Music Monday: Loser and Bae Bae

Music Monday



Fandoms all over K-Pop have been losing their collective shits lately. Tao may or may not be leaving Exo, Epik High is touring America, BTS is coming to America and just released their new album and before anyone could properly deal with the emotional storm of I Need U BigBang hits us with the one-two punch of Loser and Bae Bae.

Now normally I listen to the songs and get a feel for them BEFORE I see the video. But it was the opposite. I saw the Loser video first (while listening to the song at the same time) then a day later I say the Bae Bae video.  I purposely chose sleep instead of watching the live stream of the concerts and I avoided every video and file of the songs (I’m really proud of me, I normally don’t have that much will power)


“At some point
I’ve gotten scared of people’s eyes
I’m sick of crying so I tried smiling
But no one recognizes me”

Honestly I found the song to be really sad, and it wasn’t something that expected and the video was equally sad, I had a hard time watching T.O.P walking down the street an emotional mess, and watching Daesung getting beat up at the gas station made me think that this is what he must have felt like when everyone was calling him a murder after the car accident, this video/song brought way to many feels .

Bae Bae

“Can you stay beautiful
So that even when times passes, my heart will still be able to flutter
Baby Baby please don’t fade away
For selfish me
Just the way you are you have to stay like that”

The first time I heard the song my very first thoughts were this sounds a lot like a red Hot Chili Peppers song, I don’t dislike the song, but I do think the acid trip of a video swayed my thoughts on the video( although it’s visually stunning), now it could have been my mood when I watched the video but I don’t get it (and I don’t think we are supposed to)

At the moment I’m I don’t have definite feelings about the songs of the videos either way, the songs were not what I expected, but at the same time I wasn’t sure what to expect from the group after a 3 year hiatus,  and II ‘m a firm believer that just because you like a group doesn’t mean that you have to like every things that they do (*cough “Dirty Cash” *cough*). And so for both of these songs I will simply say that I’m happy that they are back and look forward to the songs that they are gonna release next month.

I love how Koreaboo assumes that no one caught any of the sexual references in the song..

“Loser” and “Bae Bae” can be found on the  new single M


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Music Monday: Ringa Linga

This Music Monday is a  tad different,  not only am I no where near my computer or iPod, I’m in the hospital (ICU) recovering from surgery due  to a bleeding complication from a minor surgery I had on Tuesday, so formatting will be minimal (I’m posting from my  phone)…So let’s get it in shall we?

I’m picking this song because it’s totally making me feel better (plus it’s my ringtone… and I’ve decided name new carry after him [not that I’m obsessed, but b his stage name goes well with my cats Tsuki (moon)… so this week’s not  so radom pick for Music Monday is Taeyang ‘ s Ringa Linga.

This song gets me up and dancing every single time.  Yet the video confuses the hell of of me. Does Ji Young need to be in the video?  Not as far as I can see..  You wanna show someone some love give Dae Sung some love ( he’s like a smiling mushroom). Plus I love that members of IKON and Winner (Lee Sueng Hoon) can dance his butt off) are in it.

So I got into Taeyang when his first mini album came out. I knew he was in a larger group,  but at the time I didn’t have to time or hard drive space to delve further into Big Bang…. no worries I eventually for there.

Music Video
Dance Video

I liked his music so much (arms despite the cute face, muscles, shy smile and dancing and his strange and unpredictable hair) I was able to over look the fact that he tiny…. like seriously pocket sized tiny….


Overall I think this is a good party song … you need to be hyped up?  This is the song for you.

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