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My relationships are complicated with a lot of people. We don’t talk for a long time and we become the dreaded “Facebook friends” who only say “Happy Birthday” once a year. And at first I was said and hurt, I started to wonder was it something that I had done? Did I say something wrong, did I unintentionally hurt them? And as time went on, those questions went un answered  and time moved on and we drifted  apart. Ill be honest with you maintaining friendships have always been difficult. We change, we have different experiences, we mature and as these things happen to my friends I feel like none of those things are happening to me, I stay the same, and they grow. They aren’t the same people they once were, they are successful in their jobs, getting married, having children, buying homes, and I’m still where I was 4 years ago… What on earth would we talk about? What can I lend to this friendship that (in my eyes) is no longer equal.

What complicates it is honestly jealously, I’ve always had a timeline for my life, when I would get married, when I would have kids, when I would do this and that. What I didn’t plan on was becoming a living breathing medical encyclopedia, or being disabled, or not being about to work…no plans for that… and as one illness became two, then became 10. The plan that I had for my life withered away. And I became the sick friend that really had nothing to contribute to the conversation but the latest procedure I had, or talk about the side effects of a new medicine I was taking, I became the friend that had to cancel plans at the last minute because I wasn’t feeling well. And my relationships became more complicated, instead of a friend I began to feel like a burden, so I stop calling, I stop texting, I purposely became a Facebook friend learning about their lives through a computer screen, and after a while they stop reaching out… they stop wanting to know about my life… honestly I guess the same is true, if they were curious they could learn about me from Facebook.

I have tried to reach out to some people and repair the relationship, but I think for the most part most of those have gone from “Complicated” to “Non Existent” I didn’t plan on an instant friendship, and naturally thinking the worst I was positive that the situation was going to stay the same. I guess this is a lesson for me to learn, it was never about them, it was always about me and my feelings of inadequacy. Hopefully this is something I can work on, and hopefully I can have solid friendship that won’t fall under the category of “It’s Complicated”


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