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Now I’m pissed, and I know I’m a little late on this, but it took a while for me to compartmentalize my anger, this chick has really pissed me off. I can’t stand ignorance and I can barley deal with stupidity … there is nothing worst for than a stupid woman… I just can’t deal … which brings me to this stupid, ignorant cow.

I was gonna give her the benefit of the doubt because honestly people tend to say off color things when they are in their home, or around people that they know really well.

So yes I know the video is old, but you know what… I’m a firm believer in “When someone shows you who they are believe themand man has she shown the world what a fame hungry little trolop (do people still use that word?) Apparently the video was part of footage for a reality show pilot about gold diggers … What the F*ck?! She rambles on about finding a super-rich guy to settle with. The irony !!!  And she knew she was being recorded the whole time; so she can’t go back and say that she was set up. She goes on to say, “ I don’t understand black people. You give them a little bit of money, they don’t know what to do with it.””… “act crazy… just act crazy.. they’re like. “Yo, I wanna put extra rims on top of my rims. And my rims are gonna turn around. I’m gonna call them spinners.”

 As far as I’m concerned that’s not so much as racist as ignorant, let’s not forget that she’s half Mexican AND half African American and she’s a woman whose lived in Los Angeles her entire life… so I’m confused… like seriously confused. But (what I love) it does confirm what she’s been denying the entire time… this chick is a gold digger! Funny how she worked her way of and got into Sterling’s wallet, while letting him get in her pants…

There video is here

So word on the curb is that she was assaulted recently in New York City, she was walking down the street with her Fendi bag and her Christian Louboutin shoes right after her latest Botox treatment (okay, so I’m making up that part, but wouldn’t it be fabulous if it was true?) and someone yell racial slurs at her… according to her attorney “They punched her several times, leaving the right side of her face red and swollenNow you know how I feel about violence… but ……this sound like a big old steaming pile of bull shit for some attention…. Girl Bye!


Post Script: A day after I wrote this post these photos came out from the daily mail


Dominick Diorio, 40, of Old Bethpage, New York, has been charged with third-degree assault as a hate crime, assault, harassment and aggravated harassment. Although it was horrible that she was assaulted and hurt I still think that she will work this into her ultimate fame grabbing goal…

I have pitch for a reality show that would be perfect for Miss Stiviano… it’s called Train Wreck, Lindsey Lohan would be your roommate…. how’s that for karma?

What the F*ck?!… too much Fuckery and Foolishness for me

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What the F*ck – The Donald Sterling Saga Continues


Didn’t I mention on my last What the F*uck  post, that this hot mess was not over… and boy I was right…

Here are a few things that we currently know.

  • V Stivano’s interview was a hot ass mess…
  • No law firm will touch Sterling, labeling him as “toxic”
  • He makes ugly faces
  • Clearly he doesn’t know how to shut the hell up..
  • If he wasn’t having se with Stiviano, he was clearly trying to

DONALD STERLING, OWNER, LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS:  I’m not a racist. I made a terrible, terrible mistake.  And I’m here with you today to apologize and to ask for forgiveness for all the people that I have hurt.  And I have hurt so many people, so many innocent people. And I have hurt myself.  You know, I spoke to a girl that I was fond of.  And I don’t know why I can never — when I listen to that tape, I don’t even know how I could say words like that. I’m not a racist.  I love people.  I always have.  But those words came out of my mouth, I guess.  And I’m so sorry.  And I’m so apologetic.

COOPER:  What are you sorry about?

STERLING:  Well, I’m sorry that so many people are hurt. My little grandchild goes to a Catholic nursery.  And they were passing around candy to everybody.  When they got to her, they said, “We don’t give candy to racists,” 7 to 9. So it hurts me. wow, little kids are brutal

I hurt my ex-wife. Wait, hold up, wait a minute… y’all still married! She is a beautiful person.  She goes to the hospital, and she’s a volunteer at Cedars-Sinai.  When I went to law school, she worked at the children’s hospital.  She’s a giver.  She works.  At this stage in her life, she still works.  She didn’t need this.  Her whole life blew up. Let’s be honest, she probably didn’t deserve this, you know what else she didn’t deserve, you spending money on your jump off, and trying to sleep with younger women.

COOPER:  Are you talking about Shelly?

STERLING:  Shelly, yes. I never dreamt that this could happen.  It’s a terrible, terrible nightmare. Neither did Paula Deen…

COOPER:  Do you know when it was recorded?  Were you together in a room with V. Stiviano?

