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So last week I said on the blog that I was gonna get my five pound star…. and I did. This week I lost 4.2 pounds! I was SHOCKED, because I secretly got on the scale on Thursday (and I know, I said that I was not gonna get on the scale between weigh-in’s and I did ….) but I had only lost 2.2 pounds (which leads me to think that perhaps my scale might be broken), and I was happy with that loss…

After my meeting last week, I sat down and wrote down a schedule of the days that I was gonna exercise and really work on what I was eating… I did pretty good in the beginning of the week although I had chocolate cake on Sunday, then I started to feel a bit off but I kept pushing thorough and went to the gym on Monday then again on Wednesday although I was really feeling bad, by the time I got home the nausea had fit full swing ( only had 16 points), so the rest of the week I didn’t hit my points goal on Thursday I consumed 13 points, Friday I made a real effort to eat and did pretty better and had 21 points, and yesterday I had 16 points (and that was all at dinner). And spent most of the time sleeping in bed (and not going to the gym) As I write this blog I’m still not feeling well,  but I’m following the advice of my meeting leader ad try to eat Power Foods that are gentle on my stomach. Being sick sucks, and I honestly thought that I would lose a moderate amount a weight, for me 4 pounds is a lot…

Hopefully next week I can get back on track. This week is gonna pose a little problem as I have several doctors appointment and a minor surgical procedure tomorrow, but my goal this week is to go to the gym 4 times this week and on my rest day do some yoga. I want to eat well rounded meals since I wasn’t able to do that last week, and I want to work on shutting down that negative inner voice. Also I signed up for a free 5K that my Weight Watchers is having, apparently they have them  several times a year and this is the final one… which I think it great.

This week I would like to set a goal for 2 pounds.




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