What The F*ck: The V. Stiviano Edition


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So let’s get right down to it shall we V. for Vendetta  Stevia Stiviano is a hot ass mess.

According to the Daily Mail here are a few tidbits:

  • Model Vanessa Stiviano, 31, at center of Donald Sterling race hate scandal after recording his rants
  • Stiviano was brought up in San Antonio, Texas, in Section 8 housing, by a mother once convicted of using three of her kids to help her steal $113 from a supermarket
  • Moved to California sometime before graduating school, and attended the same East LA high school as Sterling and his estranged wife
  • Stayed in LA to seek fame and fortune and believes to have had plastic surgery to improve her ‘below average looks’
  • Linked to Jerry Buss, late Lakers owner, amid claims he also gave her a job
  • Changed her name in 2010, for a very disturbing reason adding: ‘I haven’t yet been fully accepted’ because of her race
  • Despite claiming she had nothing to do with the leaking of the tapes, she posted messages on Instagram three weeks before scandal erupted, bragging about ‘Skeletons in Closet’ and ‘It’s all coming out!’

Let’s get to this interview shall we.. please be forewarned the snark is about to come out full blast and I might be using some un-lady like language

I need to take apart this interview, because after watching it not only was I confused but I was appalled that her lawyer let her to this interview without looking at the questions first AND getting her some media training… Miss Stivinao tried hard…. but clearly not enough (Tyra being confused is common place, but when you leave Barbara Walters scratching her head… you know something is off)

BW: You just left Donald sterling. What is his state of mind right now?

VS: Confused. I think he feels very alone. Not truly supported by those around him. Tormented. Emotionally traumatized.

BW: You’re with him, so he’s not alone.

VS: I’m with him in a state of, I want to help him. Urging him to come to his own rescue. But even so, I think he feels that he’s alone. I gotta stop right now… What the F*ck?! Where is his family, I’m not sure about anyone else in the rational thinking world, but if someone recorded hours of conversations with me  and “allegedly” leaked it to the public… you would be the last person on Earth that I would want consoling me, coming to his rescue…

BW: From what?

VS: From everything. From everyone. From the media. From his peers. From his fellow employees. From his acquaintances. He’s hurt. I think he’s more traumatized and hurt by the things he said himself. Well duh!

VS: I think he can’t even believe or understand sometimes the things he says. And I think he’s hurt by it. He’s hurting right now.  Are you shitting me right now?

BW: Do you think that Donald Sterling should apologize? images

VS: Absolutely.

BW: Did you discuss this with him?

VS: Yes.

BW: Will he apologize?

VS: Only God Knows What she meant to say is “Only God and his publicist knows”. I’m sure he’s all those things, traumatized, embarrassed, hurt, alone… but not because of what he said, he’s feeling that way because he got caught

BW: Can you tell us about your relationship with him?

VS: I’m his right-hand arm man. I’m his best friend, his confidant.  His silly rabbit.  His right hand .. armWhat you meant to say was I’m his paid girlfriend; his side-chick, his jump-off.  You’re not the first chick that hangs out with rich old dues for money… you certainly won’t be the last. And let’ me just go on a tangent.. I read something the other day that he best friend is Superhead, and she says that they’ve never had a romantic relationship…. cause when Superhead says something, we know it must be truet

BW: His what?  This was the part of the interview when Barbara Thought to herself “What the F*ck?!! is wrong with this girl?

VS: His silly rabbit.

BW: Is that what he calls you?

VS: No. I call me that myself*Side eye* Girl bye! This was the point when I knew this interview was a lost cause.

BW: So, I’m not sure that I understand the relationship.

VS: Well, I‘m his personal assistant. I’m his right hand. I‘m his wingman. What do you need to understand.

BW: Let me ask this. That’s right Barbara, snip that crap in the bud Do you and Donald Sterling have a financial arrangement? Does he pay you?

VS: Yes. In condo’s and cars and paid vacations…. He started paying me as an employee, and then off the books. Was that around the time he started sexing you?

BW: Off the books?

VS: Yes. Wait!!! WHAT THE F*CK?!! IRS are you listening to this? This chick is seriously less than smart

BW: And walking with a visor? Why?

VS: I’m hurting. Is that what they call it, I was pretty sure that his people were telling you to keep a low profile and avoid being photographed…  I’m in pain. It hurts to see someone that you care about hurting. It hurts to see people speculate, assume, say, throw darts at you when they don’t know you or your story or the truth. All based on hearsay and asumptions. It’s easier to mask the pain. And you wear the visor to hide the pain.  Let me go grab the world’s smallest violin…..

BW: This is a question that I — what’s the biggest misconception about you?

VS: That I’m a mistress or a whore, or a woman of the night.  Who the fuck says that? And that misconception, speculations on my instagram of not real journalists doing their jobs. Well silly rabbit that’s what happens when you don’t lock you freaking instagram….

rochelle-sterling-photos-5This whole interview was filled with What The F*cks!!??!! I need to know who told her it was a good idea to do this interview. Do I think that it helped Donald Sterling? Hell No. Does it change the public’s perception of you. Yes! We think that you’re a lot dumber than we originally thought.  As a woman on color I have several problems with V. Stiviano. You have stated several times that you are an employee and the two of you don’t have a sexual relationship. Then I’m forced to ask why is it okay that allow you’re employer to dictate what you do on your private time? Is it okay that he can tell you not to be seen with “thugs”, “gangsters” or black people in general? You work for a man who talks about and belittles minorities and yet you continue to work for him…. makes no sense, none at all.
And if you were sleeping with him it’s even worst, I don’t care how long the money or the dick is I would never, EVER allow a man to degrade me or those around me. It’s clear that Donald Sterling  needs some help, but you need to some as well… I would advise you to work on you, and love to love yourself for who you are. And get someone to hell with your elocution because Rochelle is coming for you girlshe is suing your ass for embezzlement…

I can’t with this story anymore, it’s a hit ass mess, and I honestly thing there is more to come….. let’s all hop that she doesn’t do anymore interviews…

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