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Writing Prompt: Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days?

Honestly I think for me the good old days would be when I was a kid, looking back now, you don’t realize what a blessing it was to be blissfully ignorant. There was violence, but it was nothing that I ever saw and it never effected, My family was financial difficulties, I never knew it, I never experiences racism and poverty was something I only saw on television.

If there was a way that I could go back and be blissfully ignorant while keeping the things that I know now…actually I don’t think that possible… I would ask too many questions….

Once you start asking questions, innocence is gone. – Mary Astor

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Friend Makin’ Monday: Childhood Memories

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So what were my Mountains and Molehills this week? My Mountain this week was a big one, for some strange reason I had a burst of energy, and did I not only go to the gym, but I ran 3 5k’s!  My Molehill…. was what happened on Friday night… all that energy was GONE! and I’ve felt like crud ever since…. everything hurts…


Before I forget Mother’s Day was awesome! And I want to wish all the mom’s a Happy Belated Mother’s Day! I spent the day with my mom and a ton of other family and friends, and there was music, and food, booze and good conversation… fun was had by everyone!


Childhood Memories

1. I know I love posting photos and you guys do too, so this first one you will love. Post a photo of you as a baby/small child.


This is me and my mom, I remember this day… we took this photo at a fire station… and I also remember that I hated this dress…I think tears might have been shed that day.

2. Describe yourself as a child in three words.

Moody, Imaginative, and Inquisitive

3.What was one of your first school memories?

Graduating from Kindergarten, I was so sad that I was leaving my teacher and going to a big school… like seriously beside my mother she was like my favorite person in the entire world. There is even a photo of the two of us together in my paper cap and gown.

4. How did you get to school?

Kindergarten to Elementary School I walked to school… it was about 2 blocks… then we moved to a different state and I was bused to my Middle School, Public transportation was used from High School, Associates and Bachelor’s Degrees, When I was pursuing my Master’s I drove (only because my classes were at night and I was coming after work) And now that I’m thinking about going back to school do pursue my Doctorate…. I’ll once again be taking public transportation… parking in Chicago will make you poor..

5. What was your favorite toy?

My Miss Piggy Doll…. I still have her… and she’s still fabulous!!!


6. Did you have a favorite place you used to go on vacation to as a child?

When I was younger we used to go to Six Flags Great America several times a summer, in the beginning I would go with my grand parents. My grandfather worked for the US Postal Service and every year they would have their employee picnic there…although it’s not a “vacation” per se… it’s one of my best childhood summer memories… FYI the last time that I went to Great America was a few years ago… after I left the park sore from all the bumping and sliding I was doing on the rides I declared that I was too damn old for roller coasters and theme parks…


7. If you had siblings did you ever get dressed in similar outfits?

No,  thank goodness! I’m the oldest and the only girl and there is a significant age difference between me and my siblings… the difference between and my younger brother is 7 years and the difference between my youngest brother is 12 years… Okay so there was this one time… we all were Simpson’s T-shirts to a BBQ…. listen, it was the early 90’s and we will never talk about it again… an no there are no pictures of that hot mess either!

8. Do you remember learning to ride your bike?

Yes. It’s actually one of my favorite memories, my mother tried to teach me and it just wasn’t happening… so there was a this teen who my mom paid to do yard work and he say me struggling. And he told me one thing…don’t think about falling, just thing about going straight… and it worked… Apparently he could tell I was hesitant about falling…

9. Were you a thumb sucker as a child?

Nope, I actually have adult cousin’s who still suck their thumbs, it’s not a good look AND its gross!

10.What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

I remember the day that my mother brought my brother home from the hospital. I knew she was pregnant, but there were complications and he had surgery and was in the hospital for a long time so when he got home I “forgot” he existed… so when he came home I asked my mom “who is that?” Thinking that it was my cousin Michelle (my mom an aunt were pregnant at the same time) when she replied, “you’re bother” I flipped out… I hated him on sight..needless to say things got better…lol

Funny thing is when my youngest brother was born it was the total opposite…

Have a great day everyone!!!

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as my German friends say…
Bis zum nächsten Mal


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