STERLING:  Yes.  Well, I remember some of the dialogue in a living room.  I don’t know when.

COOPER:  So, it was just you and her in the room?

STERLING:  And just the two of us, yes.

COOPER:  You — so you didn’t know she was recording or there was a recording device?

STERLING:  No, I didn’t know she was recording.  And she was talking so strange, all of the sudden about politics.  But I want to explain a couple things that I said.  One of the things that I said was, don’t bring blacks to my game.  Well, there’s 25 percent of my whole game are black people.  And I love them.  She would always use the word black.  “That’s a black girl.  That’s a black guy.  This is black.  That is black.” So, when she said to me, “I’m going to bring four gorgeous black guys to the game,” players she was referring to, either football or basketball, I was a little jealous, maybe.  And I – Okay….

COOPER:  When did she say that?

STERLING:  Just — just before.  And I said to her, don’t bring them to the game, because of my jealousy.  *side eye* I mean, in any event, she never brought anybody to the game.  It was like she was baiting me just to say things. So if you were so jealous, why didn’t you just say.. Don’t bring any men to the game…and if she baited you, you should have had enough sense to realize what was happening and acted accordingly….. you’re stupid

COOPER:  So, you’re saying she, before the recording that we heard, she had said she was going to bring four black players, and she specifically said black players?


COOPER:  And you’re saying that’s what this conversation sparked from, stemmed from?

STERLING:  Yes.  And so I used her words.  I mean, I really have to apologize to all the people that have been hurt.  For them to hear that I — that I’m a possible racist is so painful to me, because I’m not a racist, and I have never been a racist.  It’s not me. Here’s the thing, I love how they blame each other, but really when you sit down and think about it neither or you were in the right…. you’re both at fault.

COOPER:  Do you know how the tape got released?


COOPER:  Do you think she did it?

STERLING:  It’s — I don’t know. I mean, I — an 80-year-old man is kind of foolish.  And I’m kind of foolish.  I thought she liked me and really cared for me.  I guess being 50 years, 51 years over — older than her, I was deluding myself. That is probably the most honest thing you have said thus far, she knew you had money and she got it… you were stupid to think that this was a two-sided relationship and she burned your ass…

COOPER:  Were you in a relationship with her, an intimate relationship?

STERLING:  Well, I don’t know what you mean by intimate. You know exactly what’s he’s asking, my dang cat knows what he’s asking… Did you have sexual relations with this woman? Did you intend to have sexual relations with this woman?

COOPER:  She says you weren’t.  She told Barbara Walters that you were not.

STERLING:  Well – She lied, and WE ALL KNOW IT! How many bosses you know buying their assistants condos and cars… come on man

COOPER:  That she is your protector, she’s your right hand.

STERLING:  I don’t think a gentleman should discuss his — any of the personal items that go on with a woman.  And I don’t want to answer that particular question. (I’m confused is he answering the question… cause I have clue what’s he saying..

COOPER:  Do you trust her?  Do you trust her now?

STERLING:  No, I don’t trust her. No Shit!!! And I just wish I could ask her why and if she was just setting me up.  I think that people say she was taping me for two years.  So, maybe I was just fooling myself thinking for two years that she cared for me.  She certainly acted like it Money, fame any of these ring a bell??

COOPER:  Her lawyer had made a statement that she was your archivist.

STERLING:  What does that mean?

COOPER:  That —

STERLING:  I mean, too young for archives.

COOPER:  You don’t want to have your story written just yet?

STERLING:  No.  Wait, so know V. is creating yet another job? I want to see the receipts!! I need a W9, some tax forms, a contract… something … but like she said she was getting paid under the table so those things don’t exists. and we all know you can’t put your whore on the

COOPER:  Well, Elgin Baylor made a claim that you had a plantation mentality.


COOPER:  And then, now, in this thing, you’re saying you feed these guys who —

STERLING:  I think you have more of a plantation mentality than I do. You know what?  And I think you’re more of a racist than I am. This is the point of the interview, when I grabbed my popcorn bowl and leaned ion real close to the television screen.. I was waiting for Anderson Cooper to give him the business… once again Sterling is deflecting, it’s like watching a child being interviewed

COOPER:  How so?

