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Writing Prompt: What Bores You?




I am naturally a person who get’s bored easily… actually I’m not sure if it’s boredom or that fact that over the years I have conditioned myself to do more than one thing at the time, as I write this I’m playing Song Pop on my cell phone, Watching Full House: Take  2 (which is a play on words since the pop group in the series is called “Take One”… anyway) on my Kindle and writing this post and so far I’m doing pretty good at it. So the idea of sitting down and watching television bores me, I NEED to be able to do something else, even if it’s to look at my phone occasionally, just to see the latest passive –aggressive Facebook message that has show up on my wall.


Something that I have noticed…. particularly since restarting Prednisone that my patience is a little bit “thinner” than it was before and I tend to me more moody than I was before (all documented side-effects) and if people bore me, I will either zone them out… seriously I’m not sure how I do it, but it’s like I’m listening to them under water…. I only listen for key words and my name, which I know… if not a good thing. I have found myself having conversations with people I generally like, but either the conversation is getting to long, or I want to talk about something else…. I start to zone out and have to pull myself back in.

I know this is a bad habit and I might seriously miss out on something that I need to hear. So as apart of my “resolution” of trying new things and being more understanding I am learning more patience with people and hopefully they won’t bore more…. cause let’s me real I not the life of the party everyday (and nor do I want to be) why do I feel like people should be that way with me?

Wait, did I even answer this question? I don’t know I’m a little bored….. oh well



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