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Strangely enough I was struggling about what to write about.. then my cat jumped in my face….. and demanded I give her attention.. so this weeks challenge is all about Tsuki and Hyde Park Cats.

It’s clear that I am a certified cat lady who loves my cat, hell she’s is even in the header of my blog AND SHE even has her own section of the blog (that has been woefully neglected). And her story doesn’t begin with Hyde Park cat.. that part I will never know, but her path to her forever home begins with a woman named Lupe who stopped when she saw a pregnant stray cat on the side of the road, another woman named who became her fosterer and Leslie who gave her a stable and caring environment until she found her human, and to the many unnamed volunteers who donated food and care will Tsuki was with HPC.


Founded in 2008,They are a confederation of volunteers working to improve the lives of feral, stray, and needy cats and kittens in and around Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. We received our 501©(3) non-profit organization status in 2014, and have had over 600 adoptions since our founding.

I frequently see a message in Facebook asking for help either transporting cats to the veterinarian, is there anyone in a certain area who recognizes a lost cat, and unfortunately a suspected stray or in and injured cat in need of immediate attention… Volunteers jump to the cause, no matter the time or the weather.




I think the corps of volunteers does amazing work, and I truly admire them, that’s why I’m so happy to be apart of a great organization.


Check out their Facebook, Instagram and Website, for more information and volunteer opportunities



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Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers – Oprah Can Eat Bread…..




So I haven’t posted about Weight Watchers only because …. well partly because I didn’t want to and secondly nothing has really changed…. weight stayed the same…. lost some weight, gained some weight back… pretty much my cycle  since on the Devil’s Tick Tacks…. weight is still higher than I would like… but you know what… that’s okay…

Good news is since the last time I’ve done a TTOWW I’ve tapered down to a lower dosage of Prednisone, and the less steroids I take on a daily basis the better things are for me in the long run..

So last week I didn’t;t  attend a Weight Watcher meeting, which is odd because I usually go every week, there were a lot of contributing factors…. I have recently taken up knitting. and I was deep in a project, the day before I spent all day at a 10 and 12 year old roller skating party (and I only feel super old, and super weak, when I am around children with an abundance of energy.) and was dead tired, and when you spend a lot of time around  small children (whom I lovingly y refer to as germ magnet a girl with a compromised immune system (ME!) is bound to catch something nasty. So I spent Sunday laying in bed, feeling like death was near while my cat sat on my head while I struggled to breathe,

And because I tend to “slide” when I don’t feel well… I sought out foods that used to hit me in my happy place thinking they would make me feel better….. things like corn dogs, ice bream, chips….. chocolate.. anything that I could grab… and while I was eating these dangerously delicious foods I realized Sunday and Monday had passed and I had not tracked one single thing…. somehow I made the decision that this was how my entire week was gonna go….. so I didn’t track on single thing.

By Wednesday I started to feel guilty…because I track religiously… and I knew this was out of the ordinary… I felt like a kid who had a tiny little taste of freedom…. I didn’t know how to act…. so naturally I ate more junk…. and I ate bread!

Which leads me to the title of the blog. Sandwich bread, I can take it or leave it, I don’t normally eat it because  one of two things will happen, I sit it out and it will get moldy or I put it in the freezer, forget that its there and several months later when digging in my freezer I find something that resembles a wheat brick. But beautifully baked bread. (PANERA) is the Devil’s Playground for. Let’s just say there were two French bread loaves, I took one home, it was demolished within 8 hours of entering my house.

I cute the bread in tiny cute portions, one or two pieces would have satisfied a normal person, but damn it I have no self control, I wasn’t tracking, and it was a carb free for all…. did I mention that I actually woke up out of a dead sleep to eat bread…I’m not sure if that’s hilarious or seriously sad….

And like divine intervention Oprah appeared….over and over again…. I don’t know what it is, but I have seen that commercial more in a week than I have seen any Weight Watchers commercial in my entire life.



