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Strangely enough I was struggling about what to write about.. then my cat jumped in my face….. and demanded I give her attention.. so this weeks challenge is all about Tsuki and Hyde Park Cats.

It’s clear that I am a certified cat lady who loves my cat, hell she’s is even in the header of my blog AND SHE even has her own section of the blog (that has been woefully neglected). And her story doesn’t begin with Hyde Park cat.. that part I will never know, but her path to her forever home begins with a woman named Lupe who stopped when she saw a pregnant stray cat on the side of the road, another woman named who became her fosterer and Leslie who gave her a stable and caring environment until she found her human, and to the many unnamed volunteers who donated food and care will Tsuki was with HPC.


Founded in 2008,They are a confederation of volunteers working to improve the lives of feral, stray, and needy cats and kittens in and around Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. We received our 501©(3) non-profit organization status in 2014, and have had over 600 adoptions since our founding.

I frequently see a message in Facebook asking for help either transporting cats to the veterinarian, is there anyone in a certain area who recognizes a lost cat, and unfortunately a suspected stray or in and injured cat in need of immediate attention… Volunteers jump to the cause, no matter the time or the weather.




I think the corps of volunteers does amazing work, and I truly admire them, that’s why I’m so happy to be apart of a great organization.


Check out their Facebook, Instagram and Website, for more information and volunteer opportunities



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Writing Prompt: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. – Superstition



Friday the 13th, Black Cats crossing your path, stepping on a crack will break your mother’s back… yes we’ve all heard it before… and all of them are a load of bull. I think they were created to scare the hell out of little children and keep women in their place.

And if you’re a fan of my blog you know that I have a black cat, who is very promptly featured on my heading, Tuski is the unoffical mascot of this blog and she’s quiet the little diva…

cute tsuki

I mean seriously, how can you not love this little fur nugget?

But seriously the only Superstition that I can truly get behind is the one sung by Stevie Wonder



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Daring Do


Writing Prompt: Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Every since I was a little girl my family has rescued animals… well cats in particular. I remember years ago (my younger brother was still in diapers) my mom and I were coming from the store and this cat that always hung around our apartment was just sitting there, and finally she had enough she brought the cat in and he was ours, we named him Thomas, there was a cat before that one, because I remember her giving birth in our living room over night… Then there was Skittles and Elmo who we got from the Wisconsin Human Society. And after Elmo passed away I got Tsuki from Hyde Park Cats. Had my mother not been kind hearted enough to rescue cats off the streets I don’t think it would have been something that I would do. I’ve become a strong advocate of pet adoption and rescue…

So I guess in my own small way I’ve rescued someone who needed it


Wisconsin Human Society

Hyde Park Cats

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