Why scary movies…..really scare me: Nightmare on Elm Street edition


Before we begin can we talk about this picture above… I get that this was produced in the 80’s but seriously when Heather Langenkamp EVER look like that? It looks like a cross between she ate something really sour and just realized she pooped herself in bed. Who approved this? Oh well I guess it’s too late to complain about it now..

Last night I decided that I was gonna watch the original Nightmare on Elm Street.  I was preparing my self for some cheesy 80’s horror fright fest with a side of young and yummy Johnny Depp.Now let me be clear.. I own ALL of the Nightmare movies on DVD. And as a child sort of had a love- hate relationship with Freddy Krueger… he was a sassy bad-ass with knives on his hands…


I remember when I a little girl I would sit and watch horror movies with my grandmother (why my grandmother allowed it… hell why did my mother allow it is beyond me) it’s was sort of a bonding thing with us, hellfreddy-elm5f I hardly remember getting scared… except for that one time when I asked to sleep with my grandparents… and I think we were watching Nightmare on Elm Street 2 : Freddy’s Revenge (which in my honest opinion is the WORST one out of the series…. like seriously Jessie). And I remember thinking about all the way I would totally foil Freddy… and Nancy was my hero cause she figured it out even when her idiot friends couldn’t … one thing that sticks in my mind is hope much I sympathized with Freddy, this man was hunted like an animal and burned alive… that has got to be one of the worst ways to die…

Looking back now I can honestly say that one of the reason why it didn’t scare me as much is because I wasn’t really privy to all of the information … all I knew was this man who these kids parents had burned got revenge on their children by haunting their dreams and eventually killing them (Hell that’s freaky enough). It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that Freddy Krueger had sexually molested many of those children, and the parents  after not getting the any kind of response from the local law enforcement sought out their own justice. This this man (who I still believed died horribly) comes back to taunt the children that he had already damaged. And I couldn’t help but think how dare this despicable human being continue to come back. So I’m watching this movie, and thinking to myself there is no way in hell I would allow my child to watch this movie.. And beyond all the blood and screams the creepiest thing about the movie are those little girls in white dresses jumping rope in slow motion and  singing that song. They scare me as bad as Rhoda Penmark from the Bad Seed

Nightmare_on_Elm_Street_Freddy_Haley_fullface-thumb-550x447-365451But you know Tyra has to over analyze EVERYTHING decided to watch the much lauded remake. I still don’t understand why people were so against it… hell they just remade The Sound of Music…. now that was wrong …. (Carrie Underwood will never hold a candle to the much beloved Julie Andrews… and seriously how could you ever try to recreate the chemistry between Andrews and Plummer..) This version upset me (not scare me ) more than original version. There was absolutely nothing sassy about this version of Freddy, he came off as horribly sadistic . It was extremely difficult to look at him because the make up was so fantastic he looked more like an actual burn victim that a boogey man monster, and I think that really added to vibe of the film as well. And I think the remake more so than the original explored the idea of what happened to the children and how much the parents as well as the entire community hide the atrocities that happened at the day care center. Although you do see the emotional toll it took on Nancy’s mother in the original version, the parents in the remake just go about their lives as if nothing happens. And the whole time I’m screaming at the screen. One thing that wasn’t clear in the original… but made creepily clear in the remake. Was why didn’t Freddie seek his revenge on the parents… they were the one who killed him; but in the remake he reminds us that his original plan was the molest then kill the children… and because those “meddling” parents got in the way he was never able to complete his plan. (typing that just physically made me ill). That alone changed the entire feel of the movie… I was exceptionally creeped out. Then I started to think… okay so he got what he wanted out of the first movie.. he just decided to terrorize kinds for the shit of it in the next 6 (?) movies… which totally makes Freddie an ass hole…

I have discovered that I can’t want horror movie or psychological thrillers….I’m way to cerebral for movies like that. I will dissect ever them and ultimately freak myself out to the point I’m lying in bed still thinking about the movie while trying to fall asleep


So from here on out I will stick with Rom-Com’s

Until Next Time… see you at the movies( as long as it’s not a horror movie)