Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers : Week 24, 25 & 26


Week 24

I think the word for this week would be frustration… utter frustration. after the past two weeks and the weight gain that I had I decided to divorce myself from the scale. It was becoming unhealthy, I was letting the number on the scale determine my mood, determine how I proceeded in Weight Watchers, so I walked into in high spirits, I don’t have a feeling either way about whether I was gonna gain or lose. So even after giving myself a pep talk the entire week, boosting myself up on the drive to Weight Watchers, I was utterly crushed on the scale…. and more than anything else I was frustrated…. another gain! A GAIN for three weeks in a row.



I sat in my set waiting for the meeting to start just thinking, “What the hell!?” I really had to be quiet and recoup then it hit me. This is part of the process, no one ever said that weight loss was a down hill slop, it’s hills and mountains…. and even on the weeks that you do EVERYTHING right the scale may now show. And I had to seriously remind myself of where I started.over 70 pounds (as of week 24) was off of my body. I did that! And I allowed myself to get caught up with what was going on at that moment and losing sight of the “Big Picture”

The topic for the meeting was “Chain Reactions: How Smart Steps and Lead to Others” I sat around for a while and seriously though “I’m in no position to write about anything this week” (I was still bitter and my 10 pounds in 3 weeks weight gain).

But then something happened….. I wanted coffee, so I decided to walk to the Dunkin’ Donuts that’s 1/2 block from my house, but instead of turning to go towards the DD I walked to other way…I walked a mile that day before I got coffee….. I was surprised by how okay I felt, how close it got my to my 10,000 step goal, so the next morning I woke up and did it again, this time I walked a little bit over a mile, the next day it was 2 , and the day after that it was a 2.5 miles, just around the neighborhood listening to my iPod. a simple thing led to a huge chain reaction without me even realizing.


Week 25

This week, like last week I walked into the meeting, feeling good; really good actually not because of anything in particular, after thinking about what happened last week, I left the meeting deciding to have a more positive outlook, and a few days before I saw something on Tumblr that really struck a cord with me



This week I want to continue to try to be active, although I was thrown a curveball because Chicago got a Spring storm and I wasn’t able to walk to neighborhood like I wanted to, I did however shovel the snow and burn around 350 calories, so that’s a win.

Week 25

Another loss this week! it’s wasn’t quite a pound, but a loss is a loss. This week I have been super active I worked out 5 days this week and did a 5K on Saturday, so I really wanted to weigh-in and see what my weight was doing, but it was Easter and Weight Watchers was closed, so I have to go to another meeting tomorrow evening, which totally messes with my schedule. I like to weigh-in first thing in the morning and eat (usually a smoothie) during the meeting. I’m gonna have two meals and a snack in my belly by the time  I weigh-in tomorrow ….ugh!



I have really been slacking on this part of the blog, but next week I will come back with stories, lessons and hopefully another loss…..wish me luck!

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