COOPER:  Well, Donald Sterling says that he has tons of support.  He says the players still love him, and it’s just the media that wants him out of the NBA. Sterling has lost his damn mind, if he had a ton of support, he the players loved him, if his team loved him. his administrative staff wouldn’t be jumping ship, his players wouldn’t have done that protest after the tape was released, if he has so much support and loved why in the hell was he sanctioned by the NBA…. if you had so much damn support he wouldn’t be doing this damn interview, this man is so damn delusional it’s almost cute…. almost. What the F*uck?! is wrong with this man?

Here comes the best part… this is the part of the interview when the ENTIRE interview imploded in his face. Just like his paramour, this man doesn’t know when to shut up.

STERLING:  What has he done?  Can you tell me?  Big Magic Johnson, what has he done? I sure can, and a lot of people he employs and the charities that he endorses could tell yo ignorant ass too.. Let me intorduce you to these causes… that Mr. Johnson supports..

COOPER:  Well, he has — he’s a businessperson.  He —

STERLING:  He’s got AIDS.  Did he do any business?  I would like — did he help anybody in South L.A.? I wish you could see my face.. What The F*ck does his HIV status have to do with anything… Yes this man has businesses..and when was the last time Sterling took a ride down in South L.A. and talked to people, Johnson has done more than you… man… take several seats…

COOPER:  Did you say to somebody that you should have paid V. Stiviano off?


COOPER:  Did she ask you for money?  Do you believe she was trying to extort money from you in any way?

D. STERLING:  You know, forgive me for saying this, but she — she is a good person.  She is a beautiful person. There’s 15 of her, 15 children, 15 Hispanic kids, sisters and brothers, and she supports them all.  Perhaps she’s made some mistakes.  I thought she cared for me.  I was stupid. How could a girl care for a man 51 years older?  She didn’t, or she wouldn’t have released those tapes.  But she’s not a bad person.  She has to survive.  She — she’s a street person.  But, inside, she’s a good person.  I’m dead

COOPER:  You gave her multiple cars, an apartment.  You were very generous to her.

D. STERLING:  I was generous.  I wouldn’t cover that with you.  But some women who are — she was so nice and so sweet for the two years.  I just — I just couldn’t believe she was so sweet and so nice.  And she never really asked for — she tried to help her family, the 15 people.  What a job.  But… I almost feel sympathetic…

COOPER:  It sounds like you’re still sympathetic toward her.

D. STERLING:  I just would like to know why she did it.  It’s like a woman stabbing you in the chest or shooting you. And, sometimes, women say, “I love — I love him,” and they kill him.  Well that’s what happens when you try to se up a “street person”…..

Although I think he was set up, I am a firm believer that what one does in the dark comes out in the light, people say and do a lot of things when they are in the comfort of their home or with their friends, do we sometimes say things that we shouldn’t … of course we do… but do we go on racial tirades…. nope! I don’t buy that he’s not a racist… racisms comes in a lot of forms… does he have a plantation mentality… of hell yes. Do I feel sorry for him… NOPE!  Do I feel bad that his grandchildren are feeling the brunt of his ignorance.. yes, I do feel bad about that.


Then the “ex-wife” Shelley Sterling has to add her two cent.

SHELLY STERLING, WIFE OF DONALD STERLING:  It was horrible when I heard it.  I mean, it was just degrading. And it made me sick to hear it.  But, as far as a racist, I don’t really think he’s a racist.

BARBARA WALTERS, ABC NEWS:  Have you discussed these remarks at all with your husband?

S. STERLING:  He saw the tape, and he said: “I don’t remember saying that.  I don’t remember ever saying those things.” When I was 10 years old and I broke a water glass my mom came to confront me about it and I said the same thing… please… that’s the first thing that people say when they are trying to get out of something

WALTERS:  What did you think then?

S. STERLING:  That’s when I thought he has dementia.  drops the microphone and leaves the room… girl you dumb


And since what Mr. Johnson have to say doesn’t belong in this post I will say that he has continued to conduct himself in a graceful manner. I’m confused though Sterling mentioned that he and Johnson for friends and associates but in another breathe he blasts him… and I understand that friends have issues, but why would you specifically mention him an an interview designed allow you to clear the air make you look better in the media… So  you go Magic Johnson and none for Donald Sterling


Let’s hope dear readers that this is the very end of the saga… it’s time to move on to something else; the damage is done and is irreparable. Do I think that Ms. Sterling should try to get ownership of the Clippers, nope. I think that the entire family should simple cut their loses and move on to something else….

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