Shut It, Oprah!!



So after watching that commercial here are things that I know… Oprah has lost 26 pounds! And she can have bread everyday…. yeah the problem was that she probably has self control (more likely someone preparing her meals and gives her a 24 grain roll) and I have no and ate a freakin’ loaf….. okay I get it!!! I can not have bread in the house…

So Saturday rolls around and before I go to bed I have decided in my head that I am not going to a meeting on Sunday … once again divine intervention happened. I dreamt of my former Weight Watchers leader Leslie. who is currently living the life in Madrid. anyway we were sitting and talking after a meeting, not about weight loss just about life and how sometimes it gets in the way of things you really want to do….. I didn’t think anything of it, seemed totally real to me… then at 6:15 my feline alarm clock woke me up demanding to be fed (naturally she followed me while I filled her bowl, ate a few kibbles then got back into bed and stared at me). Sometimes Tsuki has the ability to give me the most fantastic bitch face… some combined with my Oprah revelation, a dream of my former Weight Watchers leader Leslie, and Tsuki’s bitch face I knew I had to go to a meeting.

Apparently a lot happens when you miss a week, there were so many new people at the meeting… many people decided that they wanted to change their lives and lead a healthier lifestyle (wow, I should like a commercial). Naturally I talked about my struggles, what brought me back, and I listened to other people and their struggles, and how they are working through them I say this all the time, but for me that’s the beauty of Weight Watchers, I can go to a meetings and know that I’m not the only one…. I’m not the person still trying to figure out how to handle this.  And this week more than anything reminded me that I NEED to go to meetings, they help keep me grounded.

Since I have to weigh-in next week . I’m doing all the things that I need to do, I’m tracking EVERYTHING, I’m drinking water, trying to get enough sleep, and (UGH!!!) I guess I can go to the gym a few days this week (no promises.. since I still feel like crud).

And if noting else, I gotta get my crap together…. I’m trying to me cute this summer!!




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Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers: Ugh, What The Heck?



So last week I finally made Lifetime status, which was expected…. I also gain weight, and that was expected as well.. but what I didn’t expect was the nearly 5 pound weight gain…. ugh, what the heck? In all fairness sugar was my best friend that week and I didn’t work out… but 5 pounds!!! I was on my period and I’m pretty sure I didn’t take a water pill that day…. but I guess this is where I should say I really see the how the physical aspect of weight loss works….the week after I made lifetime I didn’t weigh in.. they say once a month is the least you can do and frankly I think that’s better for my psyche.

Last week I decided that I was going to do some meal planning, what started out as making salads for lunch turned into an entire week of lunches and dinners, breakfast I had to make the day of…. S20160116_171728o last20160116_175239 week I had salad with shrimp, salad with chicken and salad with tuna, chili and turkey sausage with collard greens from lunch (the last two were left overs) For dinner I had shrimp, quinoa and mixed veggies for dinner (for 3 days), oxtail soup (leftovers) and Friday I had dinner with my parents which was awesome Jamaican food (I had Jerk catfish, cabbage and peas and rice…yum!!).

So I made quinoa for the first time last week. I always wanted to try it…. but was a little freaked about cooking it… thank goodness you can make it in the rice cooker. I used a little chicken broth and it was REALLY good, and cooked to perfection. and it was really good with the shrimp and veggies, and it was pretty low in Points .

This week the meal planning is gonna have to be put on whole, I’m dealing with some major GERD issues, and at this point drinking water gives me serious heartburn. So I’m trying to avoid the foods that trigger reflux… and I’m pretty much gonna be eating bland, so that’s gonna take a little bit more time for me to plan out…. so it’s better that I simply cook day to day this week depending on how bad my GERD is….. also I’m gonna try a different medicine and hopefully that will work….. cause this sucks….

