Music Monday : Chasing Cars


Music Monday

I always say that music is everything to me, so for the next couple of weeks I’m gonna do something a little different.. Music Monday’s. What I’ll do is go to my iTunes and randomly pick a song and tell my dear readers why it’s in my collection and why I like it…. this should be pretty interesting since I have a pretty eclectic collection of music….

This week’s random music pick is Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars


The first time that I heard this song I was watching Grey’s Anatomy Episode 2-27 Losing My Religion.. not sure which one that is… it’s the episode that Denny died (I still can’t talk about it….*heartbroken*. I have always liked the music that you use on Grey’s; not to mention that every episode is a song title.

Denny Died… Tyra Cried

I think me liking this song is a prime example of what happens when I make an emotional connection to something. I was all about the Denny transplant storyline (having had two transplants myself) and to see it end the way it did, moved me, then the damn song comes in… instant tears!

So naturally I had to find the song and download it …cause that’s what I do. I really love the simplicity of the song, the lyrics are easy to follow and it just about finding a little bit of solitude with the one you love. I should probably be honest and say that this is the only Snow Patrol song that I have on my iPod. Are there any other songs by this group I should have in my collection?

Now I have never seen he video for this song, this is actually the first time I’ve ever seen it . I like it…

If you haven’t heard this song…. you defiantly should take a listen and add it to your own collection

Chasing Cars can be found on Snow Patrol’s album Eyes Open

Until Next Time….

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