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So every Saturday until my Ramen supply is gone I will be reviewing them… all these Brands and types  are new to me and were supplied in my monthly Snack Fever Box (referral link) and I just never got to them, then one day I realized I had all this ramen and wasn’t eating it.

Now let me give you a little history on my Ramen experience, I ate it a lot of college and grad school… hell I practically survived on it… it was cheap and easy to make, and during grad school there were always a few brick in my desk for those vEoSG77times when money was a little lean (usually right before payday) or when I had students in my office that were missing lunch I could offer it to them. I will say that I felt like I had grown up a little bit moving past the bricks on to the cup o soups (they had veggies in them…. clearly that’s a sign of maturing adulthood). And even today I have 2 bricks of Marchan in my pantry…

This week I quickly grabbed one without looking at it to much, naturally as luck would have it I grabbed a spicy one…. so like the wimp I am I sat it down and said I would eat it tomorrow…. two days later, I bit the bullet and finally tried it.



Which brings us to our first Ramen that Tyra Takes On …Paldo’s Kokomen (Available online via Amazon.com)

Usually New Ramen comes out from existing similar types. For instance, Jjajang, Jjambbong, Yuk-gye-jang, Cold Noodle, Kissmyon, Nagasaki Jjambbong Etc. But, Kokomen is very unique and prototype of all recipes. Kokomen was introduced through a Cooking Contest and food critics and people were amazed by the taste of it. Paldo took this recipe and developed to a total brand new product to our consumers. – The Ramen Rater


I should probably add right off the bat that I ate this ramen for breakfast…which is a first for me … EVER!! Not even during college or grad school. But no worries to make this meal even more 20160422_080825_resizedodd I made sure to have a vegetable, so I grabbed the first frozen bag or vegetables (okra) cooked some and ate that while the ramen was cooking.

So let’s get to it. … The Paldo website  they list this particular ramen as a “ Delicatessen Noodle” along with their Cheese ramen (sounds yummy) and their Green Tea Cholrella Ramen (YUCK!). So naturally I looked it up,and I think it has something to do with the fact that it’s Chicken Noodle Soup flavored, and you always seem to find the best CNS in deli….. at least I think that’s why it’s a delicatessen noodle…. correct me if I’m wrong.

The package doesn’t have any big surprises inside; there is a very typical block of round-style Korean ramen noodles, and the standard two packets of add-ins (one powder, one veggie flake).  Interestingly, though, the ingredients list for the vegetable packet includes chicken breast and egg flakes….I searched and searched and  wasn’t able to recognize any of those ingredients. (Actually as I look through the pictures I can see them a little bit more clearly) I although I do see some tiny yellow rectangles that are probably the eggs, and I noticed something that looked like sliced peppers, but I was hungry and I didn’t want to inspect. Nothing really out of the usual, but the thing that really caught my attention was the amount of broth powder, honestly I think that’s the most I have ever seen from Ramen and the smell, it was really “flavorful” and I got scared again because I could smell the spiciness….

ramen 2

The broth has a really nice flavor; the “Clean Spicy” descriptor from the package is actually a really good description.  It is a very clean, almost western-style chicken broth, accented by a very fresh-tasting pepper flavor–more than just the heat, you can taste the green accents, it reminds me of the flavor of fresh jalapeño.  While the heat level is assertive, it is definitely not overpowering, and interestingly, the heat doesn’t seem to ‘build’ as I eat more of it. he noodles are nice and thick standard ramyun with a bit of chew and in a quantity that provides more than a snack. They also do a great job of absorbing some of the broth.



As you can see in the picture I ate this ramen with no “extras” and it was great. This is a good ramen to eat when you’re not feeling good, it has all the great things that you love in your classic chicken noodle soup (with a hint of spice) .It scared me at first, but the light taste and non lingering spiciness proved to me a winner…. this one gets a 4.5 stars out of 5.


And because  it was so much fun the last time…



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