March Photo of the Day

There is something hopeful about March,

something benevolent about the light,

and yet wherever I look snow

has fallen or is about to fall, and the cold

is so unexpected, so harsh,

that even the spider lily blooming

on the windowsill seems no more

than another promise, soon to be broken.

It is like a lover who speaks

the passionate language of fidelity, but

when you look for him, there he is

in the arms of winter.

— Linda Pastan




MARCH-photoaday-Ma-and-GrandyLast month’s photo of the day attempts where hit or miss… but for the most part I had fun and I liked taking the pictures, and in a few exceptions going back into my archives to find them. All pictures have been take with my cell phone, unless noted.

So what are the rules? Glad you asked


Playing photo-a-day couldn’t be easier. It really couldn’t. Here’s how to play:
Grab your camera or phone or photo-taking-device.
Look at the monthly list to find the prompt for the day. {The number corresponds to the date of the month}.
Now you’ve taken a picture, it’s time to share it. This is the fun part. You can share to whichever social media platform you like, for me I like Facebook and Instagram best, oh and Twitter too. Make sure you add the hashtag #FMSphotoaday to your caption so people can find you, and others know what you’re doing.


Instagram: Just upload your photo, and add a caption and the hashtag #FMSphotoaday and then share.
Facebook: There are a few options here. You can simply share on your own personal page, among your own friends. Or you can upload to FatMumSlim’s page wall,
or to the FMS Photo A Day Facebook group. You can join it here: Now that Facebook has hashtags, simply add the hashtag #FMSphotoaday when you share your photos and you’ll be able to see which of your friends are playing along too. It’s cool!
Blog: If you have a blog, you could share each day or do a wrap up of all the photos at the end of the month.
Tumblr: Add your daily photos to your Tumblr feed.
Flickr: You can get their app and share your photos there, or upload on their web version. We also have a photo a day group
Twitter: You can share on Twitter by uploading the photo and sharing the hashtag #FMSphotoaday.


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Since spring is here, hopefully I’ll be taking more photos outside

Until Next Time….

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July Photo Challenge

Fatmumslim is at it again, and so am I… It’s time for the July Photo Challenge!!!! I had such an amazing time doing the June challenge and I can knock myself on top of the head for not doing it sooner. Just a reminder, since there was some confusion about last months photo challenge post. The photos are placed in calendar date order. As always all photo’s were taken by me on my cell phone unless otherwise noted. I have

It’s super easy to get involved… read how to play, follow the prompts and get clicking….1004044_10151711275304254_975050114_n

6a00d8341c61d153ef0134854623e9970c bottle
shoe inspirational
20130702_174459 numers
love 20130710_191922
fav smell hot
where are you favorite food
path grey
3things how-to-draw-stick-figures_09
20130711_123601 d is for
47836_10152191644325995_1504736231_n ground
a bad habit everyday
4pm Cloud Gate - Millenium Park
edible thisisnew
20130628_100344 perspective

There’s no rest for the wicked…tomorrow I will be starting the august challenge…. until then, take a picture, you might see the world differently!


June Photo Challenge

For months I have been seeing people doing photo challenges or photo-of-the day things… and I’ve always wanted to do it, but it seemed like I would be starting at the middle of it or some of the prompts lefts me asking, “what??!! So I on June 1st. I just so happened to come across another photo challenge with the prompt, “B is for…” and I thought to myself, “girl you can totally do this”… the only problem was I was having a days long brain fart and couldn’t find anything… until I looked at my super adsorbs salt and pepper shakes… I’m mean come on they are lady bugs …

So back to when I was on integral I say the hash tag #fmsphotaday… and goggled it… and it took me to this website, and my first though was that it was a weight loss blog cause I read it as fat Muslim…(in all fairness I didn’t have on my contacts) Then once I put my contacts on and realized it’s fat mum slim…. my bad…lol

As time went out, I got more creative and started thinking out of the box….. I’m looking forward to next month’s challenge

It’s super easy to get involved… read how to play, follow the prompts and get clicking….

All of these photos except for #5 and # 15 were taken by me with my cell phone camera


  B IS FOR amoment table 249187_10152342730255995_1132370747_n 309708_10150285920940995_1399557205_n
970803_10152345266320995_1548474304_n 992830_10152346233955995_365304174_n 935596_10152293523535995_342359492_n (1) 5342_10152349633205995_1908687873_n DSC02483 funny
11 kitchen texture from above family 20130612_183252
20130617_155207 20130612_152316 cute 20130612_111810 d9cebe06af6d11e2a27d22000a9f165c_7 last
negative space sharp empty 20130623_113313 red 20130628_095758

Until Next Month… get out, be creative and get to snapping those pictures!