Ring Dong Ding


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One day a south Korean idol group was sitting around a table trying to figure out  what to title a song, they figured it had a catchy beat and people would like it, but to only come up with a title that would catch people’s attention… I know, I got it ..let’s call it Ring Dong Ding!!! (Okay so that only happened in my mind, actually someone else wrote the song)

So I recently started using songs on my playlist as the music for my alarm, so for the past two days Ring Ding Dong has been waking me up, and it get’s me pumped for the day (well it didn’t work I Ring Ding Dong’d my way back to bed where I stayed all day).

Let’s me honest I’m a fan of the Auto-Tune,,,, no seriously I love it, probably one of the main reason’s why I have no problems turning up Believe or I Wanna Be You Man (why is all the music I lile slightly cringe-worthy.. ugh!!)

I don’t really have a connection to the song, I just like it, it makes me feel good and it’s totally ridiculous,…. just look at the video )(the hair!! THE HAIR!!!.. )


And you’re probably saying, I don’t understand what they are saying, no worries, I got that covered for you.. but I sometimes it’s better to just enjoy the music cause 90% of the time I’m wondering why someone would write a song about THAT (most K-pop songs make no sense to me once they have been translated to English)

I mean I’m not a cool guy
Not a kind guy, not a guy like that but about to be
I’m a decent bad boy



Until Next Time… Ring Ding Dong,

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Music Monday: Empty

Music Monday



Even though this song popped up on the radio and not on my iPod I still think it counts.

Winner was one of those groups that I would hear about an not really think anything of. I had heard about them being on the same label as Big Bang and I knew that they were in (what I thought at the time) was an American –Idol like competition…. I was totally not interested, and (like I always say, and ALWAYS end up being wrong) I didn’t have room for another group  But one day I was bored and looking for something to keep ,me occupied so I wouldn’t fall asleep and YouTube came to my rescue with WiNNER TV. I figure I would watch one episode and if I didn’t like it I would move on to something else. These guys are absolute dorks and I couldn’t stop watching. I don’t have a bias with this group (because they are all bias ruiners), but I do have a really soft spot for Dumb and Dumber; serious how can you not love a guy who does the most perfect impression of Kim Woo Bin’s brow lift or the guy who comes in a very close second to Daesung’s evil mother portrayal in the “Secret Garden” parody.

Actually a few days go I finally decided that I wanted to watch Who Is Next: WIN and I have to say I tonally get why people felt so strongly about Team B (iKON). I thought that all the performances where good, but (even though I knew the outcome ahead of time) I still think that Team B were “technically” better dancers, Team A’s were better song writers (even though Team B’s finale performance was phenomenal) … and I finally get the hype.


I  really like this song, and actually I was surprised when I found out that this song was written by B.I and Bobby  (although I shouldn’t be all that shocked) because I didn’t think it was an “iKon” kind of song.. but whatever a good song is a good song. I really like this video, I think this one and Color Ring really bring home to “model” concept that they were going for with this album The only problem that I have with the video is the how small the female lead is, the first time I saw the video /I said “holy cow” she’s thin, honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thigh gap that wide before….


I’m an empty shell,
a coward without you
People around me look at me with pity
It kills me, no what a day
Before starting my day, without thinking I saw…

“Empty” can be found on Winner’s latest album  2014 S/S on iTunes and Spotify



I’m looking forward to iKON’s debut album and WINNERs second album this year (that is if YG keeps his promises……)



Until Next Time….

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Music Monday: Loser and Bae Bae

Music Monday



Fandoms all over K-Pop have been losing their collective shits lately. Tao may or may not be leaving Exo, Epik High is touring America, BTS is coming to America and just released their new album and before anyone could properly deal with the emotional storm of I Need U BigBang hits us with the one-two punch of Loser and Bae Bae.

Now normally I listen to the songs and get a feel for them BEFORE I see the video. But it was the opposite. I saw the Loser video first (while listening to the song at the same time) then a day later I say the Bae Bae video.  I purposely chose sleep instead of watching the live stream of the concerts and I avoided every video and file of the songs (I’m really proud of me, I normally don’t have that much will power)


“At some point
I’ve gotten scared of people’s eyes
I’m sick of crying so I tried smiling
But no one recognizes me”

Honestly I found the song to be really sad, and it wasn’t something that expected and the video was equally sad, I had a hard time watching T.O.P walking down the street an emotional mess, and watching Daesung getting beat up at the gas station made me think that this is what he must have felt like when everyone was calling him a murder after the car accident, this video/song brought way to many feels .

