodles saved this Ramen.




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