It’s even gotten to the point where I can hardly taste my food salty, sweet, sour….. it all taste the same to me…. and you would think that would make me not want to eat…. nope I tried to eat everything that I could because I wanted to taste something…. anything…

Although  I didn’t go to the gym I am happy to say that I am keeping up with my FitBit Challenges, both the Weekend Warrior and the Workweek Hustle…. some of these people are no joke, and for the first time (well the second time in a row I’m in the top 10!! And I even got out and walked in the cold and the snow a few times…I still find walking outside…even when its freezing cold more enjoyable then going to the gym.

2016-01-24 19.56.30


Then this happened…. Guess I got what I wanted I wanted the accountability and Weight Watchers noticed

And as I said that in my head I devised a plan that I would weigh myself at home (wait what?) and monitor my weight on my non weigh-in weeks…  and last week was a gain, this week was a loss! I know that there is a maybe 2-3 pound difference between my scale and the Weight Watchers scale, and I played with my head if I should weigh in this week., I knew I had loss some weight, but by the time I got to my meeting this morning I had talked myself out of it.. because I weighted myself this morning in only my underwear, so I was unsure how much weight my clothes would add on, and if my clothes were too heavy I didn’t want to pay the 15 buck penalty….. so in the end I just sat down and simply went to a meeting…..

It occurred to me that although my new Weight Watchers status is really nothing but a new title, everything is still the same, EVERYTHING. I wake up with the same challenges, and sometimes I de really awesome, and other times I fail miserably, there is some comfort in knowing that every day is a new day and a new opportunity to make better choices


This week Facebook reminded me that it’s been a whole year since I’ve been on Prednisone so to “celebrate” the occasion of one year on the Devils Tic Tacs. I present my fat, prednisone face.




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Writing Prompt: What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?




I went in for what was considered by my medical team as a “minor procedure”. It took more time to prep than it did to do the actual procedure In January I was going to get my Suture Granuloma repaired, After 3 years I was sick and tired of my stomach swelling, then when I least expected blood and puss gushing out of my  side and basically ruining all my shirts. Wait I totally forgot this was the second time that they were doing it… apparently the first time the doctor didn’t get all the sutures that were irritating me ….. and the process started over again.

So anyway I have the procedure, no biggie…. I’m in a little pain, but nothing I can’t handle….. fast forward two days later when my stomach started to swell, and just the idea of moving hurt like hell, the plain was to medicate myself, and stay in bed, but my aunt and uncle were going on a trip and I had promised them before the surgery that I would take them to the airport. My uncle asked me if I was feeling okay, and l simply replied, II;’m in a lot of pain from the procedure that I had, when I drop you guys off I’m going home and going to bed”. What I didn’t know is that he pulled my aunt to the side and told her that he thought I didn’t look good and shouldn’t be driving.  Whatever the case, they got to the airport safely, I got home, popped some pain pills and went to bed.

Around 2am I got up to use the bathroom, the first thing that I noticed my stomach no longer felt “tight” and swollen and the pain was minimal, the other thing that I noticed that my night gown was covered in blood, and so was the pillow that I was holding against my stomach.

I ran to the bathroom, lifted my shirt up and noticed that the bandage was soaked and blood was dripping from it,  so while having a minor freak out I change the bandage and secure it thinking that this would be okay… as I walked back to my bedroom I realized that blood was still coming out of the wound, it was now dripping down my leg and on the floor… it was in that moment that something wasn’t right. I started to really freak-out…. because I was bleeding it wasn’t stopping (and I was on a blood thinner) and I felt a panic attack coming on.

