Nail Polish Lottery Club–Week 15


Orly’s Rage


Oddly enough this polish was featured last week by April, so I ‘m not gonna go to deep into detail.  But this is the very first time using an Orly nail polish, and I was not disappointed… consistency, color, and application were all on point… it get’s a solid 8.5/10 Totally in love with this Rose gold metallic gold polish..  And since everyone has seen and commented on this I decided to use it as an accent color for my nail art. Since this color was covered, there really is no reason to make a video… April did an excellent job!


I’m gonna be a little honest I ‘m getting a little tired of blue nail polish…and I have a lot of blue polishes, and if I see  them one more time I’m gonna scream!!!! I will be doing double duty, as mentioned last week I am participating in Paint It Blue. I will be using various untried blue polishes . For more information checkout and be sure to use the Instagram tag #bluenailsforautism



So this week the blue that I picked was….week15Collage

I feel like this color is similar to the blue that I wore last week, but this one has a bit more shimmer than the previous one. How is it that it’s the third week I’m doing this and I’m totally over it… Why does April have some many Tuesdays?? LOL

For details on Autism, or Light It Up Blue, here are a few links for you to check out.

Until Next Time!!