Bae Bae

“Can you stay beautiful
So that even when times passes, my heart will still be able to flutter
Baby Baby please don’t fade away
For selfish me
Just the way you are you have to stay like that”

The first time I heard the song my very first thoughts were this sounds a lot like a red Hot Chili Peppers song, I don’t dislike the song, but I do think the acid trip of a video swayed my thoughts on the video( although it’s visually stunning), now it could have been my mood when I watched the video but I don’t get it (and I don’t think we are supposed to)

At the moment I’m I don’t have definite feelings about the songs of the videos either way, the songs were not what I expected, but at the same time I wasn’t sure what to expect from the group after a 3 year hiatus,  and II ‘m a firm believer that just because you like a group doesn’t mean that you have to like every things that they do (*cough “Dirty Cash” *cough*). And so for both of these songs I will simply say that I’m happy that they are back and look forward to the songs that they are gonna release next month.

I love how Koreaboo assumes that no one caught any of the sexual references in the song..

“Loser” and “Bae Bae” can be found on the  new single M


Until Next Time….

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Music Monday: Sexy Free & Single




Not gonna lie when I first saw Super Junior the first thing that popped in my head was the song by Flight of the Conchords “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor” And without being a fan of K-Pop I had heard of them in passing but my initial thought was , “Hell it’s too many, how do people learn their names?” then of course there is the possibility of more than one looking similar or having a similar name then I’m really screwed up. There are 10 of them… 10!!! (Actually I’m not even sure about that, the number changes every year)I’m not even counting the two extra fuckers from Super Junior M. How big is the damn stage?

I remember when I first got into K-Pop, I was always amazed how companies would come out with these groups that were literally the size of a small class room.. well know I know. It’s more marketable. The more members you have the more sub-units you can have in this case: Super Junior K.R.Y, Super Junior T, Super Junior M, Super Junior H, and Donghae & Eunhyuk (Super Junior D & E). Plus you have to account for members doing other stuff and not being active in the group and let’s not forget compulsory military service.. which can’t be avoided…. well it could be that’s another post for another day.

So how did I get into these jerks.. believe me it’s purely by accident. I kept seeing members on shows not having a clue who they were. First it was that damn Choi Si-won (I’m a little angry here…) on The King of Dramas, then here comes that jerk Kangin on Global Request Show – A Song For You still didn’t have a clue and connect the dots…. it was not until I watched.that sassy mutherfucker Kim Hee-chul on We Got Married: Global Edition and I kept thinking (I know him from somewhere) now here’s the kicker it wasn’t until I saw the episode where they got to SM Entertainment and bring chocolates to Henry (that thirsty ass. I swear him and Jackson together hitting on girls would be hilarious) and Zhou Mi (who clearly was feeling the second-hand embarrassment)..

So I casually mentioned to a friend that I though (in my mind) that they were “stalking me” and she laughs and gives me the Super Junior World Tour Super Show 4 and Mamacita albums (why did you do that…. why?) And knowing me I had to get more. which is how I ended up with the Sexy Free and Single Album.

If you’re gonna name your album your title track better be damn good, cause on the name alone I decided, “this is gonna be my jam AND my freakin’ theme song”


So with any K-Pop song there is bound to be some confusion…. I even posted about it on my Facebook .. FYI: I’m still singing “my lyrics” I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.


I still maintain my stance that there are too many dicks on the dance floor… only now I’m enjoy it a little more

Sexy, Free & Single can be found on Super Junior’s album Sexy, Free & Single

Until Next Time….

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Music Monday: Shake That Brass


Music Monday



This week is somewhat an unexpected surprise. I am not a fan of f(x). Have never heard an f(x) song, and couldn’t tell you who the members were outside of Amber. Just yesterday I got the album Red Light (still haven’t listened to it though but I watch a lot of Korean variety shows (Due to her promotions for her new album Amber is all over the place.) plus she’s currently on Real Men; seriously I absolutely adore her.

She’s the kind of girl that I would want to invite to a party, because she’s fun to have around and she knows EVERYONE.. Seriously she seems to know every single K-POP idol!

One of the many reason that I like Amber so much is because she has (certainly not on purpose) brought up a discussion about what gender and sexuality is in the K-Pop industry. She doesn’t fall into your average female idol mold. She wants to be unique and dress comfortably (which I totally get.. who wants to traps around in high heels all the time?) She’d rather go with her own style and stay true to herself. She has admitted several times that she’s hurt when people mistake her for a man. And some idiot on Facebook  had the nerve to say, “If you dress like a cop, people will mistake you for a cop” well anonymous Facebook user.. F*CK YOU!  Are you serious? But we are here to talk about the music.

Shake That Brass

The first full day that I had home from the hospital I played this song, thinking I was okay enough to attempt to dance (I think I was trying to twerk, I’m not sure I wasn’t it the best frame of mind.. who the hell try’s to twerk after an abdominal surgery?), 30 seconds and I was flat on my ass.. BUT (as much as a person can) I danced lying down in the bed while catching my breath.

I love a catchy song, the video…. I don’t know I’m not that fond of it… but I watch it cause all her friend are in it. Sometimes you just need to listen to a song that’s fun and upbeat. something you don’t have to take to seriously….this song is totally it. I actually like the entire album… Check it out!

Wasabi KitKats anyone?

As If You Couldn’t Love Her More



Shake That Brass can be found on Amber’s album Beautiful

Until Next Time….

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