Nail Polish Lottery Club–Week 82

The removal process of last week’s took a little bit longer than I expected, but seriously not a as long as it would if I was using a glitter, one of the reasons is because I used a mega shine top coat and 3 coat of polish, but overall it wasn’t bad .. I am learning to love nudes, and it really is a learning process for me, it really is true when they say that one nude is not like the other, you really need to find one that works with your coloring, and your overall personality. I think one of the problems that I’ve had in the past is choosing nudes that were a bit too light.  And recently I became aware that the spectrum of nude polish is a lot larger than I originally thought… so that’s super helpful

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This Weeks Random Number is 188

Alternative Number is 18 + 2 =20

Zoya’s Normani


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Are you still not sure what the Nail Polish Lottery Club let me give you a quick rundown; It’s a club for nail polish lovers. Do you have lots of nail polish you never used before? Put all your untried polishes into an excel sheet and  every week we pick a random number and wear a different nail polish, then we post the results on our YouTube channel, blog, or on the NPLClub Facebook page! Totally easy right? If you’d like to join us feel free, we’re all totally  cool!!

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20140720_100829Zoya polishes (for me ) are on the expensive end of the polish spectrum… I start to get a little antsy when I’m nearing the $10 mark… maybe that’s why I have such a deep love for Sinful Colors polishes..But I was able to get these during their 3 free sale in July were three polishes were free and you simply had to pay 12 for shipping and handling…. DONE!  Three bucks a bottle is more my speed anyway, and I’m kinda mad that I didn’t get more… but I won’t fret the next time they have a sale I’m gonna be on it! I know I’m always late to the party… but how come no one told me about the color spoon program? Seriously this is brilliant.

Normani is part of the Zoya Transitional Naturel Spring (2014) Collection. Described as a Sable Mauve crème  this polish had me at hello..The Zoya polishes feel a bit thin and watery but they spread easily and, for the most part, have great pigmentation. I could get away with two thin coats with all the shade. Like last week’s pick, this one looks different depending on the light. Seriously depending on the lighting … it was really difficult to get a “true” color, but I think it works out better without the flash. I have also been told that this color is very similar to Essie’s 20140720_100720Merino as well as Zoya’s Jana . I’ve already mentioned the formulation of the polish let’s talk about the bottle and the brush… because I really like them both: Their signature Italian glass (the bottles are actually made in their production facility in Milan….how fancy !!) bottles have a tapered, shiny black plastic cap that makes it really easy for me to polish my nails. The brush is short, round and medium in girth with flexible bristles that allow for ease of control. (this photo used flash)

20140729_152154Ever the diva Tsuki would only pose in the correct lights and wouldn’t allow me to use flash (she tends to close her eyes) as you can see she’s seriously working on her supermodel poses. If you look closely to the bottle it looks (yet) again like a  different color… . Now back to the polish… what can I say I love, love, loved it… this is really something that I would consider an everyday polish…… this one get’s a 10 out of 10 ! Maybe I will explore nude nails more often.



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