Things happened really fast after that: I called my mother, I called 911, I work my brother up and told him to get dressed (I was scared, wasn’t sure if I was gonna pass out and I needed SOMEONE there ). Because it was considered an emergency I had to go to the nearest hospital and not MY hospital. (SIDENOTE: Because I seriously thought I was going to die, me in my infinite wisdom wanted to “document” the entire thing as “proof”….. Blood loss is a bitch…. I wasn’t thinking clearly)

energI’m not going to diss the hospital, but it was a mess (I found some of the staff to be totally unprofessional …see photo)the doctor basically had to lie and tell the radiologist that I was pregnant so that they could scan me right away, the entire time I was in the hospital I didn’t stop bleeding…. I was in the ER for at least 8 hours. MY hospital was under the impression that they had moved me to ICU while they were waiting to transport my there; needless to say they were shocked to find out I in the ER the entire time






Finally the Calvary arrived that took me to MY hospital, where they whisked me straight to the Critical ICU Unit, My doctor meet me there was shocked by what happened, based on the scans that he saw he couldn’t visualize where the blood was coming from, and he didn’t understand why this was happening, because they didn’t go near any vessels….. but here’s what they did know… the swelling, tightness and pain I was feeling, was actually my stomach filling up with blood and it came safe sexout of a whole that was no bigger than an eraser (on the top of a pencil).





Lots of tests, lots of blood, lots of platelets, lots of oxygen, lots of doctors poking and prodding me, and I was headed back to surgery ….. to find the vessel and close it. Because I’m me, and my body loves to play cruel jokes on everyone. the surgical team could not find the vessel that was bleed (One again my body has stumped a team of medical professionals… I’m pretty sure this is the 3, 467 times that’s happened…. life as a spoonie; what can you do)..So they just went again and cauterized anything they felt look suspicious.



After a short stay in the hospital I was sent home to recuperate, but because I lost more than half of my blood volume, my recovery was not smooth sailing, I was plagued with fainting, dizziness and an erratic heart rate…. and naturally, because I just love accessories I was given a heart monitor to wear for a month….. needless to say the found nothing wrong with my heart, just reacting to blood loss and severe anemia…..



After this happened I vowed not to have anymore elective procedures……EVER!!

So I guess I should ask you, which was more surreal, having a minor procedure turn into a major emergency? Losing more than half of my blood volume and documenting it on social media? Or trying not to pass out while medical professional tells another person about their one night stand/BJ? Or as I write this I am preparing myself for yet another procedure this time it’s an AV Fistula in my kidney (and once again I have stumped my medical team)….    You decide!


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Upturned Noses


Writing Prompt: Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?

halloweenFor the most part I’m pretty laid back, you get to a point in your life and when you really don’t sweat the small stuff, but I will admit that I’m a tiny bit snobbish when it comes to my cat Tsuki. After my cat Elmo passed away I knew that I wanted another cat, but I needed to give myself and my brother time. I don’t know what it was but I knew that I wanted a black cat, I knew that people tend to have certain feeling about black cats; they’re bad luck… they aren’t as cute as other cats, blah, blah, blah, but I also know they black cats have extremely low adoption rates, and I felt like I needed my feline buddy to be an underdog like me…. needless to say that when we meet it was love at first sight.


Now because Tsuki is completely black she needs something to stand out, and since pink is my favorite color, it’s tsukipinkHER favorite color too.. everything she has is pink, collar (pink and glittery), blankets, favorite toys, cat carrier… hell even the blankets on my bed coordinate with her “must wear” colors. Now while I have my own obsessions regarding Tsuki, she has her own special obsessions… for example, Tsuki plays fetch, but it has to be a certain type of ball. When I first adopted her, her foster gave me her fetch ball… she instantly lost it…. I searched high and low all over the internet  for this certain type of ball, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally found it at Pet Smart, but they were like 5 bucks for 4… Then they stopped carrying them… needless to say I found them at the Dollar Store (I should have looked there at first)… but she loves them, she loves them so much that when she’s not playing with them (and losing them in various place in my house) there at least 4 in my bed… because she likes to have something to play with when I’m sleeping *blank stare*. So I guess we both have our special idiosyncrasies.

And just this moment, I realized that I just spent this entire prompt talking about my cat…. Yep, my name is Tyra and I am officially the crazy cat lady, who’s cat has her own Instagram .

Until Next Time….

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