Friend Making Monday: Christmas is Coming!

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Christmas is Coming!



1. Do you celebrate Christmas? Normally, yes; but this year I it’s gonna be just another day, with gifts… I’m totally not in the mood to do anything this year..

2. What are your Christmas traditions? We used to have them, but as we have grown up and moved to different parts of the country they slowly disappeared. I don’t really have any right now other than exchanging gifts with my family.

3. Do you decorate for Christmas? Not currently. With a new cat it seems like a dangerous situation… maybe next year I’ll get a small tree with the tiniest amount of decorations….

4. What was Christmas like for you when you were a child? My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, but I remember Christmas being just a magical time of the year, 5. Is there anyone on your Christmas list you don’t like buying gifts for? Why? Everyone, honestly I have such gift giving anxiety it’s not even funny, I generally just ask, “what would you like for Christmas?”, and give them that. Not really a surprise on their part, but at least they aren’t disappointed.



6. Is there anyone you particularly like buying gifts for? Besides myself… nope!

7. Did you believe in Santa as a child? Do you remember when you found out he wasn’t real? I did then then one day I didn’t, no one told me it was just something that I figured out on my own, but the net Christmas wasn’t the same, some of the magic was gone Sad smile


8. I know Elf on the Shelf has only been around since 2005, but did your parents do anything similar when you were younger to make you behave during the holidays? No, thank goodness, I’m neurotic enough that might have seriously put me over the edge.

9. Speaking of Elf on the Shelf, do you have one? No, and to be quite honest I find it to be one of the creepiest things ever… No Thanks!



10. What is your dream Christmas (present/decorations/vacation/whatever)? I generally don’t like to travel for Christmas, but one year I was in the Caribbean on the beach and it was magnificent, until I saw some strangers saggy boobies, but as long as I’m with my family I’m happy…. now we can talk about a post-Christmas vacation, I’m totally down for that.

And since I’m working on my Korean I bid you all 메리 크리스마스, 해피 홀리데이 모두 (Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!)

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By Hand



Writing Prompt: What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver, not store-bought? Tell us what made it so special

I love this time of the year, the holiday season is coming soon, it’s the time of the year that I do my most baking. Baking has always been a non-spoken tradition in my family around the holidays, and 90% of what we bake is given to others as gifts. And I think that they appreciate it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been given a handmade gift. But as a small child we spend 85% of our time making in art class making really ugly things for my parents like hand turkeys and things with yarn and pasta…. and every single time my mom always had a look like it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

About 5 years ago a friend’s mother was knitting, I mean she was knitting scarves and blankets and all sorts of neat things, and since I am a beginner crochet-er I asked her about what she was making and we talked about different techniques, and she presented my with the softest multi-colors scarf. I was shocked and surprised that she had given it to me; that she took time out of he schedule to think of me and make me something…. and I guess in a small way it made me feel special.

Now back to the hideous gifts that I used to make when I was younger. When I was in the second grade I made a green construction paper bell and I decorated it with glitter and placed a string on it… it became an ornament, for years my grand father placed it on his Christmas tree front and center, every Christmas it was there, when my grandmother died the Christmas tree didn’t come out, he was living in an smaller apartment then and there really was no room, and I never thought about that bell again, it wasn’t until he passed away when we were going through his things, I found that bell again… it’ was faded, pretty much all the glitter was gone, but it was still in tact. I thought that he threw it away years ago… and even though he stopped putting up his tree, he still kept it; like it was something special and priceless..

I always think about that bell during the holidays and something that seemed so small possibly meant so much to him, in the end it’s not about the money that you spend on the person, it’s the thought, care and time that you put into giving someone something that may make their day just a little bit brighter.

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Friend Makin’ Mondays: Holiday Traditions

I’m said that Kenlie is going to continue her blogging break for another month, but I get it! Real life comes first and although we miss (and love you) we all totally understand…. take as long as you need girl! So for the time being we are stuck with Sarah (I kid, I kid…) and here’s the best part she’s asking for topics… dude seriously, I got a billion ideas….So for any reason that you’re hesitating go over to Losing Weight and Having Fun and join the fun!!

I’m luck I live in a city where St. Patrick’s Day is SERIOUSLY celebrated… People of Irish decent and the Irish at heart get together. Ever since I was a little girl I would look forward to the Chicago River turning green (as the people in the city like to call it “our modern day miracle”… it add a little fun and whimsy to the holiday… and people come out every single year to see it happen…

Capture111So this is how it started, “In 1961 Stephen Bailey was approached by a plumber who was wearing some white coveralls, they knew this only because they could see some of the original color. These coveralls had been mostly stained or dyed a perfect shade of green, an Irish green to better describe it. It was when Stephen Bailey asked how the coveralls got this way, that they discovered that the dye used to detect leaks into the river turned green, not just any color green, but the perfect color green. “

Two miracles appear that day, the river turns a perfect shade of green something that many other cities have tried but have not been successful at doing, and the second miracle by starting with the 2356color orange giving the impression that river will be orange only to convert the river to that true Irish green. We believe that is where the leprechaun comes in.

As the late Stephen Bailey has said, the road from Chicago to Ireland is marked in green. From the Chicago River to the Illinois River, then to the Mississippi, up the Gulf Stream and across the Atlantic you can see the beautiful green enter the Irish Sea, clearly marking the way from Chicago to Ireland.


Holiday Traditions


If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

1. Do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

imagesGenerally I do a little something for St. Patrick’s Day. I went to an engineering college, and I’m a sorority for women in Engineering and Technical Sciences and St. Patrick is the patron saint on Engineers… so

But usually I’m wearing some green, eating a bit of corn beef, cabbage and potatoes. This year, non of that.. since it’s on a Monday and the only thing I usually do on Monday’s is clean… I guess I can find a bit of green to wear when I go to the gym this evening…


2. Which is your favorite holiday to celebrate?

Halloween hands down! I love it . I think it’s the one holiday that everyone can have fun dress up be silly and have a bit of candy!


3. Do you have a favorite ‘holiday’ food?

Every since I was a little girl I associated Carmel Apples with Halloween, and for a long time you could only findimages (1) this in the fall seasons….now I see them in the store all year round… and they sort of lost their appeal to me. Another food that I totally associate with the holidays…. wait it’s not even food is it and I hate the sight of it… but it’s Egg Nog, my youngest brother used to call it “Christmas Milk” and even though he’s in his twenties when ever the holiday season comes around I ask him should I pick up Christmas Milk for him…


4. What do you think of holiday parades?

I love parades , they sort of take me back to my childhood… but as a grumpy adult I don’t like to deal with the crowds, the people pushing, not being able to see and having to deal with getting out of the area… so I just watch them on TV… now I live in a city that loves it’s parades… and I watch every single one of the them… from the Christmas Parade to the Gay Pride Parade… I get my snacks…. turn off the phone and watch like I’m 7 years old.


5. Have you ever been part of a parade?



6. Do you decorate your house for the holidays?

  The last few years I haven’t celebrated

7. Do you send holiday cards?

Yes, it’s sort of a tradition…. but as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that I tend to get less and less…I think that a lot of people would use the holiday season to reconnect with people they don’t speak to on a regular basis… and now that there’s Facebook… you can write a little message on there wall and that’s it; doesn’t have the same sentiments but you do save on postage


8. Are there any holidays that you celebrate that are traditional in another country, but maybe less well known in the US?

I have a lot of Canadian friends so I do observe Canadian Thanksgiving (any day when people can take time out to be thankful for the things around them is alright by me)


So I’m full of holiday cheer… then I read this….   it’s like the day you find out there is no Santa Claus, what the heck???

Until Next Time….

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